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Am I Getting the Newest and Most Up-to-Date Equipment?

All of the equipment provided by Protect America is new out of the box.

Do I Own or Lease the Home Security System?

When you sign up with Protect America, you own the equipment. And there’s no up-front equipment fee with the company’s packages; instead, it rolls the cost of the devices into the monthly monitoring fee.

Does Protect America Service Its Equipment?

Yes, as long as you’re under contract, Protect America offers a lifetime guarantee for its equipment. If anything breaks or malfunctions, the support team will help you resolve the issue or send out a new device.

How Often Does Protect America Check Its Systems?

Protect America pings the system every ninety minutes, and the alarm does a self-check every hour to make sure everything is working properly. The company also recommends testing your system every month. To do this, give Protect America a call to have it set your system to test mode, then set off each alarm to ensure that the monitoring center receives the signals.

Are Batteries Required?

Yes, Protect America’s security system components require the use of batteries. Below is a list of common Protect America equipment that uses batteries.

Control Panel: The control panel comes with a Caddx 60914 6VDC 1.2 amp battery. You can order this battery from Protect America or online retailers like Amazon.

Flood Sensor: This sensor takes a CR123A battery.

Freeze Sensor: This sensor takes two AAA batteries.

Glass Break Sensor: This sensor takes a 14250 3.6V battery.

Garage Door Sensor: This sensor takes a CR2032 battery.

Smoke Detector: This detector takes a 6V 1.3 amp battery.

Talking Touchpad: This takes a CR123A battery.

Touchscreen Touchpad: This takes three AAA batteries.

Door/Window Sensors: These sensors take two AAA batteries.

Motion Sensors: These sensors take one CR123A battery.

CO Sensors: These sensors take three AA batteries.

If you’re looking for a specific battery type, check out this battery list by Protect America.

Can I Take My Security System with Me When I Move?

Yes, Protect America makes it easy to take your home security system with you when moving. Give the company a call when you know you’re moving, and it will put your system into test mode. It will also send you a moving kit that includes tools and instructions.

Is the Service Transferrable?

Yes, Protect America’s service is transferrable, meaning you can transfer your service to another person. And you can also use your equipment with other security systems. However, the compatibility of Protect America’s equipment with another system will depend on the home security provider you select.

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General Capabilities

Can the System Detect Gas Leaks or Smoke?

Yes, Protect America’s system monitors for gas leaks and smoke. You’ll want to consider the size and layout of your home before deciding how many smoke and gas detectors you need.

Will Protect America Dispatch for Fire, Smoke, and CO?

If you have a fire, smoke, or CO emergency, Protect America’s monitoring center will give you a call to verify the alarm. If the staff is unable to reach you, they will call the authorities.

Does the System Work if the Power Goes Out?

Protect America’s security system will still work in the event of a power outage, as it has a 24-hour backup battery. And once power is restored, the control panel’s battery will automatically start recharging. According to Protect America, it’s a good idea to have an extra backup battery handy in case the power outage lasts for more than twenty-four hours.

Does It Require Manual Resetting in the Event of a Power Failure?

Protect America’s control panel has a 24-hour backup battery that will keep your system running in the event of a power failure. You won’t have to reset any settings, and once the power comes back on, the battery will automatically start to recharge.

How Long Is the Response Time?

There’s no response-time guarantee; however, various customer reviews state that Protect America has a very fast response time.

Does Protect America Offer Systems with Advanced Safety Features?

With Protect America’s cellular monitoring packages, you can take advantage of advanced features like Z-Wave technology that turn your home into a smart home.

Do I Need a Landline Phone to Use Protect America’s System?

Protect America offers three monitoring options: landline, broadband, and cellular. This means you don’t need a landline connection to use the security system unless broadband and cellular aren’t options in your location.

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Device Capabilities

Can I Control My Home Security from My Phone?

Yes, Protect America has a SMART Connect app that enables you to control your alarm, lights, and locks as well as stream video and receive text and email notifications. The app works with Android and iOS devices. It also comes free if you purchase the cellular monitoring option.

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Integration Capabilities

Does the Protect America System Integrate with ZigBee or Z-Wave Devices?

Protect America integrates with Z-Wave devices. The company’s home automation features include the Yale Real Living Door Lock and the Z-Wave Appliance Module. With these devices, you can control your doors, lights, and small appliances.

Does the Hardware Sync with Other Security Systems?

Protect America’s equipment is manufactured by General Electric (GE), so you can use it with another security company if that company is compatible. When you decide on a security company, ask the staff about their equipment options to be sure your Protect America equipment will work with your new service.

Can I Mix and Match the Components?

All monitoring plans come with a set of equipment. From there, Protect America lets you add equipment based on your specific needs. However, if your monitoring plan doesn’t include home automation capabilities, you’ll have to upgrade your plan to add those features.

Does Protect America Integrate with Other Smart Home Platforms and Devices?

Protect America doesn’t connect with Nest. But the company recently added Alexa integration for your home automation devices.

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Alarm Capabilities

How Does the Protect America Alarm System Work?

The Protect America alarm system has three main functions. Once a sensor is tripped, it sends a signal to the control panel. From there, the control panel transmits a signal to the monitoring station. The monitoring station will then contact you to see if you need assistance.

What Do I Do in the Event of a False Alarm?

According to Protect America, simply disarm your system in the event of a false alarm. Once the system is disarmed, the siren should stop. At this point, you’ll receive a call from a monitoring station representative asking you to provide them with your code to resolve the incident.

Can Protect America’s Alarm System Connect to a TV?

Protect America’s alarm system doesn’t currently connect to a TV. You can access video through your app or computer.

Will the Police Automatically Be Notified If My Alarm Is Triggered?

Once the alarm is triggered, you’ll receive a call from Protect America’s monitoring center to verify the emergency. If it’s not a false alarm, the monitoring station will notify the police.

Does the Alarm Sound a Siren When Activated by an Intruder?

Yes, Protect America’s control panel will sound an alarm to let you and your family know that there’s an emergency. In case of a false alarm, give your password to the monitoring center representative, and the alarm will be turned off.

What Happens If I Need Help with My Alarm System After Hours?

Protect America monitors your home 24/7, so there’s always someone there to protect you in an emergency. If you run into a noncritical issue with your alarm system, you can contact Protect America customer service at 1-800-951-5111 Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–9 p.m. (CDT), and Saturday–Sunday, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. (CDT).

You can also speak to a Protect America representative via live chat. The live chat hours are Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–11 p.m. (CDT), and Saturday–Sunday, 9 a.m.–7 p.m (CDT).

Will My Children Be Able to Operate the Alarm System?

Yes, Protect America’s security system is simple to use. And the company’s mobile app can be uploaded to your child’s phone so they can arm and disarm the system on their own.

Will I Be Provided with Alarm Yard Signs and Decals to Put Up around My Home?

All of Protect America’s plans come with a yard sign and three window decals. If you’re covering a large area around your home, you can easily purchase additional signs and decals through Protect America.

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Monitoring Capabilities

Who Does Professional Monitoring Call First?

Whether it’s a false alarm or an emergency, the monitoring center will always call you first to validate the alarm. If it’s an emergency, the center will then notify first responders.

If I Have an Emergency, Who Should I Call First?

Contacting the police first is always a good idea, even if your alarm system goes off.

Will Somebody Be Monitoring My Home at All Times?

All of Protect America’s packages come with 24/7 monitoring service, so someone will always be monitoring your home. And even if you disarm your system, your heat, smoke, CO, and other environmental detectors will still go off if they sense danger.

Who Monitors Protect America’s Security Systems?

Protect America uses Criticom International as its monitoring center, which is considered to be one of the most reputable monitoring centers in the country. Criticom International has been serving customers since 1978, and it has three centers nationwide.

What Are My Monitoring Options?

Protect America provides three monitoring options with all of its packages: landline, broadband, and cellular. Each option varies in price based on the package you select. In general, a landline is the least expensive option, and broadband and cellular are pricier.

How Long Does It Take for My Security System to Notify Protect America of an Intrusion?

The time it takes for your security system to notify Protect America of an intrusion depends on your monitoring connection. There’s no exact time, but generally a landline is the slowest connection, and cellular is the fastest.

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How Much Does Protect America Cost?

How Much Does Protect America Cost?

Protect America has five monitoring packages.

  • Copper plan: $19.99/mo. with landline, $41.99/ mo. with broadband, $41.99/ mo. with cellular
  • Bronze plan: $35.00/mo. with landline, $47.99/ mo. with broadband, $47.99/ mo. with cellular
  • Silver plan: $37.99/mo. with landline, $49.99/ mo. with broadband, $49.99/ mo. with cellular
  • Gold plan: $39.99/mo. with landline, $51.99/ mo. with broadband, $51.99/ mo. with cellular
  • Platinum plan: $42.99/mo. with landline, $54.99/ mo. with broadband, $54.99/ mo. with cellular

The plan you decide on will depend on the size and layout of your home.

Does Protect America Offer Automatic Payments and Paperless Billing?

Yes, Protect America offers paperless billing and an Express Bill Pay option. There’s no capability to schedule payments at the moment, but according to Protect America, it’s a feature that it will add soon. 

What Additional Fees Does Protect America Charge?

The only fees that Protect America charges are a monthly monitoring fee and a cancellation fee, which is 100% of the balance remaining on your contract. Unlike most other security systems, there’s no activation or equipment fee with your contract.

Does Protect America Charge Early Termination Fees If I Cancel?

Yes. If you cancel the service before the 36-month contract is complete, you’ll be charged 100% of your contract balance remainder.

Does Protect America Offer Any Customer Discounts or Services When I Move?

Protect America doesn’t offer any discounts for moving with your security system because there are no fees attached to the service. The company provides customers with a free EasyMove Kit to help make the process of moving with a security system easier.

Can Protect America’s System Qualify Me for a Homeowners Insurance Discount?

Yes, Protect America can qualify you for a homeowners insurance discount. However, your discount will vary based on your insurance company and your security system plan. Once you’ve set up your security system, give your home insurance company a call to see what kind of discount applies.

Will I Be Provided with a Certificate to Show My Home Insurance Company?

Yes, according to Protect America, as soon as you activate your security system, the company will mail you a certificate of installation that you can provide to your home insurance company.

What Type of Contract Lengths Are Offered?

All of Protect America’s plans come with a 36-month contract. In general, most companies offer anywhere from one- to five-year contracts, so three years is about the average length. And once your contract is up, you can move to a month-to-month payment option rather than renew for another three years.

Do Protect America Security Systems Come with a Warranty or Guarantee?

Yes, Protect America provides a lifetime equipment guarantee for customers. That means you’ll never have to worry about broken or defective equipment—you can simply replace it by giving Protect America a call.

Does Protect America Offer Free Installation?

Protect America has a no-cost, DIY installation process. Once you sign up with the company, you’ll receive your equipment in the mail along with instructions on how to set up your security system.

Does Protect America Offer a Referral Program?

Protect America doesn’t currently offer a referral program. The company’s representative told us they were in the process of revamping the program.

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