Vivint CEO Goes “Undercover” on CBS Show

Written by | Updated March 16, 2015

Vivint CEO Todd Pederson recently appeared on “Undercover Boss,” a CBS award-winning series that provides company executives a chance to work anonymously with their employees.

“Going undercover was such an incredible experience that I actually didn’t want it to end,” Pederson said. “Building those relationships [on “Undercover Boss”] made me appreciate even more how special those people are and validate the fact that they are the drivers in the success of the business.”

During his week filming the show, Pederson spent time in Vivint’s 24/7 monitoring station, field services department, Vivint Solar’s new warehouse, and performing wireless Internet installations. Based on the conversations and experiences he had during this time, he’s made some improvements to his company.

“We made changes on some design to the hardware, the installation process and different things,” Pederson said. “But, really, across the board, it’s just the small things that make the difference and prove that the company really cares about its employees and their happiness on the job.”

What Pederson did to improve the company after his time on the show is noticed by the employees as well.

“He truly wanted to find solutions to make our jobs easier,” Mark Woods, a Vivint Internet technician Pederson worked with on the show, said. “You can tell he wants to make Vivint the best company it can be.”

Vivint recently opened a $30 million dollar innovation center in Lehi, Utah, a thriving tech hub built to foster creativity and collaboration amongst employees.

“When you talk about assets or value inside of a company, I have always believed and tried to treat people here at Vivint like they are the main asset of business,” Pederson said. “It’s really the employees that drive the success of the business.”

Pederson received the Utah Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the work he’s done as CEO has led his team to grow to more than 7,000 employees. In recent years, the company has added several services, including Vivint Solar and Vivint Internet.

And for Pederson, business success and customer satisfaction go hand in hand with employee happiness.

“My experiences on “Undercover Boss” reminded me just how essential Vivint’s employees are to the success of the company,” Pederson said. “You have to treat your employees like gold … and everything else will work itself out.”

SafeWise commends Pederson for going on the show and for taking action to improve his company and his employee’s lives. Seeing him do this just reinforces our love for Vivint.

Written by Hillary Johnston

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