5 Surprising Ways to Use Contact Sensors

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We used Wyze contact sensors in some surprising places to see how they benefit more than doors and windows.

There's more to contact sensors than intruder detection. You can use these nifty gadgets to keep tabs on anything that opens, twists, or moves up and down.

Door and window sensors are part of just about every home security system. When used traditionally, they let you know if someone opened your front door or tried to get in through a bedroom window.

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Our contact sensor tests

To find out just how many ways you can use contact sensors, we put Wyze sensors on everything from jewelry boxes to the liquor cabinet. When the sensors separate, you’re notified that something was opened. Then, when the sensors come back together, you get another notice that everything is closed up.

But if you've got a sensor on a high-traffic item like the back door or a baby gate, you might not want an alert every time it opens and closes.

In that case, you can set Wyze sensor’s alerts to let you know something's up only if the item in question has been open for a certain amount of time. If this feature is important to you, make sure your sensors come with customizable settings.

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5 surprising ways to use contact sensors

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The cookie jar

If you've got something you don't want little or greedy hands getting into, contact sensors can be a dream come true.

cookie jar with contact sensor
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More ideas for parents

If your kids tend to get curious about things around the house, you can add a contact sensor to other spots like these:

  • Tool kits
  • Toy boxes
  • Drawers

The mailbox

Add a sensor to your mailbox and get an alert when letters packages or those pesky monthly bills get delivered. 

Just make sure your sensors have a long enough range to reach your mailbox, or look into a Wi-Fi range extender to boost your signal.

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Other uses outside

Adding a contact sensor to your mailbox will let you know when your mail arrives. But it’s not the only spot outside your house where these gadgets can work:

  • Outdoor sheds or structures
  • Gates
  • Trash cans

The liquor cabinet

Watch out for dangerous things like prescription meds, cleaning supplies, or even cocktail fixings by adding contact sensors to anywhere you store this sensitive stuff.

But this is one time when you probably want to know every time the cupboard or drawer is open. So make sure to set notification alerts for every time someone accesses these potentially dangerous areas.

liquor cabinet with contact sensor

The closet

If someone's always sneaking off with your favorite sweater, scarf, or pair of boots, install a sensor for instant notifications of closet breaches. Plus, if you have a camera, you can literally catch your roomie or sister red-handed.

The dishwasher

Whether it's unloading the dishwasher or feeding your family pet, a well-placed contact sensor can let you know whether the job is done or if it's time to send the kiddos a friendly reminder.

dishwasher with contact sensor

Final word

You don't need a full-blown security system to make the most of door and window sensors. Use these ideas to protect your family, guard your possessions, and keep tabs on just about anything that opens, closes, twists, or moves up and down.