Vivint Launches Home Security and Automation into the Cloud

Written by | Updated April 1, 2015

Much more than a corporate re-branding exercise, Vivint’s new packages are adding the cloud to their existing home security and automation features thanks to Space Monkey—a digital backup service with an entire terabyte of space and 10x faster transfer speeds. Vivint, the up-and-coming company, has also upped their game by reducing their entry-level price point and adding more tech swag.

With their new packages, Vivint has taken a more intuitive and integrated approach to their home security and automation services. Vivint has replaced their separate security, energy management, and automation packages with the cutting-edge Smart Protect, Smart Protect & Control, and Smart Complete packages, which seamlessly combine all aspects of the Vivint smart home experience. While some features like 24 x 7 x365 monitoring and tech support, the free Vivint mobile app, email and text alerts, and the SkyControl touchscreen panel will continue to be staples of the Vivint offerings, the company has also boosted its latest line of products with enticing price points and futuristic equipment.

To begin with, Vivint has dropped the price of their basic package from $53.99 to $49.99 per month without sacrificing features—no strings attached. Vivint has also added more tech goodies to their middle-tier package by offering 2 smart home services, such as smart temperature control and automated door locks, with every system. This allows the customer to completely customize their smart home experience at the $59.99 per month price point rather than the $69.99 per month price point in Vivint’s previous packages. Vivint’s prioritization of customization extends to its upper-tier packages and smart home services as well. Selected smart home equipment, for example, has been upgraded—all indoor and outdoor cameras now also feature HD video recording, so you can get a clearer picture of what is happening around your home.


But the most innovative feature of the new packages is Space Monkey, which is included in Vivint’s top package. Space Monkey’s sleek design might resemble the robot EVE from the Disney film Wall-E, but looks aren’t everything. The system also features 1 terabyte of cloud storage, plus OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android compatibility. Just install the software and conveniently upload files from your desktop or your mobile phone using the Space Monkey app. The device is located on your local network, which results in much faster upload and download speeds than most cloud services, yet it also features full web access like that offered by cloud industry stalwarts such as Dropbox. Data on Space Monkey is encrypted and stored on your device, and then synced with the Space Monkey cloud network, which stores your files at multiple, secure locations.

Could Space Monkey pivot security-automation upstart Vivint into the home-entertainment game? The potential to store movies or music and enjoy them from your computer, tablet, and smart phone is certainly there. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Until then, onward and upward into the cloud!

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