Zonoff Takes the Concept of a Smart Home to the Next Level

Written by | Updated July 16, 2013

From the moment that the World Wide Web was introduced, the world has grown and changed every single day. No one could have possibly imagined the many directions the internet would take, including becoming connected to everyday devices in order for us to control them, also known as “The Internet of Things.”

Zonoff, a comprehensive software platform, is the engine running the Internet of Things. Founded in 2011 by CEO Mike Harris, Zonoff is available to electronic device makers, service providers and retailers carrying consumer brands. They provide the tools for everyday items to become “connected home” products.

“The idea is to create an intuitive home,” Zonoff Chief Marketing Officer Bob Cooper said.” It’s that your home knows what you’re interested in, what you do and what your priorities are.”

In a video from The Wall Street Journal, Harris uses the example of a sprinkler system that knows not to water that day because it knows that it is supposed to rain.

Zonoff’s home, cloud and app software provides home automation, energy management, and safety monitoring. Basically, it ties your home appliances to your smartphone, and everything is controlled from there. It is not a consumer brand, but a technology that device makers can use.

Customizing your home can be quite expensive, and Zonoff eliminates that.


“Now you can get started with $150,” Cooper said. “After that, you can decide how far you want to go.”

We are pretty excited to see where Zonoff and “The Internet of Things” take our everyday lives. What do you think?

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Written by Elli Bishop

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