Frontpoint Home Security Review

With its quick setup and flexible equipment options, Frontpoint is a good match for renters and homeowners alike.
Written by | Updated January 17, 2020

Overall Rating

  • Quick, easy installation
  • Variety of security plans
  • Start with $0 down
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The Bottom Line: Best Customer Service Experience

Frontpoint takes a customizable approach to home security for renters and homeowners of all experience levels. Your security equipment comes directly to your door preprogrammed and ready to go. All you need to do is connect the hub and sensors to your Wi-Fi. As for physical installation, the door/window sensors, motion detectors, and keypad simply stick onto the wall.

Frontpoint offers flexible payment options compatible with most budgets. You can start with $0 down on equipment and pay month-to-month for the service. Or you can pay for all the equipment at once and get the service contract-free. 

Either way, the security company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a three-year warranty on the equipment.

“I’m always skeptical about money-back guarantees, but Frontpoint did give me my money back. Sure, they asked me a few questions about why I wanted to return it, but it wasn’t bad. They even paid for the shipping.” —Wayne T., SafeWise product tester


  • Easily installed equipment
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • High ratings from customers


  • Average smart home abilities
  • Video monitoring only available with most expensive plan
Frontpoint Home Security System

The Frontpoint system we got our hands on.

Frontpoint Pricing, Plans, and Contracts

Monthly Fee
Crash/Smash Protection
Mobile App Alerts
Video Streaming
Automated Door Lock
Doorbell Camera
Standout Feature
Interactive Plan Ultimate Plan
View Plan View Plan
$44.99 $49.99
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
No Yes
No Yes
No Yes
Mobile app control Live video streaming

Data effective 11/18/2019. Offers and availability subject to change.


For four days only, get 25% off a home security system, plus a free indoor camera and free shipping! Visit Frontpoint to view packages. No contracts. Terms and conditions apply.

Frontpoint has five prepackaged equipment plans and two options monthly monitoring. Generally, the more equipment you purchase, the more robust your monitoring plan should be. So if you opt for the top equipment plan, the Safe Home Preferred package, it’s best to pair it with the Ultimate Plan for monitoring.

The good news is you don’t have to pay anything upfront to get Frontpoint in your home. With $0 down, you can enroll in a consumer financing plan that allows you to pay for your Frontpoint equipment month-to-month. If you decide to take the plunge and pay for all your equipment in one go, you can enjoy the service contract-free.

Frontpoint Tech and Equipment

Frontpoint has all the security favorites needed for a solid home defense system. Even the basic prepackaged plan comes with a smart hub and keypad, door/window sensors, and your choice of a motion or glass break sensor. Other available products include smoke detectors, flood sensors, garage door sensors, and more.

Two pieces of equipment stand out among Frontpoint’s product lineup: the tough-as-nails keypad and smart hub. They’re smash-proof but not indestructible. If an intruder damages one of them, the system automatically notifies the professional monitoring center. The hub also has a 24-hour emergency backup and encrypts information coming in and out of your home, so you’re safer from online intruders too.

Frontpoint has four cameras to choose from: the indoor camera, premium indoor camera, outdoor camera, and doorbell camera. All four of them provide a crisp, clear image and connect to your Frontpoint app. The best part is that Frontpoint’s cameras are as easy to set up as its other products.

Frontpoint Equipment

Frontpoint indoor cam

Indoor Camera

Frontpoint door window sensor

Door and Window Sensor

white frontpoint hub with green key logo


Frontpoint keypad


Frontpoint glass break sensor

Glass Break Sensor

Frontpoint motion sensor

Motion Detector

Frontpoint Smart Home

While Frontpoint’s smart home capabilities aren’t groundbreaking, the system does play well with others like Amazon Alexa. This system integrates with home automation devices better than most DIY brands like SimpliSafe, but the equipment isn’t completely proprietary. You can purchase smart light bulbs, wireless light controllers, door locks, and a doorbell camera. It’s also compatible with a small list of Z-Wave devices like light modules, thermostats, and sirens. Overall, we aren’t blown away, but Frontpoint is a good starter system to smart home newcomers.

Frontpoint Smart Home Equipment

Smart Home FeatureFrontpoint EquipmentFrontpoint Price
Garage door controlSmart garage door controller$74.99
Lighting controlDimmable LED lightbulb$9.99
Smart lock controlFrontpoint smart door lock by Yale$149.99

But keep in mind, smart home equipment is only half the equation. You can control your entire Frontpoint system from the app on your smart device. The devices in this system connect smoothly, so you can train Frontpoint to disarm when the kids get off the bus, keep living room lights on when you’re out of town, or even let in the plumber when they ring your video doorbell.

All of this can minimize false alarms and help you welcome the people you want inside and keep out the rest.

Person installing Frontpoint via tablet

Frontpoint Installation

Frontpoint’s equipment is tough, reliable, and best of all, a breeze to install. It consistently gets high marks as the best DIY home security system. Other high-end systems like Vivint and ADT require a home visit from an installation professional and charge for hours of installation before you can get started with your system.

All you need to do with Frontpoint is order the system you want. Once it lands on your doorstep, simply open the box and set it up. The packaging comes with login information for your personalized account, default keycodes to get you started, and detailed instructions about how to use the app and connect your devices.

“I set it [the system] up using a tablet and the step-by-step instructions were easy to follow.” —Wayne T., SafeWise product tester

The Frontpoint app is your main guide to installation. Simply follow the instructions on your phone to set up the smart hub and keypad. Most of the hardware (door/window sensors, motion detectors, etc.) has a simple peel-and-stick backing that sticks directly to the wall.

There’s no drilling or wiring involved, simply press the device onto a flat, dry surface. Even the most complex devices require only a screwdriver. For the most part, if you can change a lightbulb or peel a sticker, you can install a Frontpoint system in your home. This makes it a great option for renters too.

Frontpoint Customer Service

Frontpoint’s customer service is famously friendly and helpful. The support teams consistently get ratings of four stars or higher from thousands of customers.1 Many of the reviews we read praised Frontpoint for the easy setup and friendly service. Plus, Frontpoint’s customers stick with the company for an average of seven to eight years.

We’ve been impressed by Frontpoint’s proactive response to customer feedback. Over the past year, the company has made some changes to both its equipment and its buying process in order to better match customer expectations.

  • New smart home hub: Frontpoint sat down with to create a unique control panel that’s exclusive to Frontpoint. The panel features advanced encryption to thwart hackers and a cellular connection with built-in Wi-Fi backup.
  • Military store outlets: To augment its online store, Frontpoint opened outlets on military bases across the country. Military families get a discount on Frontpoint products and services, and they can walk out of the store with their Frontpoint system in hand.

When you need assistance, Frontpoint’s phone lines are open until 11 p.m. on weekdays and until 7 p.m. (EST) on weekends. For quick questions, the support center on the website has user guides, FAQs, and helpful videos to assist. The Frontpoint app also has a help center and can answer most of your questions.

“Both times I talked with customer service, I was impressed. They were casual and friendly and didn’t push me into anything. Also, when I asked for a discount they gave me one.” —Wayne T., SafeWise product tester

How Frontpoint Home Security Stacks Up

Lowest Price
Best Overall
Smart Home Pick
Best Monitoring
Best Budget Option
Best No Contract
logo of frontpoint home security logo of vivint home security ADT logo ProtectAmerica logo logo of simplisafe home security
$44.99 $29.99 $27.99 $19.99 $14.99
DIY Professional Professional DIY/Professional DIY
Risk-free trial
DIY installation
Great customer service
High-end smart home tech
Customizable plans
Month-to-month contracts
Fast response times
Outstanding guarantees
140+ years of experience
Lifetime warranty
Locked-in rates
Many package options
Cheap monthly monitoring
Money-back guarantee
No fancy extras
855-374-4999 855-374-4999 855-374-4999 855-374-4999 N/A
View Packages View Packages View Packages View Packages View Packages

Data effective 09/03/2019. Offers and availability subject to change.


For four days only, get 25% off a home security system, plus a free indoor camera and free shipping! Visit Frontpoint to view packages. No contracts. Terms and conditions apply.


How does Frontpoint’s money-back guarantee work? 

Frontpoint offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The 30-day period starts from the day you receive your Frontpoint home security system. If, during the first 30 days, you decide that the Frontpoint system isn’t for you, you can return it for a full refund—and Frontpoint will pick up the shipping costs too.

Does Frontpoint have an equipment warranty?

Yes. As long as you are under contract for professional monitoring, all of your Frontpoint equipment is covered. If a motion sensor or one of your door sensors stops working, contact Frontpoint’s customer care team and they’ll send you out a new one free of charge.

Can a Frontpoint home security system work for renters?

Because all of Frontpoint’s equipment is wireless, it’s a good match for renters. There are no holes to drill or wires to connect, which makes it easy to take your Frontpoint system with you if you move. Just be sure to check with your landlord about any rules or restrictions for security systems, especially if you plan to use security cameras in areas where other residents could be caught on video.

Things to Consider

Budget is a priority for most people looking for a security system, but there’s more to the equation than cost. Frontpoint has a range of plans and prices that cater to families with budgets and a little extra to spend.

Frontpoint doesn’t require a contract or credit check to qualify for the system, making it good for renters and homeowners. If you find yourself moving to a new address, Frontpoint can send you a moving kit that includes a box for your equipment and basic instructions for removing and reinstalling your system.

It’s also wise to consider how much equipment you’ll need. Whether you’re in a small apartment or a large home, we recommend having enough sensors to monitor every entrance. From your front door to the patio, a DIY security system is only effective when installed correctly.


Frontpoint has options for every budget. For $99 up front, you might spend more on your electricity bill. Overall, Frontpoint is an effective system with luxury options for different price points. Installation is easy as peeling a sticker, and the customer service representatives are friendly and available every day of the week. And while Frontpoint doesn’t have much of its own smart home equipment, the system connects smoothly with the app so you can control it at home or away.

How We Reviewed Frontpoint

While online resources like product manuals and customer reviews inform our reviews, we got to experience this system first hand. Through the eyes of our in-house tester, Wayne, we learned more about Frontpoint’s customer service for ordering, setting up, and cancellation. He set up his system in a single-family condo with the help of his Android app. He even tested the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee, which was “easy as pie.”

We believe experiencing a system for ourselves brings better insight than anything we can find online, so we test products whenever possible. Learn more about how we review Frontpoint and other security systems on our methodology page.

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