Should I Have My System Professionally Installed?

If there’s one home system you want installed correctly the first time, it’s your alarm system. Most security companies provide DIY systems that you can install even if you’re not a techie with knowledge of electrical wiring—so professional alarm installation isn’t usually necessary. However, some security systems include wiring and sensors that need to be drilled into walls and positioned perfectly, or else the alarm system may falsely set off or fail to set off if an intruder enters.

Professional Installation

There are pros and cons to DIY and professional security system installation. Here are some factors to consider if you’re considering getting your system installed professionally.

Professional Installation Can Be More Expensive

One negative of getting professional home security installation is the fee. On average, it costs $300 to have a professional install a security system.

Professional Installation Saves Energy, But Not Time

Depending on your home’s size and whether you use a hardwired or wireless system, a security tech could need four to eight hours to install a security system. If the alarm installation includes video surveillance components, it could double the professional’s time. While this saves you the hassle of installation, you will likely have to be at home while they set up your system—so professional installation still costs you time.

Professional Installation May Be Guaranteed

Security companies can’t guarantee the handiwork behind a DIY installation—they have no idea if wires are connected properly, sensors are mounted in the right places, or equipment is damaged in the process. Because of this, some security companies might void equipment warranties if a homeowner decides to self-install equipment.

Professional Installation Shouldn’t Cause Claims Glitches

In the unlikely case that a security system wasn’t installed correctly and your home suffers a loss, you won’t have a leg to stand on if the equipment was self-installed. If a professional company installed the equipment, however, you could still file a claim against it.

With the ease of DIY systems, you likely don’t need to purchase professional installation. However, if you want more details on the specifics of professional installation, review how to choose a security system.

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