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40 Safest Cities in Utah

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Selecting the right community to call home is no simple matter. In addition to concerns about quality schools, job growth and home values, is the necessity of finding a city where your family and property will be safe from harm. That’s why SafeWise has compiled the most recent 2012 FBI Crime Statistics with our own independent research to let you know which cities in the great state of Utah have the best safety records.

To bring you the top 40 safest cities in the Beehive State, we reviewed 83 cities that were eligible for a spot on our list due to having a population of over 5,000 and meeting our strict criteria regarding violent and property crime. To discover which of those did the best job of keeping their neighborhoods safe, we looked at the number of violent crimes, including aggravated assault, robbery, forcible rape and murder. In addition we analyzed the incidence of property crimes, consisting of burglary, larceny-theft, vehicle theft and arson. Next we use that data to calculate the chance of these crimes happening out of one thousand in order to compensate for population variances.

SafeWise is proud to help you find the perfect Utah spot to call home while making sure your family’s safety is a top priority. After you’ve perused our list of cities, take the next step by visiting our Utah Safety Directory, where everything you need to know about local crime prevention and protecting your home can be found in one, convenient place.
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1. Sunset

Our number one safest city in the Beehive State is a close-knit, small community situated between the magnificent Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. The residents of this virtually crime-free city are united by a common vision, “Sunset City will be a community where every person and every family is important and respected. We will give the community a stable, safe, healthy, caring and friendly neighborhood.”

This vision of communal tranquility is being manifested by the citizens alongside the dedicated officers of the Sunset City Police Department. In fact, Sunset was entirely free of any violent crime in 2012, and the incidence of property crimes was only 26 in 1,000. And it’s easy to see how proud the Sunset community is about their safe streets at the annual Sunset City Fun Days festival. The summer festival is a celebration full of small-town charm that includes events like a tractor pull, a bake off, car show and a hot dog eating contest.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 26.12

Safest cities in Utah

2. Nephi

Right at the crossroads of Utah, where two main freeways intersect, lies a friendly little city named Nephi. The city’s name comes from the LDS Book of Mormon and is one of the central figures in the Mormon religion. This community is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for residents and visitors alike. Programs like Nephi’s Community Night Out create a fun space for officials to talk about important issues like stopping underage drinking and gun safety while providing dinner for the community. Nephi is always looking for ways to educate the community while having a good time—the Miss Nephi scholarship pageant and Yuba Lake State Park are just some examples of local recreations that strive to improve the community.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.91
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 21.42

Safest Cities in Utah Image: Rolfmueller; CC 3.0

3. Enoch

Situated in the beautiful landscape of southern Utah, near spectacular Cedar Break National Monument and Amphitheater, the rural community claiming the third spot on our list is the type of place where the whole town comes out to support the local high school team – whether it’s football, volleyball or even cross country. Enoch’s young athletes are celebrated along with nearly every other community happening on the town’s active Facebook page. Perhaps it’s knowing that someone’s keeping an eye on things that helped Enoch stay clear of murder, robbery and arson for the whole of 2012.

But it’s not just social media helping to keep Enoch residents safe. An active Police Department is also on duty 24/7 working to keep Enoch the peaceful community its citizens are proud to call home. Using a philosophy of community policing, Enoch police work with citizen volunteers as well as sworn officers to keep the town of just over 5,500 safe and sound.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 3.86
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 12.25

4. Salem

Originally named Pond Town, this cozy Utah city was renamed after Salem, Massachusetts to honor the birthplace of Lyman Curtis for his contributions to building the city in the mid 1800’s. This scenic, rural town has since built a community dedicated to helping one another. From its Water Wise program and Greewaste area designed to help the environment to local calls to action like helping World War II Veterans visit their war memorial in Washington, Salem is a driven community out to improve the world. Pictures of Salem’s pond are used all over Utah to represent the rural, homely ideals that Salem embodies in landscape and community.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.45
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 14.35

Safest Cities in UtahImage: TheFatManWhoNeverCameBack; CC 3.0

5. Tremonton

Our number five city is nestled in the Bear River Valley, which remained largely uninhabited until the early 1900’s when the area was discovered as a viable area for Midwestern farmers to settle. Over time, the farming community of Tremonton has grown into a full-service city that offers residents a balance between the small town, rural lifestyle and the big city amenities available from nearby metropolitan areas like Ogden and Salt Lake City.

Tremonton is also located along I-15 and is a common resting spot for travelers looking for a safe place to gas up, stretch their legs or find a tasty bite to eat. It’s no wonder that visitors and residents alike feel comfortable on Tremonton’s peaceful streets, especially with the chance of becoming a victim of violent crime being only two in 1,000 in this little town. From the dedicated Police Department to the citizen-led Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Tremonton takes crime prevention and emergency preparedness seriously.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 2.18
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 23.08

safest cities in utahImage: Bobigalindo; CC 3.0

6. Bluffdale

This rural community will make any visitor feel like they’ve entered the true-blue West. With their town slogan dedicating the city to being a “self-sufficient rural community with a unique country lifestyle,” Bluffdale follows through. Characterized by large lot development and frequent community rodeos, this small Utah city is picturesque in the vein of small western towns.

That said, Bluffdale has another, technology-driven side as it is home to the NSA’s data storage center and the Utah Data Center. With the NSA in town, it’s no wonder the city was able to keep violent crimes down to less than one per 1,000 in 2012. While some hysteria over the NSA caused some waves across the United States last year, residents feel their privacy is intact and retain their small-town mentality in this peaceful community.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.64
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 13.63

safest cities in utahImage: Bluffdalead; CC 3.0

7. Pleasant View

Named for its outstanding view of Mount Ben Lomond, Pleasant View nabbed the seventh spot on our list thanks to its low incidence of both violent and property crime. In 2012, this community of just over 8,000 was safe from arson, murder and robbery – and your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime is less than one in 1,000 in this northern Utah community.

Pleasant View is home to an active Police Department that works to manage community safety including animal control and school crossing guards. The dedicated officers of Pleasant View offer more than the usual patrol, response and investigative services. Going above and beyond the call of duty, Pleasant View police officers also serve the community through a variety of programs including the PVPD Traffic School, the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program, a School Resource Officer Program at Weber High School and administering Youth Court programs.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.85
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 11.47

safest cities in Utah

8. Mapleton

If you’re looking for small-town charm, Mapleton, Utah is the place to go. This suburban and rural city does not access any major Utah freeway and only has two restaurants in town—the Model A Café and Subway. However, the community comes together for multiple outdoor recreational sports held at any one of the city’s four parks. Such a tight-knit community makes for a safe living space, with Mapleton having zero counts of arson, robbery and murder in 2012. Mapleton is the ideal, family-centric, small, safe community on Utah’s beautiful foothills.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.24
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 11.19

9. Grantsville

Even though this thriving community is known for the fast speeds and exciting action provided at Miller Motorsports Park, that doesn’t mean this Tooele County city doesn’t slow things down when it comes to crime rates. Grantsville residents and visitors are so busy watching what’s happening at the track, that it’s comforting to know they don’t need to worry about criminal activity interrupting their fun. In 2012, there were no murders or rapes in Grantsville, and only 88 total incidents of property crime reported for this town of over 9,000 people.

In addition to being a safe place to call home, Grantsville has also been named one of America’s “50 great small towns with great jobs” by “Money” magazine. The combination of a low cost of living and a healthy job market make Grantsville a great place to call home. When you throw in the impressive track record of the local police force – your chances of being a victim of violent crime in Grantsville is only one in 1,000 – it’s no surprise that this suburb of Salt Lake City is showing steady growth and receiving rave reviews from its happy, secure residents.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000:1.20
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 9.58

safest cities in Utah

10. Smithfield

This quaint city of under 10,000 people not only has safety in mind, but the health of its residents too. Besides the library and sunny Birch Creek Golf Course, which are staples in this small town, Smithfield citizens gather each year for their annual Health Days Celebration. This festival features a parade, 5K run, community film screenings and more—all for the purpose of promoting healthy habits and bringing the community together. A town so involved with its residents makes for a safe city, landing Smithfield the number 10 spot on our list. For a cozy community with plenty of small-town Utah charm, Smithfield is the place to go.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.31
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 9.99

Safest Cities in UtahImage: Ken Lund; CC 2.0

11. Woods Cross

Named for a railroad depot called Woods Crossing, this city, situated near the bottom of the Great Salt Lake Basin is a thriving suburb of the state capital. Nestled against foothills that afford sweeping views of both the city and the Great Salt Lake, Woods Cross is a place where it’s not uncommon to see children walking to school, families playing in one of the many local parks and neighbors looking out for one another. Whether it’s cheering on future Stanley Cup winners at the latest Davis County Youth Hockey Association game or rooting for the Woods Cross High School Wildcats, this is a community of neighbors who are enthusiastic about their athletic passions and keeping their neighborhoods safe.

With the rate of violent crime less than two in 1,000, the Woods Cross Police Department appears to be doing a bang-up job making sure residents stay clear of harm. From fingerprinting and Boy Scout tours to group safety presentations and home security checks, Woods Cross officers provide a wide range of services to help keep this serene community secure.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 1.29
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 24.04

Safest cities in UT

12. Lindon

If you yearn for a city where horses trot down the street side-by-side with cars and water parks abound, Lindon is the city for you. In addition to a safe environment provided by the Lindon City Police Department, this rural Utah city has all of the small-town country charm with big city attractions. The Lindon Aquatics Center has fun water-based activities for everyone, including a lazy river, pirate ship waterslide and FlowRider.

On top of this summer hot spot, Lindon has an abundance of parks and trails where locals can ride their horses or enjoy the cascading Utah landscape. Steeds and Lindon have always had a close relationship as the city was originally named “String Town” for the way that the horses were strung up along the streets. Today, families in Lindon keep this country tradition while allowing room for growth and other entertainment.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 1.33
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 26.03

Safest cities in UtahImage: Don LaVange; CC 2.0

13. Santaquin/Genola

You’re as likely to see a horse moseying down a Santaquin street as a pickup truck or ATV. Santaquin is one of those towns that offers the best of both worlds, quiet evenings sipping lemonade on the front porch and close access to top restaurants and big city culture in the nearby Provo-Orem metropolitan area. A picturesque community with breathtaking views of both Utah Lake and Mount Timpanogos, Santaquin is a safe and beautiful place to call home.

Visitors and residents alike enjoy the full bounty of what Santaquin has to offer at their annual Orchard Days celebration that offers everything from a rodeo and hot air balloon rides to tours of historical pioneer cabins. Making sure nothing ruins the family fun is the dedicated officers of the Santaquin Police Department. These officers are so good at what they do, that in 2012 Santaquin had absolutely no violent crimes, and the incidence of property crime was only 13 in 1,000.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 13.26

14. Heber

The pastoral city of Heber has something for everyone to enjoy. It’s impossible to live in Heber and not fall in love with the outdoors. Offering scenic and recreational spots from Strawberry Reservoir to Jordanelle State Park, this small Utah town has everything an outdoor enthusiast could ask for. Heber’s cool summers are perfect for golfing or lazy days on the lake, and its prime location behind the Wasatch Front turns that perfect Utah powder into an everyday reality for skiers. These natural attractions mixed with Heber’s homegrown community makes it the ideal Utah city—a quaint, rural town with the engaging Utah landscape at its fingertips.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.08
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 6.27

Safest cities in UT

15. North Park (North Logan)

At the mouth of Green Canyon in the verdant Cache Valley, you’ll find the rolling farmlands and orchards of North Logan and Hyde Park. Serving this small but vibrant community is the North Park Police Department. This active force makes community relations a top priority while ensuring the safety of local residents, homes and property. In 2012, there was less than one violent crime per 1,000 in this bucolic burg and property crime was kept down to 22 in 1,000. That means this downhome community of over 12,000 residents was relatively crime-free.

Thanks to the safe streets, families are able to enjoy annual community activities like the North Logan Pumpkin Walk, which has been going strong since 1982. The annual event started on the Old Beutler Farm as a simple way for neighborhood kids to celebrate the fall and Halloween in a safe, fun environment. Approximately 200 people showed up the first time Ida Beutler served hot drinks and homemade cookies and now the event sees nearly 3,000 visitors each year.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.88
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 22.01

16. Santa Clara/Ivins

Although the Santa Clara Police Department was just created in 2012, this brave, little department takes its position seriously, landing the cities of Santa Clara and Ivins at number 16 on our list. From humble beginnings as a fruit and produce hub, the city has since left its fruit stand ways and become a popular suburb of the larger Southern Utah town, St. George.

Although produce carts no longer line the streets of Santa Clara, the community has stayed just as sweet. A recent $10,000,000 project that helped renovate and expand the city’s historic downtown area is evidence of Santa Clara’s growth, proudly gaining more and more residents each year. This rapid growth is further proof of the passionate community that makes Santa Clara a desirable place to be.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.23
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 6.56

safest cities in UTImage: AliveFreeHappy; CC 3.0

17. Hurricane

Settled as part of Brigham Young’s Cotton Mission, Hurricane is an active, outdoor community that has expanded from an agricultural settlement to a top recreation destination. But this southern Utah town hasn’t traveled too far from its roots with two operational peach and apricot orchards that are still managed by the LDS Church. In addition to farming, the city is now home to well-regarded golf courses and two reservoir lakes noted for their outstanding bass fishing.

This gateway to Utah’s stunning national parks and monuments does a good job of keeping its city safe for both residents and visitors. Relying on strong relationships within the community and proactive crime prevention and awareness efforts, the Hurricane City Police Department has an impressive record, with only 21 violent crimes reported in 2012 for this town of almost 15,000.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 1.47
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 19.74

safest cities in UTImage: Jon Bonzo; CC 3.0

18. South Ogden

South Ogden has boomed as an up-and-coming Utah city. Due to South Ogden’s close proximity to Hill Air force Base and the Ogden Arsenal, the city originally began developing in the 1040’s and became known as the “City of Homes” for the numerous neighborhoods that began popping up around the city. Today, South Ogden is far more than a suburb. Weber State University opened near South Ogden, bringing a youthful population to the town and motivating the city to expand its downtown area. From Historic Main Street to a new Megaplex theatre and shopping center, South Ogden has blossomed into an exciting and welcoming city that everyone can enjoy.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.77
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 18.78

safest cities in UT

19. North Ogden

The city of North Ogden was founded on the dogged determination of two cattle ranchers from Ogden. Even though there was a strong threat by nearby Shoshone tribes, Jonathan Campbell wasn’t about to give up his dream of permanently settling in the bountiful lands at the base of Mount Ben Lomond. After two years, he was able to work out issues with the Shoshone and bring his family to what is now a bustling community of over 17,000 residents.

That proud spirit still inhabits North Ogden, and its citizens work alongside the North Ogden police to keep their city safe for all who live and visit here. Like the powerful image of the city’s nearby mountain, which was the model for the Paramount Picture Majestic Mountain logo, the long shadow of law and order is cast over this community, keeping out nearly all violent crime with only seven incidents reported in 2012.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.39
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 16.03

Safest Cities in utImage: Ntsimp; CC 1.0

20. Saratoga Springs

With their city motto stating that “Life’s Just Better Here,” Saratoga Springs has more than one reason why. From its prime location between Provo and Salt Lake City—giving the city a small-town feel with big-city attractions near by—to their crystal clear air quality and lakeshore living, Saratoga Springs promises a rural atmosphere without having to sacrifice leisure and recreation. From hiking and mountain biking to boating and jet skiing, Saratoga Springs trusts in these adrenaline-pumping activities to bring the community together.

They also trust in the brave men and women of the local police force to keep crime down and they are doing a good job with less than one violent crime per 1,000 people in 2012. This town is dedicated to making the lives of its residents better though encouraging the community to stay healthy, as well as getting children and families into the library. The Saratoga Springs Library has over 6,000 library cardholders and is a central location for local activities and programs.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.75
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 9.92

21. Farmington

It’s not surprising that a town with such a charming name is also one of the safest places to live in Utah. Home to historic river rock homes and Lagoon, the state’s only amusement park, Farmington offers a quaint small town lifestyle complete with a historic town center without sacrificing modern convenience. Recent growth in both housing and business has brought many new amenities to the area including a high-speed commuter train, greenbelt and expansive shopping and restaurant district.

Making this northern Utah city even more appealing is a safety record that ensures your chance of falling victim to a violent crime is less than one in 1,000. That’s just one more reason “Money” magazine ranked Farmington number 12 on their Best Places to Live index in 2011. On the job 24/7 to make sure residents remain safe and sound is a committed police department that works hard to uphold their core values of excellence, respect, integrity, pride and cooperation.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.32
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 15.02

safest cities in UTImage: Ntsimp; CC 3.0

22. Clinton

Clinton is the ideal place to raise a family. This small, suburban town has numerous community activities that bring residents together from the Clinton Heritage Days Parade to regular Community Enhancement Classes. With a number of good local schools to choose from and making it on our safe cities list, Clinton has a lot to offer growing families. This city of over 21,000 people is lined with white picket houses and filled with quite neighborhoods. Its proximity to major Utah cities like Ogden, Layton and Salt Lake City combined with Clinton’s unique calmness is probably what has made the city grow to almost twice its size in only 20 years.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.57
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 15.19

Safest Cities in Utah

23. Syracuse

Steeped in history related to the Great Salt Lake, Syracuse can trace its name to a salt company in Syracuse, New York that an early salt maker stamped on his salt bags. The name took greater hold when an ambitious early settler set out to create the finest resort on the Great Salt Lake and opened the Syracuse Bathing Resort in 1887. From there this town based on farming, with a little salt sprinkled in, continued to grow as the LDS church expanded north and more settlers discovered that with a little hard work there was plenty of fertile land to be grabbed.

Today, Syracuse is the main entrance to Antelope Island State Park and sees a steady flow of tourists looking to discover the natural beauty – including roaming American Bison – and recreation still available on the Great Salt Lake. Even with the growth of visitors, Syracuse has been able to remain to a tight-knit and safe community. In 2012 there were no murders, robberies or arson reported and the chance of becoming a victim of violent crime was less than one in 1,000.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.40
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 9.01

safest cities in utah syracuse

24. Lone Peak

Between Sandy and Draper lies a small area named Lone Peak. Named after an 11,253 foot peak that is a popular Utah hiking spot, this little town combines the Alpine and Highland communities. Making sure that the mountains can be enjoyed in peace is the Lone Peak Police Department, which helped keep this town’s violent crimes down to just seven in 2012.

Lone Peak is characterized by Utah’s mountainous landscape and cascading peaks. For avid skiers, Lone Peak is the ideal location since it is only minutes from popular Snowbird, Alta and Brighton Resorts. If you’ve ever dreamed of having the best skiing in the world in your backyard, Lone Peak is the place to make that dream a reality without sacrificing community and urban comforts.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.27
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 7.69

25. Kaysville

Called Utah’s Hometown, Kaysville is an all-American town invoking images of simpler times including summer baseball games and fresh-baked apple pie. This town is full of community spirit and it rarely shows up more prominently than during their annual Old Fashioned Fourth of July parade. The parade is a celebration of local businesses, schools and organizations and ends with a huge water fight where everyone including the local Fire Department get in on the fun.

But the fire and police departments aren’t just about having fun with their friends and neighbors. The Kaysville Police Department upholds its mission to protect and serve and delivers by limiting violent crimes to less than one in 1,000 and property crimes to only 10 in 1,000 in 2012.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.43
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 10.30

26. Springville

Just a few minutes outside of Provo is Springville, Utah, also known as the “Art City.” This creative city brings the community together through art-driven events such as Art City Days and their annual Art Ball. It’s no surprise that the Springville Museum of Art is another big attraction for this inspired town. With a large selection of local art, about 2,000 pieces, SMA as well as Springville city seeks to refine the minds and the build character of its residents and visitors through the fine arts.

In such a refined community it’s not hard to understand why the Springville Department of Public Safety works so diligently to keep this town as crime free as possible. In fact, their efforts helped keep property crime down to just 22 incidents per 1,000 people in the city’s latest crime report.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 1.14
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 22.16

27. Clearfield

Home to Hill Air Force Base, it shouldn’t be surprising that a city with a strong military and patriotic presence does a good job providing a wholesome and safe environment for families to grow and prosper. In fact, the Clearfield Police Department helped keep this northern Utah city free from murder in 2012, and limited all incidents of violent crime to one in 1,000.

Clearfield is a progressive community that was one of the last agricultural settlements in Utah. The addition of defense installations including the air base and a former Naval Supply Depot added to the city’s growth and prosperity. And it seems security is in the foundation of this town, because one of the primary factors that attracted the military to this area was the location’s security from enemy attack. Today, over 30,000 people enjoy calling this safe city home.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 1.64
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 23.69

safest cities in UTah

28. Cottonwood Heights

Cottonwood Heights does not take the dedication of the local police force for granted. Recently, several local businesses banded together to form and Honorary Colonels Association. Although this association, which helps officers and their families in times of struggle, existed in other major cities in Utah, community members felt it was something Cottonwood Heights needed and deserved. The association attends to officers and their families, especially after the death of an officer, an illness or other traumatic events, but also hosts community fundraisers such as concerts and golf tournaments. With the city’s beautiful location between the Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons, it’s no surprise why the community and law enforcement are so dedicated to preserving this Utah town.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 1.22
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 25.02

29. Pleasant Grove

Known as Utah’s City of Trees, Pleasant Grove wasn’t always known for its safe and serene family atmosphere. Originally named Battle Creek after a battle between Mormon settlers and local Ute Indians, the town decided to change their focus with a more uplifting name evoking both the spirit and geography of the area. The name change seemed to do the trick, because as one of our safest Utah cities, you have only a 14 in 1,000 chance of becoming a victim of property crime in this Utah County town. Not to be outdone, the Pleasant Grove Police Department have also worked hard to minimize violent crime, with less than one per 1,000 reported in 2012.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.29
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 14.79

safest cities in UtahImage: Don LaVange; CC 2.0

30. Spanish Fork

Ask most Utah residents about Spanish Fork and they will tell you about the Holi Festival of Colors. Holi, which draws tens of thousands of attendees each year, is thrown by Spanish Fork’s Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, although people of all walks of life attend. This celebratory festival, where patrons don white clothes only to get covered in colorful chalk, is just one of the many major festivals held in Spanish Fork each year. The other large-scale local events include Fiesta Days, the Festival of Lights, Harvest Moon Hurrah, and Icelandic Days. Each festival is thrown by different local organizations and is a testament to the eclectic yet inclusive local community found in Spanish Fork.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.39
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 13.42

safest cities in UT

31. American Fork/Cedar Hills

Nestled between Utah Lake and the Wasatch Mountains, American Fork and nearby Cedar Hills have become a hotbed of technological innovation. Right in the midst of what’s being termed the “Silicon Slopes,” the American Fork economy has boomed thanks to companies like Intel/Micron and Adobe settling into the surrounding area.

Along with a robust economy comes a lively community that values education, entrepreneurship and community spirit. And the men and women of the American Fork Police Department are up to the challenge when it comes to keeping the hard-working residents of American Fork and Cedar Hills safe and secure. Their efforts for this technologically savvy community have helped keep violent crimes down to just 34 in the whole of 2012, which is pretty phenomenal for a community of more than 37,000 residents.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.91
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 21.81

32. Roy

Roy has a lot to boast about besides being the least expensive place to buy a house in Utah. A number of Roy locals grew up to be American icons, from Jim McMahon of the Chicago Bears to Olympian Bill Schuffenhauer to “So You Think you Can Dance” winner, Sabra Johnson. With so many stars rising out of Roy, you’d think there is something in the water, but really it’s just the impeccable local community that drives residents to be the best they can be. From ongoing projects restoring local business districts to a Victim Advocate program designed to allow Roy City to better serve victims of crime, Roy is always attempting to grow and better its streets and citizens.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 1.13
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 20.37

33. Draper

Although you’ll find an abundance of new homes, high-end restaurants and stores like Ikea, Draper is a city steeped in Pioneer tradition and with ample access to outdoor recreation. Regular winds on Traverse Ridge have made Draper a top destination for hang gliders and paragliders, whom you can see dotting the eastern sky on most days.

Along with daring outdoor activities, Draper also offers a high level of security to its residents and visitors. According to the 2012 crime statistics, the Draper City Police Department helped make sure that your chance of becoming a victim of violent crime is just under one in 1,000. Robust neighborhood watch and victims services programs add to the safety and security this vibrant community enjoys.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.99
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 19.86

34. Bountiful

Bountiful was the second Utah settlement after Salt Lake City and has grown into a wholesome and charming community. With one of the largest LDS populations in Utah, Bountiful has strong Mormon traditions ingrained in the city. Bountiful has a quaint historic Main Street, but is quickly growing with several big-box retailers making Bountiful home, possibly due to its close proximity to Salt Lake City. The neighborhoods are lined with picturesque houses and manicured lawns, dubbing Bountiful the “City of beautiful homes and gardens.”

An idyllic place to raise a family, Bountiful offers many public schools, safe local parks and annual art and city festivals. And just as you’d expect in a friendly, small town, the Bountiful City Police Department is very accessible to residents and visitors, responds quickly to calls whether emergency or not and helped make sure your chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in this little city is less than one in 1,000.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.84
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 21.42

35. Lehi

Home to Utah’s newest outlet shopping center, Lehi is an up-and-coming community full of high-tech business opportunities situated near the head of Utah Lake. But that doesn’t mean this safe city has forgotten its roots. The sixth incorporated city in Utah, Lehi has had its historic downtown district added to the National Register of Historic Places and the city’s very name is from a prophet in the Book of Mormon.

Both the history and the present of Lehi is kept safe and sound by the Lehi Police Department. Thanks to their values of fostering public trust, proactive crime prevention, fairness and ethical judgment, this city of nearly 50,000 had just 18 violent crimes reported in 2012. It’s easy to see why Lehi residents are able to sleep peacefully knowing their town is in good hands.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.36
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 13.23

safest cities in UTImage: David Jolley; CC 3.0

36. Logan

Originally settled because of its fertile land, Logan is now home to Utah State University (USU), which has one of the premier agricultural education programs in the country. While USU draws many people to Logan, others are drawn by the city’s proximity to Bear Lake. In addition to Logan’s excellent safety record, with the chance of falling victim to violent crime less than one in 1,000, others fall in love with Logan for its culture. The city is home to the American West Heritage Center, which chronicles the history of the Western United States from Native Americans to cowboys to modern days.

Utah is known for displaying the four seasons in their ideal, and Logan is one of the best places in Utah to experience each season to the fullest. Summer on Bear Lake; fall’s bright, colorful leaves in the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway; winter on Beaver Mountain Ski Resort and spring on the USU campus, Logan has what you need any time of the year.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.64
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 21.08

37. South Jordan

A river runs through this colorful community that houses 27 parks in addition to Oquirrh Lake, an equestrian park and the Jordan River Parkway that features trails, parks and fishing ponds. South Jordan is a growing bedroom community of Salt Lake City that over 52,000 families and professionals call home. This active community has been lucky enough to have the South Jordan Police looking out for them – keeping violent crime as low as just 23 incidents in 2012. Thanks to the stellar efforts of law enforcement, South Jordan residents have nothing to distract them from taking advantage of nearby fishing, sail boating, kayaking and canoeing.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.44
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 19.76

38. St. George

One of the few southern Utah cities on our list, St. George embodies the picture of Utah’s red rocks and towering plateaus. A popular tourist destination, St. George is generally temperate year-round, with short, dry winters. This idyllic weather has made St. George a popular golf destination. Visitors are also attracted to St. George for its location near Zion National Park, one of Utah’s most popular and a must-see in this area.

Locals get to have this breathtaking landscape as their backyard and playground, a major draw for many St. George residents. Add to that the security of this outdoorsy community, with only two violent crime incidents per 1,000 people, and it’s easy to see that this town is a great one to call home. Take one trip to this city and watch the rocks that surround St. George glow orange during sunset—you’ll never want to leave.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 2.05
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 20.60

safest cities in UTImage: Nick Christensen; CC 2.5

39. Orem

One of the largest cities to make our list, Orem had an astoundingly low 43 violent crimes in 2012 – highly impressive for a community of over 91,000 residents. The town’s excellent track record for safety is even more important because Orem is home to Utah Valley University, one of the state’s fastest-growing public universities. Keeping crime low in a college town can be even more challenging than dealing with the usual neighborhood crime.

Both the Utah Valley University Police and the Orem City Police believe the key to keeping crime at bay is community involvement. The Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program is a crucial piece of the crime prevention puzzle for Orem City. This group of ordinary citizen volunteers perform upwards of 4,000 hours of non-hazardous police services to Orem residents and visitors each year, helping with neighborhood patrols, assisting stranded motorists and vacation home checks.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 0.45
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 23.58

40. Provo

Provo lives up to its nickname as the “Silicon Valley of Utah,” as one of the only places in the world currently to establish Google Fiber. Although it is only the first city of many to take on this new technology, Provo has not gone unnoticed as one of the first. Adobe and the NSA have recently built huge establishments near this area, possibly to take advantage of Google’s new technology. However, the residents are not being pushed aside in favor or corporate need. This strong community, brought together by many things, including housing Brigham Young University, exudes pride.

That pride is due, in no small part, to the extraordinary efforts of Provo’s men and women in blue who work round-the-clock to keep this booming city safe. Provo Police take on community issues beyond the usual patrols and investigations, extending their efforts to track down and prevent elder abuse, manage panhandling and educate their community about personal safety and security.

Violent Crimes Per 1,000: 1.27
Property Crimes Per 1,000: 21.09

When it comes to finding a safe community to call home, what kinds of safety programs give you the reassurance you’re looking for?

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