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Find the safest city in your state

Each year, SafeWise experts dig into data to see which cities report the fewest crimes in every state.

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We've spent hundreds of hours trying safety products and services to find the very best. See our picks to make your life and loved ones safer.

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We found the best systems through hands-on testing, customer insights, and inside scoops from companies.
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We tested kids GPS trackers—including kids smartwatches—to bring you our top five faves.
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We tested products and talked to a medical professionals to whittle down a list of over 70 medical alerts.
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Safety by the stats

We've collected data on safety concerns for nearly every stage of life. Find out how likely your home is to flood, if your home is likely to be burglarized, and more.

*45% are due to sport and playground-related activities

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The security industry moves quickly, so you always have great options! But it’s a lot to sift through. Our experts stay vigilant so you don’t have to.

multiple images of people interacting with smart home items
multiple images of people interacting with smart home items

See our top home security brand picks

We find the best security systems on the market and try them in our own homes to give you honest recommendations.

ADT Shield

See our top medical alert brand picks

We research the top medical alert products to make every phase of life safer.

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Bay Alarm
Medical Guardian

Find safety and home security resources in your area

To help you stay safe at home and in your community, we’ve put together local and statewide resources to make sure you know where to turn before the unexpected happens. Click on your state below to get resources for your area.


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