Trakdot Luggage Tracker Simplifies Air Travel

Written by | Updated November 20, 2013

Trakdot is a new device designed for airline travel that tracks your luggage. It uses advanced location technology to track your bags no matter where in the world they are. Your trakdot device can be tracked on your smartphone or from any web-enabled device. The free app, available on both Android and iOS, notifies you when you are within 30 feet of your bags. It can also be connected to multiple phones, so the whole family can locate bags.

The tracking technology consists of micro-electronics and ground-based cell phone technologies that work together to help you quickly find your luggage. Trakdot turns itself off when in-flight and back on when the aircraft lands. Upon landing, the device sends an SMS message to the owner with the location of their luggage.

Trakdot can offer peace of mind when traveling as well as solve the problem of misplaced luggage.  It has been approved by the FCC and works wherever there is a cellular network. Check out their website for more information and pricing.

Written by Jenna Black

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