90% of Australians are unprepared for disasters and emergencies

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Only 10% of Australians are actively prepared in the event of a disaster or emergency, new research from the Australian Red Cross has revealed.

The concerning findings come at a time when many climate experts predict Australia is in for a particularly hot, dry, and therefore bushfire-prone summer.

The survey also found that concerns regarding disasters and emergencies have increased since the last survey in 2018. In fact, 58% of Australians expect to be impacted by heatwaves this summer, up from just 25% five years ago.

Australians are also more worried about being impacted by bushfires (34% versus 26% five years ago), floods (46% versus 29%), and major power outages (38% up from 26%).

Unfortunately, for most Australians, these growing concerns simply aren't translating into action.

"We know the better prepared you are, the better your capacity to respond and recover from any emergency," Australian Red Cross Chief of Staff Penny Harrison said. "Just thinking about it is not enough."

"Just thinking about it is not enough."

With the number of climate-related natural disasters only increasing, Australians are urged to take action and begin preparations now, rather than waiting until the last minute.

The Red Cross recommends downloading the Get Prepared app, which provides a step-by-step guide to emergency preparedness for individuals, households and communities.

We also suggest checking out our guides on how to create a bushfire safety plan and a flood safety plan, both of which include expert advice on how to prepare your home for an emergency, as well as what to do during and after.

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