Brinks Home Security Review

Brinks has flexible equipment plans, easy installation, and responsive professional monitoring. See how it compares to other security systems in our review.
Written by | Updated August 23, 2019
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Overall Rating

  • Choice of Brinks or Google Nest products
  • ASAPer quick alerts
  • No proprietary equipment
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We did a mid-year review of all the top home security systems, including new package and equipment offerings, price changes, updated or discontinued features, and the latest customer service reviews. Brinks broke into our top five security systems thanks to its partnership with Google Nest and straightforward equipment and pricing options. Find out more in our updated review below.

How Brinks Home Security Stacks Up

Brinks Home Security offers average equipment with above-average monitoring services. Devices come from third-party vendors, Nest and, but the monitoring and support are all Brinks. If you’re an entry-level customer who’s more concerned with customer service and emergency response than having the latest tech, read on to see if Brinks could work for you and your family.


  • Brinks and Nest equipment available
  • Home automation for newcomers
  • Speedy alerts


  • Lacks proprietary equipment
  • Requires credit approval

Brinks Home Security Pricing

Brinks has three security packages: Nest Secure, Home Complete, and Home Complete with Video. Prices start at $29 per month for monitoring and $299 for equipment for the Nest system. This kit can cost up to $400 from Nest’s site, making it a great deal, especially with monitoring.

There is a $100 difference between the Brinks Home Complete plans, but that extra money includes a video doorbell and indoor camera. Monitoring is about $10 more per month for the video plan too, but $39 per month is standard for higher-tier security plans.

With the Home Complete package, home automation features like mobile access, smart locks, light control, and a thermostat become available. Bigger competitors like Vivint and Frontpoint charge up to $49.99 for similar packages. For under $30, this is a good deal for a smart security package.

The Brinks Home Complete packages require a bit more commitment than the Nest Secure system. When you opt for one of Brinks’s kits, you’ll need to go through a credit check and sign up for a three-year contract. Brinks offers a 30-day trial, but if you cancel before then you’ll have to pay the remainder of your agreement.

Monitoring and Equipment Prices from Brinks

Monthly Cost
Equipment Cost
Contract Length
Base Equipment
Standout Features
Learn More
Nest Secure Home Complete Home Complete with Video
$29/mo. $29/mo. $39/mo.
$299 $399 $499
Month-to-month 36 months 36 months
Nest Guard hub, 2 Nest Tag fobs, 2 Nest Detect sensors Control panel, 1 motion detector, 3 contact sensors Control panel, 1 motion detector, 3 contact sensors, Indoor camera, video doorbell
No contract Smart control panel Indoor and doorbell camera
View Packages View Packages View Packages

Brinks Home Security Tech and Equipment 

Brinks’s equipment is average compared to other companies like Vivint, ADT, and Frontpoint. Brinks keeps costs down by using tech from third parties like Nest and, but outsourcing equipment makes tech support and repairs difficult if something goes wrong.

The Home Complete kits include door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and a touchscreen control panel, which is standard for most security systems. DIY installation is easy with the sticky backing tape for the motion and contact sensors. They have adjustable sensitivity and will send alerts to your Brinks app when they sense activity.

The Home Complete with Video package comes with a doorbell and indoor cameras that shoot in HD quality, send you alerts to the app, and have a two-way talk feature. Both cameras will be monitored by Brinks professionals too for extra security. The doorbell camera is one of our favorite features: you can watch packages being delivered and kids arriving home, and you can catch any shady characters in action.

While most of Brinks tech doesn’t turn our heads, we do like the ASAPer group chat feature. Found in the Brinks app, ASAPer creates a type of chat room for everyone on a customized list. If an alarm goes off, get in touch with your spouse, professional monitoring, and kids all at once to make sure everyone’s okay. It allows you to cancel false alarms, and connect with emergency responders right from your phone.

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Nest Secure from Brinks

Brinks offers professional monitoring for Nest Secure users. You can also buy the security system with the cult following through Brinks for $299 down for the equipment and $29 per month for monitoring. Nest costs less through Brinks, but you’ll have to subscribe to the monitoring service. Professional monitoring covers the entire Nest Secure system, along with add-ons like the Nest Protect smoke alarm and the Nest thermostat.

The good news is this plan is contract-free, so you can back out and self-monitor with your Nest system whenever you like. The Nest Secure comes with the smart hub, two contact sensors with built-in motion detection, and two key fobs to tap into the system when you arrive and leave home. Read our full review of Nest Secure to learn more.

Brinks Home Security Installation

All of Brinks’ and Nest equipment is self-installed, but if you want help from a pro, you can get assistance for an extra fee. Professional installation makes sense for more complex setups like an outdoor camera or the video doorbell, but you can handle most of the job yourself. Like many other self-install systems, you just need to peel the backing from your sensors and place them throughout your home.

Brinks Home Security Customer Service

Brinks Home Security was rated Best Home Security in a satisfaction study from J.D. Power and Associates and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. But we saw mixed reviews from customer ratings on BBB, Trustpilot, and Consumer Affairs. The worst comments we saw reported long hold times on the phone, confusing contracts, and faulty equipment with no repair in sight. The best, on the other hand, spoke of helpful customer reps and supportive service.

That said, customer service is different from professional monitoring. The ASAPer feature in the Brinks app will alert you, your contacts, and the monitoring professionals in as little as 30 seconds of any issues in your home. The monitoring pros are there to walk you through any situation you might encounter, from fires and break-ins to floods and carbon monoxide leaks.

How Brinks Home Security Stacks Up 

Monthly Rate
Contract Length
Biggest Perk
Installation Type
Learn More
blue brinks home security logo ADT Protect Your Home logo Frontpoint logo
$29.00 $27.99 $34.99
36 months 36 months 36 months
Choice of Nest or equipment Professional installation 100% cellular monitoring
DIY Professional DIY
View Plans View Plans View Plans

Data effective 06/18/2019. Offers and availability subject to change.

Overall, Brinks fits right between DIY and professional systems. But it’s much more affordable than ADT and Frontpoint for home automation devices. Like ADT and Frontpoint, you’ll need to sign a contract if you opt for Brinks’ Home Complete packages. But you can also get Nest contract-free through Brinks. Overall, Brinks provides plenty of choices for your smart home features, equipment, contracts, and payments.

Brinks Home Security FAQs

Does Brinks charge a cancellation fee?
The Brinks and Nest packages come with a 30-day trial that allows returns within the first month. Because Nest is contract-free, you won’t have to worry about an extra fee for dropping the service. But Brinks’s equipment comes with a contract, so you’ll have to pay out the remaining balance if you decide to drop Brinks or go for another security system.

What happens during false alarms?
Any time the alarm on your Brinks or Nest system activates, the monitoring professionals know about it. Once they see the alarm, you and your emergency contacts will receive a notification, phone call, text alert, or email. Through the ASAPer group chat, you can call off the alarm and claim it as a false alarm if nothing is wrong.

How long does Brinks’s warranty last?
Brinks has a two-year warranty. If something goes wrong within this time, you can get the equipment replaced.

Can I move with Brinks?
Yes. Self-installed systems like Brinks and Nest are easy to move from home to home, making them great for renters. Remove your system from your old home and install it again in your new place. Once everything is set up, call the professionals at the monitoring center to share your new location.

Bottom Line

Overall, Brinks sits right in the middle of the market for professionally monitored, self-installed systems. It’s a great choice if you’re interested in getting a Nest system because you get professional monitoring and cheaper equipment contract-free.

Brinks equipment works, but you’ll pay a lot upfront for devices you can find from other companies. The best thing about Brinks was the quick response times from their highly trained monitoring techs. It’s helpful to have a calm voice in a stressful situation and they do just that. While the tech and pricing aren’t stellar from Brinks, the monitoring certainly is.

How We Reviewed Brinks Home Security

To get an accurate picture of Brinks’s pricing, equipment, and more, we did a lot of research. We dug through online forums and customer review sites. We compared Brinks to similar security companies and services like ADT, Frontpoint, and Vivint. For more information on our testing processes and standards, read our full methodology.

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