Total Defense Internet Security Review

We tested and reviewed Total Defense Premium Internet Security to help you decide if it’s the right internet security suite for you.
Written by | Updated November 13, 2018
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Total Defense Internet Security

  • Antivirus and anti-spyware protection
  • Continuous data protection
  • Remote backup
  • Personal firewall

Total Defense at a Glance

Since 1992, Total Defense has protected people while they browse the internet, check their email, and shop online. Total Defense’s best-selling plan, the Premium Internet Security suite, is an annual subscription for up to five devices designed specifically for home and home office users.

The software works for PC, Mac, and Android devices, and it includes an internet security suite, anti-phishing protection, mobile security, online backup, and much more. Plus, it aims to proactively protect devices by detecting viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other online threats.

Pricing and Plans

Premium Internet Security Unlimited Internet Security
Price $79.99—1 year

$129.99—2 years

$159.99—3 years

$99.99—1 year

$149.99—2 years

$199.99—3 years

Number of Devices Covered 5 Unlimited
Malware Protection Y Y
Social Media Protection Y Y
Secure Banking and Shopping Y Y
Identity Theft Protection Y Y
Anti-Phishing Protection Y Y
Protection for Kids Y Y
Automatic Updates for Outdated Software N Y
PC Tune-Up N Y
Online Backup 10GB 25GB


  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    If you purchase Total Defense Premium Internet Security and aren’t happy with the product, the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Total Defense also guarantees that your devices will remain virus-free. If for any reason the virus cannot be removed, your money will be refunded.
  • Great Customer Support
    Total Defense’s award-winning customer service team offers customer support via email, live chat, or phone. Whether you need help downloading, installing, or updating the system, Total Defense offers technical support Monday through Friday. It also offers customer care to assist users with billing inquiries, account information, and renewals. Articles, FAQs, and product support resources are also available on the Total Defense website.


  • No Free Trial
    As we did our research, we noticed that most other internet security companies offer free trials. Unfortunately, Total Defense doesn’t. However, its money-back guarantee should ease your worries.
  • Limits on Number of Devices
    While we like how the Premium Internet Security subscription is designed to secure up to five devices from internet threats, if you need coverage for more devices, you’ll have to jump up to the more expensive Unlimited Internet Security package.

Features and Usability


  • Intuitive Interface
    Total Defense software wins points with both customers and industry experts for a simple and intuitive user experience. Plus, thanks to its cloud security approach, it takes up little space, so it can address threats quickly without interfering with your regular activities.
  • Free Setup and Installation
    Total Defense’s support team can remotely connect to your computer to walk you through the setup and installation process. If anything goes wrong, the support team can iron out the kinks—and this service is free of charge.
  • Child Protection
    From online predators to harmful content, it’s best to proactively look out for your child’s cyber safety. Total Defense Premium Internet Security helps childproof the internet thanks to parental controls like family safety features and web filtering.
  • 10GB Online Backup
    Online backup is essential protection against theft or computer crashes. Total Defense offers cloud-based storage for your important files and photos. The 10GB of online backup automatically protects your data from viruses and ransomware. Plus, you can keep every version of your backup without the worry of losing information because of overwriting files.
  • USB Scan
    An infected USB can wreak havoc on your computer. Total Defense automatically scans USB drives for potential viruses immediately upon insertion.
  • Mobile Security
    Mobile security is real-time protection for your smartphone, tablet, and other portable devices from threats and vulnerabilities that can jeopardize your privacy and damage your device. Total Defense mobile security combines anti-malware technology, GPS tracking, and remote handset management capabilities.
  • Financial Protection
    Cybercriminals are exploring every possible way to steal money from bank accounts, which makes internet security that much more important. Total Defense Premium Internet Security will keep your information from falling into the wrong hands when shopping and banking online.


  • Lacks Expert Reviews
    While the customer reviews are fairly positive, there aren’t a whole lot of them. And this software hasn’t been widely tested by industry experts. But as we mentioned above, the 60-day money-back guarantee can provide some confidence.


Do I really need internet security for my home devices?

To protect your devices, identity, financial information, and digital files, you should get an internet security software. Even if you aren’t downloading suspicious files, visiting sketchy websites, or running an unpatched software, an internet security and antivirus program is your safety net.

Where can I download the Total Defense software?

The download process is quick and painless when you order through the Total Defense website. The software is also available on third-party websites, including Amazon.

What other services does Total Defense offer?

In addition to Total Defense’s Unlimited and Premium Internet Security plans, the company also offers a slew of à la carte annual subscription services, including Anti-Virus, PC Tune-Up, Online Backup, and Mobile Security.

Does Total Defense offer a business plan?

Yes. Total Defense offers annual subscriptions for PC, Mac, and mobile security to provide total business protection across devices. Just like its home office plans, businesses have the option of choosing from the Anti-Virus plan, Premium plan, and Unlimited plan.

The Bottom Line

Total Defense Premium Internet Security is a solid choice for an all-in-one internet security software. It boasts fast scans and low system impact at an affordable price. We like its user-friendly interface, but the lack of expert reviews and free trial could be a potential deal breaker.


  • Provides comprehensive protection from viruses, malware, and internet threats
  • Runs on PC, Mac, and Android devices
  • Protects against phishing attacks and internet fraud


  • No free trial
  • Few reviews

How We Evaluated Total Defense Premium Internet Security

We carefully researched Total Defense, studying expert opinions, reviewing consumer ratings, and comparing competitors to evaluate the features, usability, and cost of its internet security software. For more information on how we evaluated Total Defense Premium Internet Security, take a look at our methodology.

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