Why Real People Are Willing to Invest in Home Security

Written by | Updated January 6, 2017

The home security experts at SafeWise have over 75 years combined experience in the home security industry. Over the years, they’ve had the opportunity to help countless families protect their homes. Not everybody understands the value of security monitoring, and we still get asked: “Why do people purchase home security?” Nobody expects a robbery or home invasion to happen to them, but if you do the math, there’s a good chance you’ll experience a break-in during your years as a homeowner.

We still think it’s a valid question. Why are people willing to invest in home security monitoring? We’ve asked our security experts to share their experiences and insights with us about the reasons behind people wanting alarm system monitoring.

They Have a Family

top reasons why real people get home security

Our home security experts said family is consistently the highest cited reason for purchasing security systems. Our experts have found parents are more willing to comply with the demands of a burglar to protect their children, making them susceptible to intruders. Single-parents often work long hours and are away from the home more often, making them particularly vulnerable. Single parents are looking for a solution that helps them feel comfortable leaving their children or teens home alone.

“I’m a police officer, and I leave my car our front. But honestly, some people don’t care if you’re a cop or not. It’s more about protecting our family. We’re really heavy sleepers, and we have a daughter downstairs. We just think it’s a good idea.”                   -SafeWise caller

They’re Travelers

People who travel get home security

Another frequent reason people seek out home security is travel. People who frequently travel or have spouses who travel for business want to know they’re protected. Summer and holiday vacations are prime time for break-ins and robberies because the vacant house appears empty. A dark house with closed blinds, the lights off, and unclaimed packages left on the front porch can all be green lights for thieves.

“My husband travels a lot and my youngest is going off to college so I just want to know I’m secure at night if someone tries to break-in.”  

SafeWise caller

They Enjoy Peace of Mind

Why people get home security: Peace of mind

Leading busy lives, homeowners value the peace of mind that comes with securing their home. Some secure vacation homes, while others just want to protect their primary dwelling. No matter the reason, the feeling of safety is commonly sought.

“I have a cabin, and it’s in a secluded area where no one really lives. We had a break-in and they hit four houses. They cut the power and broke the deadbolt. They took some pistols, some money and other things and left the power off.”                                            SafeWise caller

Protect Yourself

Unfortunately, not everyone acts preemptively. Another leading cause of home security purchases are break-ins either at home or in the neighborhood. Experts say if you’ve already experienced a robbery, you’re at risk for a repeat incident. Often, intruders will steal from one home multiple times, for several reasons.

  • The thief returns for additional items of value after observing that no improvements to the home’s security have been made since the initial robbery.
  • The stolen goods have been replaced with new items through insurance policies.
  • The thief knows the area and, having been successful once, returns to burglarize it again.

So whether you’re a traveler, a parent, or just want to feel safe, we encourage you to preemptively take steps to help protect your home.

Our security experts are available to discuss the benefits of alarm security, as well as features like home automation, camera surveillance or wireless setup. Monitor and protect what’s most important to you. Call 1-855-212-3093 to take the first step in helping protect your home today.

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