Vivint Partners with LifeLock to Offer Complete Home & Identity Protection

Written by | Updated April 2, 2014

Home automation innovator Vivint announced today that it will be partnering with LifeLock, Inc., to provide home security and identity theft protection with a single discounted fee. New or existing Vivint customers will have the opportunity to bundle their home security package with LifeLock’s intuitive identity theft protection services.

The combination of Vivint’s 24x7x365 monitoring and LIfeLock’s identity theft protection services, will provide many consumers with a new level of security. Todd Davis, Chairman and CEO of LifeLock understands that “many of today’s burglars aren’t just taking the TV – they’re also grabbing identification cards and documents with personally identifiable information with the intent to commit identity fraud.”

These packages will give consumers LifeLock’s identity theft protection service, which detects and alerts customers to suspicious account activity in its network and then helps them restore their good name. Along with this monitoring and alerting service, LifeLock can also notify consumers of non-credit threats, black market website surveillance, lost or stolen wallet remediation and access to a dedicated remediation specialist.

In a world where safety extends outside of the home and digital safety is becoming monumentally important, well rounded safety precautions are necessary. Todd Pedersen, CEO of Vivint knows that Vivint’s partnership with LifeLock will “extend [Vivint’s] traditional offering of protecting families to protecting identities” this will not only keep customers safe, but it will “secure their lives.”

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For more information about the partnership, see the official press release. If you have additional questions about Vivint home security packages and home automation products, click here.

Written by Rachel Drake

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