Qantas data breach gives strangers access to your boarding pass

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Qantas has issued a statement 3 hours after the first report of the breach. They claim to have completely resolved the issue and indicate it could have been caused by technology issues related to a recent system change.  

Qantas is reportedly investigating the cause of a major privacy breach, with several users being shown the data of entirely different accounts. Those affected by the breach reported being able to access and change other members’ seats, frequent flyer points, full names, boarding passes, and flight details in the app. 

The QR codes on Qantas’ boarding passes are valid until the date of your flight. If you’re taking a Qantas flight within the next 24 hours, reach out to Qantas staff to check the validity of your boarding pass. If you’re a victim of the breach and someone else has access to your boarding pass, you’ll likely need a new one.

Qantas staff will never ask for your boarding pass, personal information, or Frequent Flyer number via text. If rectifying an issue with your boarding pass or Frequent Flyer points, ensure you talk to staff directly through the Qantas Call Centre. 

Within the next few days, look out for any texts or emails from scammers pretending to be part of Qantas’ customer support team. Scammers are already jumping on the breach and creating fake accounts purporting to be part of Qantas’ staff.

Refrain from opening links in texts purporting to be from Qantas and be on the lookout for fake accounts vying for your personal information in the wake of the breach.

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