TP-Link Tapo C225 pan/tilt security camera review

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TP-Link Tapo C225
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Georgia Dixon
Mar 13, 2023
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When my partner and I first brought our puppy home, we knew that we were going to need an extra set of eyes to monitor our energetic and mischievous furry friend. After all, you can’t be home all the time, and we wanted our pup to learn how to be happy on her own. That extra set of eyes came in the form of the Tapo C200 security camera, which I nabbed for around $50 on Amazon at the time.

It’s served us very well, capturing countless cute memories, not to mention some moments we’d rather forget (Hazel, you’re a dog and you can’t read, but yes, this is about that incident). So when the opportunity came to review its new-and-improved sibling, the C225, I had pretty lofty expectations. Fortunately, after a couple of months in the place of its predecessor, I can safely say that it more than exceeded those expectations.

pro Affordable price
pro Physical privacy mask
pro Responsive controls
pro Helpful AI-driven notifications
pro Motion tracking
con Not the most discrete design

TP-Link Tapo C225 Security Camera price

Tapo C225

Price is accurate as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The TP-Link Tapo C225 wired security camera retails for $119, but at the time of writing, it’s available for $99 on Amazon. That’s quite a bit cheaper than its closest competitor, the Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt.

Admittedly, the C225 is more expensive than its predecessor, the C200, but considering the higher image resolution, AI features and other new additions, we think the extra $40-odd is absolutely worth it for such a considerable upgrade.

TP-Link Tapo C225 Security Camera design and setup

In a change of pace from its previous pan-and-tilt cameras, with the C225, TP-Link has opted for a more cylindrical shape and bolder white, black and red colour scheme. Though it makes for a less discrete-looking security camera, this redesign also allows for a physical privacy mode, which works by rotating the lens so it’s blocked by the camera’s housing, as opposed to a basic electronic privacy shutter, which simply tells the camera to stop streaming or recording. There’s also a button on the front of the camera’s housing that allows you to quickly enable or disable privacy mode without having to open the Tapo app.

The camera is about the size of a can of soft drink (albeit a little heavier) and can be mounted onto the ceiling or a wall, but it can also simply be placed on a table. As long as there’s a power point nearby, it’s good to go.

Once in place and powered on, getting the camera started is a breeze (as we’ve come to expect from Tapo cameras). You’ll just need your phone and the Tapo app and you’ll be walked through setup in less than five minutes.

TP-Link Tapo C225 Security Camera features and performance

These days, security cameras are used for much more than simply recording in the event of a break-in, theft or other crime. Many, like myself, use their cameras to check in on their pets during the day, while others may use theirs to make sure the kids really are doing their homework. TP-Link is the latest in a line of manufacturers capitalising on this shift, incorporating AI smarts to limit the number of irrelevant motion detection notifications and ensure the ones you do receive are actually meaningful.

I’ll give you an example. Call it adolescence, but my pup can really throw a tantrum, especially if she’s been left alone for more than a few hours. The Tapo C225 can detect dog barks (and cat meows), meaning I get a notification when Hazel is acting up, and using the two-way audio, I can soothe her remotely, quieting her barking and thus avoiding making us the enemy of all our neighbours.

The camera can also detect baby crying and glass breaking, so it can do double duty as a baby monitor and a security camera.

But that’s just audio detection—the AI can also visually detect people, pets and vehicles, so depending on what you plan on using the camera for, you can adjust the settings to ensure you only receive useful notifications.

As for the camera quality, you’re looking at up to 2K QHD (2560 × 1440 px), which makes for crisp, true-to-life video on par with many 2K cameras costing two, three and even four times the price. At 15fps, the frame rate isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s more than smooth enough for most people.

The Tapo C225 also features customisable night vision depending on how you plan on using the camera. For general security purposes, there’s the standard 850nm infrared LED, but for those using it as a baby monitor, you can switch to the invisible 950nm infrared LED to watch your little one without disrupting their sleep.

All of these features can be adjusted via the Tapo app, which is one of the more user-friendly and reliable security camera monitoring apps we’ve tested here at SafeWise Australia. The camera is fast to respond to directional changes and prompts to capture still images and video footage, and it can also be connected to up to 31 additional Tapo cameras, allowing you to view multiple cameras’ livestreams simultaneously without needing to jump between different apps.

Final word

Honestly, I struggled to find any major downsides to the TP-Link Tapo C225. For pet parents in particular, I’ve yet to find another security camera that’s so perfectly up to the task of watching over my four-legged daughter. That said, it’s also one of the most versatile cameras you’ll find without spending more than about $100 and could easily function as a baby monitor or general home security camera.

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Prices are accurate as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

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