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When it comes to DIY home security systems, Ring and SimpliSafe stand out as two of the most popular choices in the market. Both offer 24/7 home security monitoring at competitive prices compared to traditional brands like Vivint or ADT. In this rematch, we'll compare Ring and SimpliSafe in five key categories: Value, Monitoring, Equipment, Smart Features, and Customer Service, helping you make an informed decision for your home security needs.

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Ring vs. SimpliSafe: Value

One of the first considerations for any home security system is its cost. Both Ring and SimpliSafe offer a range of options for equipment, monitoring, and additional services. While the total price varies based on your specific needs and the size of your home, both systems have a straightforward pricing structure with no contracts or hidden fees.

Ring's equipment packages typically range from $200 to $700, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers. However, SimpliSafe, with a starting package priced at $249, provides more value on monitoring (more about that below) for the extra $10 a month it charges. SimpliSafe often offers discounts, especially around holidays, making it an even more budget-friendly choice.

Additionally, SimpliSafe provides discounts for military personnel, teachers, educators, and first responders, further enhancing its value proposition. In the Best Value category, we give the edge to SimpliSafe.

Best Value: SimpliSafe


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Ring vs. SimpliSafe: Monitoring

Monitoring is a critical aspect of any home security system, providing professional oversight to keep your home safe around the clock. Both Ring and SimpliSafe offer professional monitoring services, but there are differences in their offerings.

SimpliSafe has three monitoring plans: Fast Protect™ (around $30/month), Standard monitoring (around $20/month), and Self Monitoring with cameras (around $10/month). The Fast Protect plan includes a unique feature called Live Guard, where a trained monitoring professional can access your camera feed in the event of an alarm. This feature adds an extra layer of security, reducing false alarms and improving response times. The Standard plan included 24/7 professional monitoring and mobile app access but no video integration. SimpliSafe's self-monitoring plan is suitable for those who prefer to manage their security system independently.

Ring, on the other hand, offers the Ring Protect Pro plan, which costs about $20 per month or $200 per year. This plan includes 24/7 monitoring and cellular backup, ensuring your system stays operational even if your Wi-Fi fails. Ring also offers additional monitoring services for its other products, such as car cameras and Virtual Security Guard.

In this category, SimpliSafe shines with its Live Guard feature, giving it the advantage over Ring.

Best Monitoring: SimpliSafe

Ring vs. SimpliSafe: Equipment

The equipment you choose for your home security system is crucial, and here's where Ring excels. While SimpliSafe offers a variety of sensors and cameras, Ring offers a broader selection of cameras, sensors, and add-ons. Ring's extensive camera lineup includes video doorbells, indoor and outdoor cameras, and even a car cam. With Ring, you have more options to customize your security system and cover various aspects of your home.

SimpliSafe provides essential sensors and cameras, including outdoor and indoor options, a doorbell camera, and a smart lock. While SimpliSafe's equipment is reliable and easy to use, it doesn't match the variety and style of Ring's offerings. In the Equipment category, Ring takes the lead.

Best Equipment: Ring

Ring vs. SimpliSafe: Smart features

Smart features are becoming increasingly important in home security systems, allowing users to integrate their security setup into a broader smart home ecosystem. Both Ring and SimpliSafe offer smart capabilities, but Ring edges ahead in this category.

Ring's compatibility with a wider range of third-party smart devices gives it an advantage. While SimpliSafe can work with Amazon and Google speakers, Ring offers Z-Wave compatibility, enabling users to expand their system with more devices. Ring's Wi-Fi extending features through eero also allow for seamless integration of additional devices.

Both Ring and SimpliSafe offer user-friendly mobile apps with intuitive interfaces, making it easy to manage your security system remotely. Ring's more extensive range of smart device integrations and its Wi-Fi expanding capabilities make it the winner in the Smart Features category.

Best Smart Features: Ring

Ring vs. SimpliSafe: Customer service

SimpliSafe takes the lead in the realm of customer service. Both companies provide customer resources, including articles and FAQs, to assist users with questions, troubleshooting, and cancellations. Because both offer DIY, no-contract systems, canceling your service with either Ring or SimpliSafe is hassle-free.

However, SimpliSafe offers a 60-day return window compared to Ring's 30-day policy. Furthermore, SimpliSafe provides a lifetime equipment warranty for its Fast Protect subscribers, while Ring's warranty is limited to two years for other monitoring plans.

One aspect where Ring outperforms SimpliSafe is its global availability, with a presence in over a dozen countries, compared to SimpliSafe's coverage in the US and Canada. However, for users in these regions, SimpliSafe offers superior customer service resources and policies.

Best Customer Service: SimpliSafe

Ring vs. SimpliSafe winner: SimpliSafe

In the Ring vs. SimpliSafe showdown, both systems have their strengths and weaknesses. Ring stands out with its extensive equipment options and smart features, making it a solid choice for those looking to build a customizable smart security system. However, SimpliSafe wins in the categories of value, monitoring, and customer service, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers who prioritize reliable monitoring and support.

Ultimately, the choice between Ring and SimpliSafe will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider your budget, the size of your home, and your desire for customization when making your decision. Both systems offer reliable home security options, ensuring you and your family can rest easy with either one on guard.

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