Vivint Solar Expands in Hopes of Becoming Nation’s #1 Solar Installer

Written by | Updated October 18, 2013

Vivint Solar is on a quest to become the largest home solar installer in the U.S. Recently the company opened a new office in Santa Ana, CA as part of their expansion plan.

Solar Reviews reports Vivint Solar opened up the new office “to support its growth in that market, coinciding with the launch of the Solar Decathlon at Great Park in Irvine, Calif., at which Vivint Solar team members will volunteer to show visitors the homes.”

Chief Operating Officer Brendon Merkley explained that the company plans to expand the reach and product offering.

“It’s an area we weren’t serving with existing offices and we wanted to extend the reach of the company to Orange County,” he said. “We plan to hire initially a few dozen employees across sales teams and install technicians.”

Merkley also explained that Vivint Solar is currently the second largest developer, developing about five and a half to six megawatts a month, serving around 1,200 customers per month.

The title for the nation’s largest home solar installer is currently held by SolarCity. Vivint has plans to take that title in the future.

“We’re not sharing expansion plans at this point,” Merkley said. “We hope to continue growing like this and we do plan to have more office openings, I won’t say when, but we perceive lots and lots of opportunity in existing markets and new markets where you can expand the company operations.”

Written by Elaine Thompson

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