When is the best time to install home automation?

Written by | Updated May 9, 2019

A great time to install home automation services is when you’re either building a new home or renovating an existing one—you get down to the wires in both cases. However, depending on the smart devices you want, you may be able to install them without the need for hefty renovations.

Take Advantage of Construction

A new home obviously needs wiring and cabling to provide basic utility, television, cable, and telephone services. Because of that, you should ask your electrician to install neutral wires throughout the home, especially in areas you know will benefit from smart lighting, entertainment, and other home automation services.

Renovations also offer perfect opportunities to install home automation devices. Contractors will be taking out cabinets, appliances, and other amenities, leaving the wiring exposed to a licensed electrician’s attention. Ask your electrician to install necessary home automation wiring and other items, such as deep junction boxes. You may also want to talk with your renovation team about adding built-in smart speakers and recessed areas for smart lighting.

Add Simpler Smart Tech as Needs Arise

Many home automation devices can be installed without the need for substantial construction work. A smart thermostat, for example, can be installed at any time.

Many homeowners start with one home automation service and branch into others.

This step-by-step approach is also great if you’re not up for remodeling a portion of your home: you can simply evaluate what elements you want to automate and then purchase devices that are already compatible with your current setup.

It may not be as flashy as a home built with smart integrations, but it’ll still get the job done.

Whether your home is currently under construction or not, you can find smart gadgets to fit your needs. Check out our Beginners Guide to Home Automation to get an idea of where to start.