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Rebecca is the lead safety reporter and in-house expert for Her safety expertise is sought after by publications, broadcast journalists, non-profit organizations, podcasts, and more. You can find her work and contributions in places like TechCrunch, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, HGTV, MSN, and an ever-growing library of radio and TV clips.

Posts by Rebecca Edwards

SimpliSafe vs Frontpoint hub comparison

SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint Home Security

Rebecca Edwards | Nov 18, 2019 | Equipment Reviews

We compare DIY home security systems, SimpliSafe and Frontpoint, in a head-to-head review. See which comes out on top for prices, features, and tech.

kids playing with smartphone and tablet

The Best Parental Control Apps of 2020

Rebecca Edwards | Feb 19, 2020 | Family Safety

Find the best parental control apps to keep your kids safe online. Learn what parental control apps do, compare prices, and learn which one’s best for kids of every age.

delivered package sitting outside house

What to Do If You Have a Lost or Stolen Package

Rebecca Edwards | Feb 19, 2020 | Safety Tips

You don’t have to be helpless when porch pirates strike. Here are some steps you can take to get to the bottom of it, get reimbursed, track down the thief—or scare them off before they do their dastardly deed.

Woman using computer at home

The Best VPN Service

Rebecca Edwards | Oct 23, 2019 | Buyers Guides, Internet Safety

VPNs increase your online privacy. SafeWise tested top VPNs to find the best ones for price, features, streaming, and privacy protection. Stay safe with our VPN picks.

cardboard package delivery at front door

Security Moves to Prevent Amazon Package Theft

Rebecca Edwards | Feb 19, 2020 | Safety Tips

Use these Amazon package theft prevention tips and tricks to keep your Amazon packages safe from porch pirates during the holidays and all year long.

older woman with dog and bike

MobileHelp Medical Alert System Review

Rebecca Edwards | Oct 13, 2019 | Equipment Reviews, Product Reviews, Senior Safety, Service Reviews

MobileHelp offers innovative, affordable medical alert systems to use in your home or on the go. Find out what makes MobileHelp different from other medical alert companies.

Woman with dog in nature

The Best Medical Alert Systems

Rebecca Edwards | Feb 4, 2020 | Equipment Reviews, Senior Safety

See which medical alert system is the best to keep you and your loved one safe. SafeWise compared monthly fees and features like fall detection, mobility, and two-way communication.

Bay Alarm Medical Alert System Review

Rebecca Edwards | Nov 1, 2019 | Product Reviews, Senior Safety

Find out if Bay Alarm Medical is the right medical alert system for your needs. SafeWise reviews Bay Alarm Medical Alert prices, plans, equipment, and more.


The Best Medical Alert Systems for Fall Detection

Rebecca Edwards | Oct 2, 2019 | Buyers Guides, Senior Safety

Find the best medical alert systems with fall detection. Compare equipment, price, accuracy, customer reviews, and more to find the best way to protect your loved one from falls.


iOS vs. Android Security: Which One Keeps Your Child Safer Online?

Rebecca Edwards | Sep 30, 2019 | Editorials, Family Safety, SafeWise Experts

Pick the right phone to help your kid stay safe online. Learn if iOS or Android is a safer choice when it comes to cyberbullying and other online threats.