Best Home Security and Safety Resources

You might not know it yet, but people are watching your back. From career bloggers who inform parents about child safety to organizations that compile vast libraries of safety resources to apps that monitor crime, people are looking out for you.

The experts at SafeWise are too. Below, you’ll find our list of the best safety and security—related websites out there. Topics cover everything from family safety to online safety, workplace safety, child safety, and home safety. Between them, you should have all you need to learn how to baby-proof your home, keep tabs on local crime, stay up to date with cutting-edge home security technologies, and more.

Home and Family Safety Blogs

These top family safety blogs zero-in on tips and information that can keep your whole family happier and healthier.

Safety Mom

Safety Mom

Safety Mom, run by Alison Jacobsen, is a professional blog about family safety. After losing a child to SIDS, Alison was driven to create a resource for parents to better protect their children

Over the years, Alison has appeared on The Today Show, CNN International, Good Morning America, The Doctors, and more. She has also worked with big companies like ADT and Johnson & Johnson to bring vital safety information to parents. On, you’ll be able to read about topics like cyber bullying, healthy eating, driving safety, sending kids to college, and more safety topics you’ll encounter during every stage of parenting. is truly an expert resource that you can use to better protect your family.

Safe Mama

Safe Mama

Going on 10 years of family safety blogging, Katherine Scoleri is an expert in the field. On the website, you’ll find resources centering around child safety, product recalls, health topics, wellness advice, and eco-conscious information.

What we especially love about her website is her Cheat Sheets section. Updated often, these resources allow you to get the whole scoop on things like the dangers of BPA, the safest backpack brands/styles, sunscreen safety, and more. Each article is easy to scan and gives you a comprehensive safety summary about each topic.

My Precious Kid

My Precious Kid is both a merchant and safety resource. It sells safe products for babies, children, adults, pets, seniors, and children with special needs while its experts blog about family safety topics. The mission of My Precious Kid is to make child safety easy. It does so by providing a place where parents can find the safest products for their families and read articles about child security.

Some of the products you can shop for include ID bracelets for children, chemical-free and eco-friendly cloth diapers, safe bottles, car accessories, and more.

Keep Kids Healthy has a pediatrics portion that covers all kinds of child safety concerns and family health material. As an educational parenting site, its goal is to supplement physician information with tips to improve health, prevent sickness and injury, and raise your kids to be the healthiest they can be. Here, you can find conversations about vaccines, how to detect autism in children, pediatric news, growth charts, healthy meal planning tips, and so much more.

Family Safety, Health, and Wellness Organizations

We found the top organizations that work to improve the wellness of children and their families. Expect to find information about home and individual safety with the following organizations.

Safe Kids Worldwide

Safe Kids

Safe Kids Worldwide is a global non-profit organization committed to preventing childhood injuries—the number one cause of death for U.S. kids. Founded at the Children’s National Medical Center with the help of Johnson & Johnson in 1988, it now works with over 400 organizations worldwide to keep children safer. By focusing on global education, media, community outreach, and public policy efforts, Safe Kids is able to help support millions of children and their families.

The Safe Kids website is a great place for parents, educators, and safety professionals to find reliable child safety tips as well as ways to get involved with the organization. You can also check out, an online tool created by Safe Kids Worldwide that’s designed to help families detect dangers in their home and identify simple steps to fix them.

National Safety Council

National Safety Council

The National Safety Council (NSC) is a nonprofit organization that aims to save lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, home, and on the road. The National Safety Council website features a wealth of information you can use to stay safer. Read about injury statistics, learn defensive driving tips to keep everyone in your car safer, sign up for first-aid training, and so much more.

This is one of the biggest safety resources you can use. Plus, it’s an organization you can trust since it’s recognized and referenced by government agencies, universities, and research organizations.

Healthy Child Healthy World

Healthy Child Healthy World

Healthy Child Healthy World is a nonprofit organization based out of California. Its mission is protect children from harmful chemicals by empowering and educating parents and working to change laws.

You can visit to read a slew of blog articles about dangerous chemicals and products in the foods we eat, links between chemicals and premature births, exposés about the FDA, and so much more. There are also topics about child development, cleaning, gardening, and home improvement.

While the organization provides a helpful tool for parent education, it also works to fundamentally change what endangers our children. The organization itself continuously lobbies for corporate accountability, brings communities together for collective action, supports safe chemicals and products, and works to influence regulatory reform.

We Make It Safer

We Make It Safer is your go-to place for product recall information. The company seeks to reduce the number of product-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths that occur each year by raising awareness and red flags when a product endangers public health. You can read its blog for the latest recall information, green living tips, and home safety. Or you can do one better by signing up for recall alerts to your phone and email.

We recommend signing up for these alerts or at least checking in on this blog once a week so you can clean out your cupboards if the food you feed your family becomes a health hazard.

Home Security Industry Blogs

These expert bloggers are concerned with your family’s safety and focus on how certain home security technologies can keep everyone more secure.

Schneier on Security


Bruce Schneier is the man behind, or “Schneier on Security,” and is undoubtedly an expert in the field. He is the author of 14 books, including Applied Cryptography and Liars and Outliers and was described by the Economist as a “security guru.” To further prove his expert status in the industry, you should know that Schneier’s has testified on security-related issues before the United States Congress on many occasions.

You can trust Schneier’s website and blog to cover security and security technology issues that you should be aware of. You can visit his site to read about IT security, cyber crimes, and security awareness that include helpful commentary and tips about home security and safety topics.

Security Systems News

Security System News

Security Systems News is the newspaper of record for the security system integrator and installer. Here, you can find articles about the commercial installation and integration market and the vendor/manufacturing community. You can also read about industry news stories—specifically fire and residential topics—that would be of interest to installers, integrators, manufacturers and distributors.

We realize that this is an esoteric resource, but if you’d like to stay on top of what security professionals are tuned into, it’ll provide you with an inside scoop.

Security Info Watch

Security Info Watch is a website dedicated to all things security—from access and identity to video surveillance, security technology, threat detection, fire/life safety, intrusion and installation topics. Articles are catered towards security executives, dealers, integrators, and manufacturers, but it’s something that has in-depth information you won’t find anywhere else.

Home Security Store

Home Security Store

The Home Security Store blog provides readers with articles written by security experts. The main site sells security products, but the blog offers an inventory of homeowner information like security news, tips, tricks, and trends. It’s a bit more relevant to the typical homeowner since it covers topics that directly affect you like “how to save for a home” and a “guide to what you should look for in a home security system.”

Internet Safety Blogs

The internet can be a dangerous place. Keep your family safe while surfing the web with information gleaned from these top blogs.

Internet Safety Blog

Internet Safety Blog is owned by McAfee, the world’s largest computer security company. They’ve developed a product, SafeEyes, that you can purchase and install to keep an eye out on your kids when they’re online. With this tool, you can block certain websites and ensure that your children don’t get into trouble or stumble across inappropriate content.

If you’re not in the market for new software, you can utilize the company’s blog for free. It’s a fantastic resource for parents who are looking for information that can keep their kids away from online predators, cyberbullying, social media misconduct, and more.



iKeepSafe’s vision is to enable the world’s children to grow up safely while using the internet. The organization provides resources to keep families up to date on digital safety so that kids can have a safe and healthy experience online. For example, the iKeepCurrent program is a newsfeed filled with entertaining content to ignite discussion between educators and students. The blog covers topics related to cyber safety, cyber bullying, digital citizenship, educational issues, parenting, social networking, and more.


I Look Both Ways

iLookBothWays strives to make the internet safer by providing people of all ages with the best information about internet safety, security, privacy and ethics. LOOKBOTHWAYS, LLC develops internet safety technologies, provides product design, safety reviews, and other consulting services to leading technology companies.

Crime Watch Resources

Round out your ability to safeguard your family by reading about the best crime reporting websites and sex offender locators.


If you’re about to head out for a stroll around the park, but someone just got mugged, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Spotcrime helps solve that information void by bringing you a map of the latest crime reports near you.

By aggregating news and police reports and plotting those incidents on Google Maps, you can see how close you are to danger. Expect to see icons like “assault” or “DUI” that explain exactly what’s amiss in your neighborhood.

The best thing about Spotcrime is that it’s free and you can sign up for crime alerts through text, email, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also set perimeters for areas you’d like to monitor—think school zones, college campuses where your kids live, and even neighborhoods of friends and family members. You can even report crimes you witness through a user-based reporting system and read Spotcrime’s blog for safety tips and more.

National Sex Offender Public Website

Getting to know your neighbors isn’t just a friendly gesture, it’s a major safety initiative. If you’re not sure who lives nearby, you can check the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW). It’s the only U.S. government site that compiles sex offender state, territorial, and tribal registries. That means you’ll only need to do one search to find any potential threats in your community.

The Omega Group created this website that takes pride in its original data collection. In other words, it doesn’t lift data from other websites and recycle it. Instead, leverages its partnership with police departments to get crime data from credible sources—as it’s happening.

The only downside to this website is that police departments have to subscribe in order to contribute. If your local police department isn’t a part of, you won’t get those crime updates. Other than that, it works very similarly to Spotcrime and you can use it to see crimes near you, set crime radiuses, and narrow down crime reports by fraud, sex crimes, arson, vandalism, disturbing the peace, and more. There is a special category for sex offender information too that will provide you with a list of perpetrators in your area.


This app goes beyond other crime reporting websites. It allows you to see crimes near you by incident type and includes a bevy of other safety features. As a user, you can to report crimes through video, image, or audio clips. You can send an emergency signal to police if you’re in trouble too.

As a parent, one of the most worry-trumping features is the CitizenCOP app that lets you set up a “safe zone.” If your kids have this on their phones too, you’ll know if they wander outside of the area you’ve designated as “safe.” CitizenCOP is pretty revolutionary when it comes to crime education and prevention.

More Ways To Keep Your Family Safe

You probably love your family more than anything—otherwise, you wouldn’t be here! For more information about ways you can safeguard your loved ones, read about other crime reporting apps and websites, check out our home security checklist, and read our blog. SafeWise has tons of resources and tips to keep your home and family safe, so you can poke around our pages to learn a lot more.

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