Vivint Opens Massive Innovation Center

Written by | Updated November 17, 2014

Vivint innovation center building in Utah

Vivint, one of the country’s leading home security and home automation providers just opened the doors to its $30 million Innovation Center in Lehi, Utah, a burgeoning technology hub located 30 miles south of Salt Lake City.

Originally a residential security provider, Vivint is evolving rapidly. Other Innovation Center projects include developing novel web and mobile smart home experiences for homeowners, such as a smart thermostat, building a reliable peer-to-peer distributed storage system, and leveraging predictive analytics to minimize the occurrences of false alarms. In short, Vivint’s aim is to build the best home security system in the world, and the Innovation Center is where it could happen.

The building boasts a contemporary metal and glass facade and an equally appealing interior. Hardwood floors, chic artwork, and modern furniture abound. What’s missing are rows of cubicles. That’s because Vivint wants to capitalize on the magic that happens when employees are encouraged to join forces. The floor plan is open and employees work side by side, creating a collaborative environment that may not only keep the company ahead of its competitors, but catapult it to new heights.

Vivint Innovation Center Utah

After all, according to Todd Pedersen, Vivint founder and CEO, “creativity flows better when people are around other people.”

The Innovation Center brings together 320 employees from several facets of the organization, including engineering, product development, information technology, marketing and design. While their task is to solve problems, brainstorm new technologies and capitalize on the power of team work, it’s not all work and no play. Employees talk about their families over a complimentary lunch at the Innovation Center’s cafeteria, and break a sweat together in its state-of-the-art fitness center, which includes locker rooms.

Vivint Awards Employee Patents at the innovation center in Utah

Keeping innovation and technology within the company rather than outsourcing it is an important component of Vivint’s business model. So we weren’t surprised to discover a demo home at the heart of this 125,000 square foot “idea factory.” It’s the place fresh ideas are put to the test and employees are inspired to develop new products and services that earn Vivint its reputation as an industry pioneer. The Innovation Center is also where Vivint Sky, the company’s recently released smart home platform is developed and tested.

Vivint has a fully functional kitchen demo to test products at their innovation center in Lehi, Utah

Vivint serves more than 850,000 customers and offers a wide range home security, energy management, and home automation solutions. Learn more about Vivint services offered by SafeWise.

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