How Do Home Security Systems Protect Against Fire and Floods?

Written by | Updated July 11, 2019

One of the great things about today’s home security systems is their ability to detect more than just break-ins. Depending on the equipment you connect with your security control panel, you can also monitor environmental threats, including flooding, fire, carbon monoxide, and smoke.

Even though a security system can only alert you to an issue—and not prevent or solve it—detecting such problems early on can help you fix the problem before it causes extensive damage.


Carbon Monoxide and Fire Security

Some smart home security systems, like the Scout Alarm, can integrate with other smart devices, like the Nest Protect smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. If you’re away from home and your Nest Protect detects smoke or carbon monoxide, your alarm will sound and you’ll receive a push notification on your phone.

Professional home security companies, like Protect America, have also expanded their offerings from break-in detection to more comprehensive emergency monitoring. Protect America offers fire and smoke protection and carbon monoxide detectors in some home monitoring packages. If the system detects carbon monoxide or smoke from a fire, it will automatically contact the monitoring station to alert the authorities. This is a great feature so you can feel more at ease when you’re away knowing your home is being monitored 24/7.


Water and Flood Security

Floods are the number-one natural disaster in the United States.1 Water damage and flooding can devastate your home and your bank account. Whether you have flood insurance or not, adding water sensors to your home can help you prevent a small leak from turning into an expensive flood.

ADT and other home security companies offer customers the ability to add water detectors to their security systems. These sensors are usually placed near the floor in basements and drain areas. When the sensors detect water, they alert the central monitoring station, which then notifies the homeowner. If you self-monitor your home using a smart security system like Scout, you can also purchase flood sensors that integrate with your DIY security system. Some sound an alarm when water is detected, while others also send you a notification through an app.


Other Environmental Securities

Depending on where you live, you may want to add sensors that monitor temperatures and other concerns. Temperature sensors can be especially helpful for homes in cold weather environments. The sensor will sound an alarm if the temperature drops too low, which can help you avoid frozen pipes.

When deciding on a home security system, ask the company which sensors are available and how they work with your control panel. If you choose a self-monitored home security system, review the company’s list of integrations to make sure you can connect flood and fire sensors.

Connecting these additional sensors to your home security system can help minimize damage and prevent extensive losses. Whether you’re at home or out of town, you can feel more confident knowing your home is being thoroughly monitored at all times. If you’re interested in learning more about some environmental detectors, check out our Best Smoke Alarms Buyers Guide.

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