4 Reasons Why You and Your Pets Need a Dedicated Pet Cam

Written by | Updated January 23, 2017

This piece was written for SafeWise by Rachel Youens, the senior marketing manager at Petcube

While security cams and nanny cams are well known, pet cams are growing in popularity. Your furry family members can be fascinating, and it is entertaining to catch their candid antics—but pet cams offer more than just cute clips. A pet cam can help you and your pet live better lives, and here are four examples of how.

1. Pets Can’t Talk About Their Health

Our pets can spend days, or even weeks, suffering without detection simply because they can’t tell us something is wrong. It’s only by paying careful attention to their habits that we can put together the clues that our pet isn’t feeling well.

Without video evidence, we might not notice that our pet is sleeping too much, going to the bathroom on the rug, or ignoring food. Cats are especially important to watch because they often try to hide sickly behavior. By catching clips of your pet’s sound and movement through the day, you can make sure they stay healthy and safe.

2. Pets Get Themselves Into Trouble

No matter how well you pet-proof your home, wily animals will always find ways to get into trouble. There’s no way to anticipate every situation your pets could find themselves in, but you can be ready when it happens.

Catching your dog chewing on furniture could not only save your couch, but it could also alert you that your dog is hungry, anxious, or stressed. From spilled cookie jars to broken mirrors, Petcube has heard many stories of naughty pets who have found their way into trouble—and been saved when their owners see the mishap on a pet cam. A camera that has sound and motion alerts will help you immediately know when there’s trouble.

3. Pets Need Engagement

One of the biggest benefits of pet cams is technology that allows you to remotely interact with your pet, not just watch them. Many pet cams include features like two-way audio, so you can hear and speak through the camera. And the Petcube Play pet cam even includes a laser pointer for remote play. You and your pet will have the most fun if you look for pet cam features that allow you to virtually engage with your pet.

4. Pets Need More Time with You

When you’re gone, your pet can get bored, lonely, and anxious. At the same time, many people who work full-time jobs feel lethargic, unmotivated, and depressed. This kind of stress isn’t good for you or your pet. Taking time out of your day to visit your pet, even virtually, can help keep both of you content and happy.

You and your pet have the potential to benefit greatly when you add a pet cam to your home. Take a look at SafeWise’s recommended pet cams and see if one will work for you.

Written by Katherine Torres

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