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  1. When Does a Crime Become a Hate Crime?

    Definition of a hate crime

    Crimes are typically defined by actions; some crimes, like murder, also require…

    News By Hillary Johnston on

  2. Nest Now Sends You a Monthly Safety Report Card

    Nest Delivers Home Safety and Home Energy Reports

    Since purchasing Nest, Google has been hard at work on their open-software-collaboration…

    Equipment Reviews By Clair Jones on

  3. Hire a Pet Sitter and Enjoy Peace of Mind While You Vacation

    Hire a housesitter and monitor them using home automation

    You’ve probably felt guilty about going on vacation and leaving your pet…

    Safety Tips By Alexia Chianis on

  4. The Effects of a Burglary Can Extend Beyond Property Losses

    Emotional recovery of a burglary

    The U.S. Census Bureau reported that a burglary can cost homeowners over…

    Safety Tips By Clair Jones on

  5. What to Do If You Think You’re Being Followed

    Tips for stalkers or if you're being followed

    Celebrities aren’t the only people who deal with stalkers. Normal people get…

    Equipment Reviews By Hillary Johnston on

  6. Biking Safety Tips: 31 Ideas for Staying Safe While Biking

    Safety Tips for Cyclists

    Bike riding is a spectacular way to stay fit and an increasingly…

    Safety Tips By Madeline Gearheart on

  7. Which Thermostat is Smarter, Lyric or Nest?

    Honeywell lyric versus nest thermostat

    A smart thermostat offers a number of benefits. Not only can it…

    Equipment Reviews By Alexia Chianis on

  8. Running Safety Tips: Ideas for Staying Safe While Running

    Tips to stay safe while running

    No treadmill can provide the same exhilaration that comes from running outdoors—but…

    Safety Tips By Madeline Gearheart on

  9. Swarm Safety Tips: Update Your Privacy Settings for Security

    Swarm app privacy settings

    Checking in on social apps like Swarm is hard to resist, especially…

    Safety Tips By Clair Jones on

  10. 5 Cool Home Security Features You May Not Know About

    Home Security features you may not know about

    We all know home security systems are a no-brainer when it comes…

    Safety Tips By Michele Dawson on