Does Smart Home Technology Work for Businesses?

Written by | Updated May 9, 2019

Yes, smart home technology works for businesses, at least in part. Businesses need more robust and scalable smart solutions, so they often turn to commercial applications.

The driving forces behind smart home technology adoption in the business world pertain to things like access control, security, climate control, energy management, and maintenance. If a business can catch a water leak or rebel HVAC system before it ruins the building or the annual budget, the business will be that much further ahead with its profit and loss statements.

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The Smart Home Becomes the Smart Office

Enterprise-level adoption of smart home technology could move the smart tech market forward.

Many big companies are already investing in artificial intelligence applications, so it makes sense that they’d want to further automate the more mundane or time-consuming practices.

Several companies already invest heavily in smart home technologies applied on a commercial scale. Cisco aims to be more energy efficient with its “Digital Ceiling.” Honeywell creates home automation devices for consumer use—and employs them in many of its own buildings. IBM, too, bets big on smart home technology, bringing its beloved Watson to bear on the subject.

Smart Tech Leads to a Smart Bottom Line

Businesses can also use smart home technology for many of the same reasons consumers do. Smart tech reduces waste, which could be a huge advantage for businesses concerned about budget bloat and streamlining operations. Other businesses see smart home technology in terms of data: with information, they can better control the environment and make decisions that impact the productivity and efficiency of their people, systems, and work environments.

Smart home technology definitely works for businesses. Because of that, consumers should expect great strides in the home automation market in the upcoming years. Businesses bring dollars and influence to the table, and home automation manufacturers and providers aren’t going to pass those offerings up.

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