Vivint Sky: Vivint Launches A New Smart Home Platform

Written by | Updated June 12, 2014

Home automation, and having a “smart home” has become a nationwide obsession for tech companies and consumers. If you love the idea of being able to control lights, the thermostat, door locks, and monitor your home through a live video stream, we may have the perfect product for you. Vivint, a home security and automation company, launched Vivint Sky earlier this week. Vivint Sky allows users to control their home from their mobile device or computer through a simple, clean, and easy to use interface.

The Vivint Sky app provides real time data to the panel, SkyControl, which ensures that any command the homeowner gives will be carried out within seconds. A homeowner can lock or unlock their front door through the app, and the panel will take care of it almost instantly.

“Vivint Sky transforms the home automation experience by providing an unprecedented level of control over the home,” Todd Pedersen, co-founder and CEO of Vivint said. “While we have more than 800,000 consumers already using our home automation technology, this is just the beginning. Our next step is to boldly redefine the smart home with intelligence that eliminates the burden of monitoring the home from the homeowner. With Vivint Sky, we have created a truly human smart home system that learns from you.”

With the announcement of Vivint Sky, Vivint also pushed a new marketing campaign in select markets across the country.

This product video shows the convenience, ease, and protection that Vivint Sky can provide homeowners:

On the lighter side, Vivint encourages people to move away from their “dumb home” to a “smart home”:

With Google and Apple both rumored to be entering the home automation market, Vivint has set the bar high for an exciting time in home automation. We suspect that we will see many homeowners leave their ‘dumb home’ behind and transition to a ‘smart home’ in the coming years.

Give us a call today if you are interested in getting Vivint Sky, and making your home a smart home.

Image: Courtesy of Vivint

Written by Rachel Drake

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