A Review of Crash and Smash Protection from Frontpoint

Written by | Updated January 26, 2016


Frontpoint® is a 100 percent wireless home security system that offers several key benefits, including Crash and Smash Protection. If you have a Frontpoint system, or you’re considering purchasing one, here’s what you need to know about this unique feature.

How does Crash and Smash Protection work?

With Crash and Smash Protection, even if your control panel is damaged or destroyed, the monitoring center is contacted and police are dispatched.

The moment an alarmed door or window is opened, a signal is sent to Frontpoint’s remote monitoring site making them aware of this fact. Then, the homeowner has a certain amount of time to enter their code into the control panel, which turns the system off. Once they do this, a disarm configuration signal is sent to Frontpoint’s monitoring center, telling security experts at the center that everything is okay.

If the monitoring center does not receive a disarm configuration signal, whether it’s because the wrong code was entered or because the control panel was smashed, law enforcement is immediately contacted.

What is the benefit of Crash and Smash Protection?

Frontpoint’s control panels communicate with the company’s remote monitoring center through cellular uplink. Because of this technology, damaging the control panel won’t disable the system; the alarm signal is still transmitted and police are notified. A burglar who thinks he has disabled the alarm by smashing it may go about his business and get caught in the act by police.

A traditional wired home security system communicates with the monitoring center via phone lines, and doesn’t provide Crash and Smash Protection. If a burglar cuts the phone lines or pulls the control panel off the wall, they could disable the system. As a result, police aren’t notified, which could increase the homeowner’s losses.

How can I get Crash and Smash Protection?

  • I’m not a Frontpoint customer.
    If you don’t have a Frontpoint home security system, you’ll need to get one to enjoy this feature. Frontpoint offers three service plans — the Protection Plan, Interactive Plan, and the Ultimate Plan. The Protection Plan does not include Crash and Smash Protection, but the Interactive and Ultimate Plans do. All of Frontpoint’s plans include free shipping, a three-year warranty, and a 30-day, risk-free trial.
  • I’m a Frontpoint customer who has the Protection Plan.
    All you have to do is upgrade from the Protection Plan to the Interactive or Ultimate Plan to get Crash and Smash Protection. Changing plans may also offer you benefits like email and text alerts, remote access and control, automated door locks, and energy management. An upgrade to one of these plans will add about $10 to $15 to your monthly bill.

Is Frontpoint the only home security company that offers Crash and Smash Protection?

A few home security companies offer services similar to Frontpoint’s Crash and Smash Protection, but they don’t use the same technology. Crash and Smash Protection is a patented technology developed by Alarm.com, a leader in smart home security and a Frontpoint technology partner.

Crash and Smash Protection is just one of the benefits of a Frontpoint home security system. Discover if this is the right security provider for you and what other benefits come with having a Frontpoint system in your home.

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