VIDEO: Home Security Camera Catches FedEx Driver Chasing His Delivery Van

Written by | Updated April 15, 2014

We have seen security cameras capture all types of things – bored pets at home, potential break ins, mischievous loiterers, and a variety of crimes. But what this security camera caught is definitely a first for us!

Take a look at this truly unique moment captured by a Foscam outdoor security camera!

Don’t worry, the driver in this video was not hurt. Although there was a small amount of damage to the van and an innocent fence took a hard hit, no significant damage was done.  Foscam offers a wireless  IP camera like the one used to capture the video. The indoor and outdoor cameras allow homeowners  to view live video and audio over the internet via web browser, smartphone or third-party video recording software.

For those of you who have outdoor cameras rolling at home, what’s the most bizarre footage you’ve managed to capture?

Written by Rachel Drake

Rachel reports on advancements in the home security and automation industry. From new technology to game-changing acquisitions, Rachel covers all the latest. Learn more

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