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  1. Are Fake Security Signs Worth the Risk?

    Do fake home security signs work?

    Yard signs and stickers that say your home is protected by a…

    Safety Tips By Hillary Johnston on

  2. 5 Technologies Aiding in School Security Efforts

    School Security to protect students

    There have been 96 school shootings – an average of one a…

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  3. Money-Back Guarantees of the Top 5 Home Security Companies

    Home Security Money Back Guarantee

    Taking the time to look at the products and services offered by…

    Equipment Reviews By Alexia Chianis on

  4. Top Safety and Security Resolutions for 2015

    Home Safety resolutions

    From vowing to eat healthier to committing to a budget, the New…

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  5. Canary Home Security System Has Finally Shipped


    After over a year of waiting, Canary is finally being released. The…

    Focus on Community By Hillary Johnston on

  6. 12 Clever Tips for Hiding Christmas Gifts From Your Family

    creative places to hide christmas gifts

    You’ve spent weeks shopping for the perfect gifts for every member of…

    Safety Tips By Alexia Chianis on

  7. Security for the Holidays: Keeping Your Home Safe from Christmas Burglars

    Holiday Home Safety

    The holiday season is a time for fun and festivities. Unfortunately, it’s…

    Safety Tips By Nick Mann on

  8. 9 Holiday Travel Safety Tips for Your Next Getaway

    Holiday travel safety tips

    The holidays are a popular time for travelers. However, the wintery weather…

    Safety Tips By Carolyn Heneghan on

  9. 30 Safest Cities in Kansas

    30 Safest Cities in Kansas

    Finding the right place to call home can be overwhelming. Sorting out…

    Focus on Community By Rebecca Edwards on

  10. What to Do if There’s a Stranger on Your Street

    How to keep out your nosy neighbor

    The same unfamiliar car keeps parking in front of your house or…

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