LifeShield Home Security Review

Written by | Updated June 12, 2019

How LifeShield Stacks Up

LifeShield Equipment
  • Included smoke and CO monitoring
  • Apartment-friendly features
  • Free mobile access

LifeShield offers the same basics as most other security companies (24/7 monitoring, standard equipment that includes a touchpad and entry sensors, motion sensors, etc.) but they stand out for including security essentials like smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring and mobile access in every package. LifeShield offers a simple home security solution and doesn’t dilute its product with a lot of confusing options, but you definitely get more for your money when it comes to base packages.

Compare LifeShield Security Prices and Packages

Monthly Monitoring Fee
Equipment Price
View Package View Package View Package
Starts at $19.99 Starts at $19.99 Starts at $19.99
$199.15 $295.12 $376.10
4-layer (broadband, cellular network, cellular text, landline) 4-layer (broadband, cellular network, cellular text, landline) 4-layer (broadband, cellular network, cellular text, landline)

Data effective 05/23/19. Offers and availability subject to change.

LifeShield System + Camera

The LifeShield System we got our hands on. (We didn’t take photos of cords and such, but they’re included.)

Price and Contract

LifeShield recently added no-contract options, which is a big plus for renters and others who may not want to be tied into a three-year contract. If you buy your equipment outright you can dodge the whole contract quagmire. And you can choose to either self-monitor your security system with the LifeShield mobile app or take advantage of monthly monitoring, which starts at $19.99.

If you don’t want to shell out a few hundred bucks up front, you can lease the equipment, but that lower up-front cost comes with a contract and higher monthly monitoring fees. LifeShield offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have a little bit of time to test it out. Make sure you really like it though, because you’ll be on the hook for the months remaining in your contract if you opt out early.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Reasonable basic monthly monitoring cost
  • Included mobile access with no extra fees
  • No-contract option available


  • Long-term contract if leasing equipment
  • Steep termination fees
  • Activation fee

Tech and Equipment

LifeShield has been through some ownership transitions in recent years, but the result is an easy, DIY security kit that includes proprietary equipment the company designs and manufactures in-house. The offerings are simple, clean, and functional—nothing flashy or fancy here. But LifeShield is one of the only security companies to include smoke and CO detection in every package, and you also get access to the LifeShield mobile app without an upgrade.

Expert Insight: If you’ve ever struggled to install a big, bulky door or window sensor, you’ll love LifeShield’s petite sensors. They’re smaller than most and that makes them easier to properly install on most doors and windows.

A note about the fire and CO protection: LifeShield uses a listening device that alerts you when it hears the smoke and CO detectors you already have. When the device hears your detectors go off, it sends an alert that lets you know something is up. It does not replace your existing smoke or CO detector.

LifeShield Security Equipment and Services

All LifeShield packages include the following services: 24/7 monitoring, mobile app, and fire and carbon monoxide protection. The basic equipment in each package includes the base station, keypad, keychain remote, fire/CO safety sensor, security touchpad, yard sign, and window stickers. Here’s a look at the extras you get depending on the package you choose.

Extra Equipment
Extra Services
1 pet-friendly motion sensor
4 door and window sensors
2 pet-friendly motion sensors
6 door and window sensors
1 indoor security camera
2 pet-friendly motion sensors
6 door and window sensors
1 indoor security camera
1 glass break sensor
2 temp/flood sensors
None Video monitoring
30 days of video storage
Video monitoring
30 days of video storage


  • Smoke, fire, and CO detection in all packages
  • Pet-friendly motion sensors
  • Wireless HD cameras included in most packages
  • Smaller door and window sensors


  • No motion detector in renters package
  • No smart home devices included

LifeShield Equipment

LifeShield Equipment

Smart Home Features

Unfortunately, LifeShield doesn’t offer any smart home equipment. This is a big disappointment, as nearly every other security system out there offers some kind of smart lock or doorbell camera. But LifeShield recently became compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can get some smart home (and voice) control through the LifeShield mobile app. But you’ll have to use IFTTT app to set up routines and coordinate your smart devices, so that makes it more difficult for folks who are less tech-savvy.


  • Voice control with Alexa
  • IFTTT compatibility through LifeShield app


  • No smart equipment included
  • Some tech knowledge required to set up smart routines

Customer Service

LifeShield has a pretty spotty reputation when it comes to customer service. There’s no question that under former ownership and management, the company left a lot to be desired when it comes to doing right by customers.

“The customer service is awful, I came home from work after setting [off] my alarm, and the tablet was frozen…I was on the phone waiting for customer service to help, holding one hand on the alarm speaker, and I was put on hold. I got a call 10 minutes later from the alarm center and they said that could not disarm the alarm. So I went back on hold for customer service while I waited for my alarm to run out of battery. I might add that this happened to me three times, I never once was able to reach customer service.”

Matt B., SafeWise customer review, 6/30/16

But since DirecTV dumped the company, LifeShield has been making a lot of effort to do better. The company reinstated its money-back guarantee in direct response to customer feedback. Plus, it added extras like home automation compatibility and professional installation service—and people are noticing. Those customer-first moves are already prompting reviews that read more like love letters than hate mail.

“Just installed my LifeShield system. I LOVE it. I’ve had a local company and Frontpoint for home security in the past, so this is my third rodeo. … Customer service couldn’t have been more friendly when I called with questions.”

Carly D, Yelp customer review, 1/13/19


  • New management
  • Changes based on customer feedback


  • Years of bad reputation

LifeShield Home Security System FAQs

Do I need a landline to use LifeShield?

No. Although LifeShield works with a landline, one is not required. But you do need an internet connection to set up the base station. LifeShield’s four layers of connection are available, but not all are needed to use the system. Landline connection is used only as a backup in case you lose internet or cellular connection.

Does DirecTV own LifeShield?

No. LifeShield used to be part of DirecTV, but after the AT&T acquisition, LifeShield was sold. LifeShield is currently an ADT company.

The Bottom Line

LifeShield offers straightforward home security without a lot of bells and whistles. If you’re looking for a traditional home security option, then LifeShield could be the right fit. The option to buy equipment up front and avoid a contract is also appealing. But the lack of smart home features is a big drawback, and the three-year contract that’s required (complete with steep termination fees) if you choose to lease equipment makes it easy to pass up for a DIY home security solution.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fire, smoke, and CO protection in every package
  • Mobile app access
  • Renter-friendly features
  • No-contract options


  • Strict contract terms
  • No smart home equipment
  • Bad customer service reputation