ADT Pulse® Gets Innovative Voice-Control and IFTTT Technologies

Written by | Updated May 18, 2015

The U.S. home security and automation market was valued at $3.6 billion three years ago, and it is expected to grow to $16 billion by 2019. One reason the industry is growing so quickly is due to advances in technology.

Emerging technologies are making home security and home automation more powerful, and popular than ever. The ADT monitoring adoption of voice-control and if this then that (IFTTT) is the latest exciting advancement in the home security-home automation industry.

The ADT Pulse® app already allows users to perform a number of powerful home security and home automation functions, like watching secure, real-time video of their home, and arming or disarming their security system from any Internet connected device. Now that ADT monitoring added voice controls and partnered with IFTTT, customers have more ways they can get creative using ADT Pulse®.

How ADT Pulse® Voice Works and What Customers Can Do With It

The ADT Pulse® Voice app works on iOS and Android devices, and gives homeowners the ability to manage many aspects of their home via voice control. Existing ADT customers can download the ADT Pulse® Voice App through the Apple App Store, or through Google Play. The app is free, but requires an active subscription to ADT Pulse® service.

ADT Pulse® Voice authenticates the user through a secret phrase, voice recognition, and by verifying the user’s mobile device. Once the user is validated, their verbal commands can do things like lock and unlock doors, turn lights on or off, adjust the thermostat, and arm or disarm their monitored home security system. Customers can also use the app to check the overall system status of their home security and home automation systems while they are away from home. ADT Pulse® Voice app can’t be used to control ADT Pulse® video features, but that function could be added in the future.

ADT Pulse® Voice can be of great help to visually impaired users, but every customer will appreciate the convenience of controlling their home with voice commands.

How Customers Can Use IFTTT With ADT Pulse®

IFTTT is an Internet based service which allows users to create chains of statements that connect various apps, devices and online services, and triggers things to happen.

So far, ADT monitoring has connected ADT Pulse® products with more than 100 IFTTT channels, which expands the number of ways customers can use the ADT Pulse® app. For example, using IFTTT technology, an ADT Pulse® customer can tell their ADT home automation system that if the temperature outside drops below 50 degrees, then set the ADT monitoring thermostat to 69 degrees. Or, they can use IFTTT to arm or disarm their ADT monitored security system based on their GPS coordinates.

ADT monitoring anticipates ADT-IFTTT channels will be available for use later in 2015 and we’re pretty excited about it.

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