Will My Pet Trigger a False Alarm on My Home Security System?

The best answer is: maybe. It depends on the type of security system technology you have and where you place the sensors.

Regular Motion Sensors

The standard motion sensor will detect any motion, whether it’s caused by an intruder or your pet headed to its water dish.

Pet Immune Motion Sensors

Home security companies invest vast amounts of time and resources to create pet immune motion detectors, thereby eliminating pet-triggered false alarms. The results are impressive and represent the culmination of hundreds of hours of recorded animal and human movements. These movement patterns have been analyzed by engineers and computer programmers, and converted into sophisticated algorithms that effectively separate and eliminate animal motions from human motions.

A pet friendly motion sensor uses a combination of several different technologies to determine the mass, speed, and movement patterns of any moving object, to read the body temperatures, and to detect infrared emissions to rule out household pets.

Weight is also a key factor in this type of technology and there are motion sensors with pet immunity settings. Most of these types of sensors will not trigger the alarm if the pet weighs anywhere from up to 40 to up to 80 pounds. This eliminates most dogs, and all smaller animals like birds, cats, ferrets, and snakes.

Placing Motion Sensors

The decision of where to place of motion sensors in any home with roaming pets can play a significant role in eliminating pet-related false alarms. It is important to speak with a specialist to decide where the best places for your sensors are so you get the best protection possible from your security system.

Pets are important to their owners, and home security companies are sensitive to these relationships. Security systems aren’t going to be effective if they aren’t armed, so these pet immune motion sensors help alleviate the worry of the pups setting a false alarm. If you want to find out more about which providers offer these sensors, and if your pet will set them off, call and speak with a SafeWise security specialist at 1-800-398-2128.

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