1Password will now let you sign in without a password

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First there was password managers, then multi-factor authentication, and now it seems we're heading closer and closer towards a passwordless world.

After months of beta testing, password manager 1Password announced yesterday the rollout of passkey support.

For the uninitiated, passkeys allow users to sign into supported websites without a password or multi-factor authentication code. Instead, you simply need to click a button.

Passkeys are considered to be more secure than passwords as each one has two parts: A public key (stored by the website), and a private key (stored by your device). The private key is never shared with the site you're logging in to, so passkeys can't be stolen in data breaches.

Passkeys are also synced across devices, so if you were to lose your phone, for example, you wouldn't lose access to your accounts.

Apple and Google have already begun supporting passkeys, along with sites such as Amazon, PayPal and TikTok.

It's still a while to go before passkeys become the standard, but 1Password users can start switching now, and the service will also soon allow users to replace their master password with a passkey.

Georgia Dixon
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Georgia Dixon
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