Going Keyless: A Review of the Yale Smart Lock

Written by | Updated November 6, 2015

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Considering 34 percent of burglars enter through the front door, it’s important to protect this point of entry. In recent years, smart locks have made their way onto the home security scene and the Yale Keyless Deadbolt (Amazon) is a sophisticated one that enhances the security of your front door and allows you to remotely control your locks from anywhere.

Sleek Design

The Yale Keyless Deadbolt’s sleek design is one of its most impressive features. Available in three finishes — satin nickel, polished bronze, and oil-rubbed bronze — it will easily match multiple door and home styles. The modern functionality doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics, proving that you can have a home automation tool that doesn’t look overly futuristic. The touchscreen, which resembles a smartphone screen, is responsive to the touch, even through fabric. This can be both a blessing and a curse. While you won’t have to remove your gloves in the winter to unlock your door, some reviewers have noted that the touchscreen can be too sensitive.

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Easy, Keyless Entry

Forget making multiple copies of house keys that someone can lose. Rather than using a key to lock and unlock the door, each family member has his or her own unique user code. You can add or delete up to 100 user codes, which is a great feature if you regularly have friends or family stay over at your house. Provide a guest a user code instead, which you can delete after their stay. You can also enable or disable an auto re-lock function with one touch of a button. This is a great security function for families with children who forget to lock the front door. Another security feature is the built-in alarm, which will sound if someone attempts to tamper with the Yale lock.

Advanced Technology

While there are multiple smart locks on the market, the Yale Keyless Deadbolt’s compatibility with multiple home automation systems sets it apart from the competition. The deadbolt integrates seamlessly with any Z-Wave or Zigbee product or automated control system, making it easy for you to manage the security of your home. Unlike other smart locks, the Yale deadbolt doesn’t use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The upside to this is that you don’t need an Internet connection. The downside is that you can’t control the deadbolt directly from your smartphone because Yale does not have its own app. You have to add the Yale deadbolt to your current home automation network, or purchase a compatible device that can control it. This can be a pain, but once it is set up you can monitor activity through a centralized controller.

Priced at nearly $230 on Amazon,the Yale Keyless Deadbolt is one of the more expensive smart locks on the market, along with the August Smart Lock (Amazon). If you’re on a budget, consider looking at Schlage’s similar smart lock, the Touch Camelot Lock (Amazon), which is about $100 cheaper. While the Yale Keyless Deadbolt is a great front door security measure, many security system providers include smart locks as part of a home automation package. That means your locks can be synched with the rest of your security system and you can easily control your locks through your smartphone or laptop via your security system’s app.

Written by Katherine Torres

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