Why Cellular Backup is Crucial to Home Security

Written by | Updated September 30, 2014

Cellular backup is a revolutionary alternative to landline connections when it comes to home security. Breaches to landlines can happen, which prevent notifying the alarm monitoring company in the case of a break-in. These breaches could be for any number of reasons, ranging from power outages to burglars cutting the lines.

Because cellular connections are wireless, backup does not depend on landlines to communicate with the alarm monitoring company. This means having a cellular backup for your security system will help it work, even if the landline fails, so the security monitoring company is still notified if something triggers your system.

How Cellular Backup Works

Cellular backup for home security systems operates much like standard cellphones, so customers should already be familiar with the technology. They may have already gotten rid of their own landlines, becoming a mobile phone only household. Home alarm companies are moving to do the same with their products and services.

Home security systems can send cellular signals either directly or indirectly. With some home security companies, the security system will send a cellular signal directly to the alarm monitoring company. Others send an indirect cellular signal, which means that the security system sends a signal to a third party, often a cellular phone provider, who then transmits that signal to the alarm monitoring company.

Cellular Backup is Becoming More Common

Cellular backup offers broader coverage than individual landlines, and more companies, including the U.S. government, are switching to all-broadband networks. Think Small Cell predicts that, at the current rate, all U.S. landlines will be disconnected by 2025.

Using Cellular Backup in Your Home

When you sign up for cellular backup for your home security system, the backup system automatically detects when the landline telephone system fails and provides an output signal to a latching relay. This activates a pair of switching relays that switch the security system’s connection from the landline-based system to a cellular system. This way, you do not have an interruption in your security monitoring coverage.

Thanks to cellular monitoring, fear of a burglar cutting wires and gaining access to your home or losing security protection because the phone line is down is a thing of the past. Now there are no wires to cut or phone lines to lose. And, even if you do still use a traditional landline system, having cellular backup gives you peace of mind that there’s something to fall back on if any of these things do happen. Call SafeWise today to find out how to get cellular alarm monitoring in your home today.

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