10 Must-Have Safety Products for New Moms and Dads

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While it’s fun to paint the nursery, open gifts at the baby shower, and pick out onesies covered in cute baby animals, expectant mothers are also responsible for the serious task of protecting and nurturing their baby, and it can be an intimidating challenge! Selecting a car seat, putting together the crib, and preparing the house for a little can be challenging. Luckily, technology and innovative safety products have made keeping infants and toddlers safe from everyday risks much easier. But how do you pick which safety products are right for your home and child when there are so many options to choose from?

By comparing online reviews from real-world mothers, safety and convenience features, materials safety, and, of course, price, we’ve put together a thoughtful list of products that will get you started toward providing a comfortable and secure home for your little bundle of joy.

Here are our top ten safety product suggestions for expectant mothers:

1. Pocket Nanny Timer


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Designed by a sleep-deprived mother who realized that she was forgetting important details of caring for her child, this baby care timer is perfect for helping new mothers remember the basics of parenting and keep their little ones safe. The Pocket Nanny consists of 4 separate timers that are set with the touch of a button and a count-down to the next time you need to change a diaper, dispense an important medication, or give a bottle. This device can be especially helpful for mothers with multiple young children, since it can be hard to simultaneously keep track of the needs of and infant and a toddler.

2. Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor

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The Infant Optics Monitor has received consistently positive online reviews from happy mothers, and is a solid choice for moms that want a versatile, high-resolution baby monitor. Video quality is superior to many other monitors of the same price, and it also features a room temperature sensor, infrared night vision setting, 10-hour battery life, and talk-back function for soothing your child from a distance. It comes with a remote control that allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom, all without disturbing your infant by entering the room. If you choose to purchase the optional wide-angle lens, this monitor easily adapts to view an entire room, and the 3” LCD color screen can be set up to connect with up to 4 separate cameras to keep track of adventurous toddlers.

3. Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib


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Crib and bed safety is a huge concern when raising a child, and this surprisingly affordable convertible crib ensures safety and comfort from birth to late childhood. Its solid wood construction is stable and sturdy, so it will not tip, but also light enough that it can be easily relocated within the home.

The Canton starts out as a crib for babies, converts into a daybed for toddlers, and then into a standard full-sized bed for young children, with the purchase of optional bed rails. Mattress height can be adjusted to three different positions, and this fits a standard crib mattress. The bed is available in four non-toxic finishes that will match most furniture, and its construction is certified for safety by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association. The only negative to this product noted by online reviewers is that, unlike the product photos, there is some exposed hardware once it has been assembled.

4. Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor


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Even before birth, expectant mothers want to know that their baby is safe and healthy. The Womb Music Monitor allows parents and other loved ones to listen to and record their babies’ heartbeat, kicks, and other movements using sound amplification technology. The product includes a splitter and two sets of earbuds, so two people can listen at once, and allows you to record audio to your computer or cell phone to share with friends and family on social media or via email.

The Womb Music Monitor also comes with a bonus download of personalized lullaby music with your child’s name inserted into the songs, but most reviewers are understandably more interested in how easy the product is to use and the clarity of the audio, which were both highly rated by expectant parents.

5. Owlet Infant Heartrate and Oxygen Monitor


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For expectant mothers, being able to easily keep tabs on the safety and health of their sleeping child is a major relief. The Owlet (Amazon) was designed using the same pulse oximetry monitoring technology used in hospitals, and alerts mothers if their sleeping baby stops breathing, or if its heartrate is too high or too low. The device works using a Smart Sock that comes in several sizes to fit growing babies, so there are no uncomfortable and complicated straps or clips.

The Smart Sock measures the baby’s vitals and sends the information to a Base Station, which then sends updates to any compatible Apple device (iOs 8 or higher.) The Owlet is hypoallergenic, latex free, BPA free and lead free, and its performance is backed up by a 100% money-back guarantee.

6. 4Moms Spout Cover with Built-in Water Thermometer

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Every mothers’ worst nightmare is to inadvertently scald their baby because they accidentally forgot to check the water temperature at bath time or for their baby to bruise or bump their head on a sharp bathroom faucet. The 4Moms Spout Cover solves both of these issues by combining a soft, BPA free spout cover with a super-accurate, color-coded temperature gauge that turns red, blue, or green to help moms find the perfect temperature for infants’ sensitive skin.

The product features a 2-inch, battery-powered LCD digital display with a numerical temperature reading, and a design that allows easy access to the shower diverter knob, so parents shouldn’t have any trouble showering without removing the cover.

7. Epic Baby Furniture Straps Kit


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Little ones are naturally very curious, and love to tug on, explore, and even climb atop furniture. While this an unavoidable stage of development, it can also be enough to give most caring mothers a heart attack. Epic Baby Furniture Straps are an earthquake-resistant bracket that can help to alleviate some of this fear by ensuring that the child does not cause serious injury by accidentally toppling large items down on top of themselves. They also have a neat quick-release feature that allows parents to temporarily move furniture for cleaning, and the anchors can be removed and re-installed as many times as desired.

8. Caring Corners Clear Corner Guards


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Many table edge bumpers come in bright, child-like colors, and look as though they belong in a nursery, not your kitchen or living room. While sharp furniture corners are a real hazard for babies and toddlers, this doesn’t mean that expectant parents want to sacrifice their personal style and the beauty of their home by wrapping their dining room table in half an inch of brightly-colored foam. Caring Corners Corner Guards are made of clear, non-toxic silicone, and provide similar protection to bulkier, unattractive foam guards. Plus, they happen to be more affordable!

9. Kidkusion Teether Crib Rail Cover


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Teething babies love to chew, and unfortunately the crib rail is no exception. While most cribs are made from non-toxic materials, it’s still important to protect gums and developing teeth from too-hard surfaces. The Kidkusion Rail Cover is made from a unique gummi chewing material that installs easily with pre-attached double-sided tape and is BPA free, Latex free, Phthalate free, and splinter free. Babies can safely chew the crib rail while teething, and the cover can be removed and discarded when it’s no longer needed.

10. Munchkin Easy-Close Safety Gate

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While there are plenty of great safety gates out there, this one has a few features that make it stand out for expectant mothers. The main advantages of this gate that set it apart from similar products are that it opens in both directions instead of one, locks automatically with a gravity-fed hinge instead of having to be locked by hand, and locks in both directions for extra protection in dangerous areas like stairways. It can also be hardware-mounted or pressure-fit mounted, so it’s adaptable for infants and determined toddlers alike.

While caring for an infant and keeping them safe from everyday threats may seem overwhelming at times, having the right safety products on your side can help you spend less of your time worrying about the “What if’s” and focus instead on what really matters: providing a loving home for your child. These ten safety products are a great start, but every child and home are different, so make sure to do your own research and find the best fit for your individual needs before purchasing.

Have a favorite children’s safety product we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments, and spread the word to other moms like you who are invested in the safety and security of their families!

Written by Hillary Johnston

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