Why Should I Get a Home Security System?

Written by | Updated May 22, 2019

A home security system may seem unnecessary, but it is an important precaution to take because we are all at risk of burglary. A home is burglarized every twenty seconds in the United States, and criminals target homeowners and renters at similar rates.

Burglaries Can Lead to Assault

Though most burglars avoid entering occupied homes, someone was home in roughly one million burglaries in 2010—and those home occupants became victims of violence in 27% of cases. Most people at home during a burglary are single women with children.

Alarm Systems Are Major Burglary Deterrents

Having a security system could determine whether or not your home is invaded. Most criminals try to determine if an alarm system is present before burglarizing a home, and 60% of burglars say a security system will cause them to seek an alternative target.

Alarm System Costs Outweigh Risks

Despite these overwhelming crime statistics, only 14% of Americans use home alarm systems. Security system costs are the most likely deterrent: a home security system costs an average of $250–$1,000 for the equipment and installation and, if the security system is professionally monitored, a basic plan starts at $20 a month.

This investment is worth it. The average burglary victim loses more than $2,000, and it’s rare that their possessions are recovered—which is especially sad if any priceless heirlooms are stolen. Vandalism generally occurs in home burglaries, too, with criminals trashing a house while looting it.

The emotional scars of a burglary cannot be outweighed. A recent UK survey reports that 60% of burglary victims never feel safe in their homes again,1 while a quarter move out of their houses to feel safe. A fifth still struggle remaining alone after a burglary, and half remain angry months after the incident.

Home Security Systems Lead to Home Insurance Savings

Insurance companies offer discounts to customers who make efforts to protect their homes. Installing a security system—especially one that is professionally monitored—can reduce homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%.

Security Systems Provide Additional Protection and Automation

Many home security systems offer conveniences and protections—like the ones below—that go beyond monitoring for home intruders.

Whether they’re homeowners or renters, all Americans need to consider the benefits of protecting their homes, possessions, and loved ones with alarm systems. SafeWise’s safety resources can help you become a safety expert.

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