Affordable Home Security Is Yours: 20 Top Security Products under $20

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While top-of-the-line home security systems prevent theft, smaller and more affordable gadgets do too—like these 20 home security products under $20. Give the gift of better security this holiday (and all year round) by shopping for home security devices that won’t break the bank.

The Top 20 Home Security Products under $20

solar spotlight with solar paneldoberman entry alarmsecurity bar for patio doorfake security camera with red LED lightswindow over sink with etched glass window film on half the windowclose up view of peepholeblack combination safewhite alarm with four numbered buttons and one round buttonblack security cameraoff-white rectangular entryway alarms with square buttonswhite plug with blue/green logo on the sidered octagonal security sign and five red stickersblack alarm with lanyardbrass door strike platesilver door stopblack pepper spray with gold lettering and red buttonwhite motion sensor and base unit10 entryway sensors
Mpow Solar SpotlightDoberman Security Entry Defense AlarmPrime-Line Aluminum Patio Door Security BarUniquExceptional Fake Security CameraARTSCAPE Etched Glass Window FilmSchlage One-Way Wide Angle PeepholeRPNB Steel Keyed/Combination Portable Gun SafeSABRE Shed and Garage AlarmZOSI 720P CCTV CameraGE Personal Security Window/Door AlarmGosund Mini Smart Plug OutletGE SmartHome Security Sign and StickersVigilant Personal AlarmDefender Security Combo Deadlatch and Deadbolt Strike PlateGE Personal Security Door StopSABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway AlarmAI-cluster Door and Window Sensor MagnetsGE Personal Security KitSeaNpem Wireless Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit
Why You Want ItLight up dark pathwaysScare off intrudersShore up sliding glass doorsKeep out prying eyesKnow who’s at the doorStore valuables securelyThwart outdoor intrudersConduct surveillanceKnow when a door is openedMake thieves think you’re homeWarn criminals to skip your houseSound the alarmReinforce your back doorStop forced entry into your homeCarry personal protectionKeep an eye on comings and goingsAdd cheap smart home securityProtect dorms and apartmentsSecure entryways on the cheap
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*All prices current as of November 2018

Cheap Home Security Product Reviews

solar spotlight with solar panel

Mpow Solar Spotlight

Best for shining a light on dark pathways

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Intruders literally bank on coming and going without being seen. But you can stop them in their tracks with this outdoor security spotlight. We’re big fans of Mpow’s solar spotlight because it’s motion-activated and relies on solar power for extra security in the event of a power outage.


  • High-efficiency solar panel
  • 45 ft. illumination range
  • Weatherproof design


  • Power concerns on cloudy days
  • Condensation creep in wet weather

doberman entry alarm

Doberman Security Entry Defense Alarm

Best for scaring off intruders

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This door alarm has you covered with a 100-decibel siren—about as loud as a jackhammer—to scare burglars off before they can harm you or your home. Plus, the easy installation means you can start protecting your home in minutes.


  • Good customer reviews
  • Easy peel-and-stick installation
  • Siren that can be heard from over a mile away


  • No way to adjust siren volume
  • Incompatibility with some doors

security bar for patio door

Prime-Line Aluminum Patio Door Security Bar

Best for shoring up sliding glass doors

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Weak locks and breakable glass make sliding glass doors easy access points for intruders. Add extra security with this aluminum bar that helps prevent a thief from prying open your sliding glass door. But don’t forget to keep patio doors and other sliding doors locked—a security bar isn’t enough protection on its own.


  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Strong steel frame
  • Different finishes to match décor


  • Confusing mounting instructions
  • No adjustability without cutting the rod

fake security camera with red LED lights

UniquExceptional Fake Security Camera

Best for sending the message that troublemakers are being watched

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If a criminal thinks they’re being watched, there’s a good chance they’ll abandon their break-in attempt. That’s the whole idea behind UniquExceptional’s fake security camera. Install these “cameras” inside or outside your home to give the illusion that it’s protected with high-tech security.


  • Long-lasting battery power
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Real infrared lights


  • Not a real security camera

window over sink with etched glass window film on half the window

ARTSCAPE Etched Glass Window Film

Best for keeping out prying eyes

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Visible valuables like electronics, jewelry, and nice furniture tempt curious trespassers to break into your home. But when you use Etched Glass Window Film, they won’t be able to see what’s inside or if anyone is there. This window film also offers privacy without blocking light—it just blocks nosey people who are up to no good.


  • Pre-cut to standard window size of 24 x 36 in.
  • Easy to apply, no sticky adhesive
  • Designed to simulate textured or stained glass


  • Doesn’t fortify glass
  • Isn’t as opaque as expected

close up view of peephole

Schlage One-Way Wide Angle Peephole

Best for knowing who’s at the door

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See who’s at the door before you open it with Schlage’s one-way wide angle “peephole” viewer. The thick glass and 190-degree angle view let you keep an eagle eye on your front porch. And it only works one way, so you don’t have to worry about giving strangers a view of your home.


  • Easy installation
  • One-way view
  • Excellent clarity


  • Won’t work with doors under 1 ⅜ in. thick
  • Doesn’t always come with instructions

black combination safe

RPNB Steel Keyed/Combination Portable Gun Safe

Best for securely storing a handgun or other small valuables

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Gun safety is important, and if you use a gun to help protect your home and loved ones, then this portable gun safe will make sure your firearm is secured at home or in the car. You can use the key or the three-digit combination lock to keep your handgun or other small valuables (like a passport) safe from little ones or thieves.


  • Keyless entry with combo lock
  • 16 ga steel housing
  • Security cable included


  • Short security cable
  • Sloppy packaging

white alarm with four numbered buttons and one round button

SABRE Shed and Garage Alarm

Best for thwarting sneaky outdoor intruders

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Thieves break into garages in under six minutes, on average, and smaller sheds in even less time. The SABRE Shed and Garage Alarm is your defense against these kinds of attacks, because the sensors sound an ear-piercing alarm when they detect motion. Plus, SABRE’s alarm is better than most because it has a combination keypad, so you’re the only one who can turn off the alarm—not sneaky intruders.


  • Easy installation
  • Multiple sound modes
  • Secure arm/disarm function


  • Some vulnerability to tampering
  • 30-sec. delay before alarm sounds

black security camera

ZOSI 720P CCTV Camera

Best for conducting indoor/outdoor surveillance

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You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep an eye out for troublemakers with a security camera. For just a few bucks more than the fake security camera on our list, you can have this four-in-one security camera. It works inside and outdoors, and it’s our overall top pick for cheap security cameras.


  • Night vision up to 65 ft.
  • Durable construction
  • Easy setup


  • Shorter lifespan
  • Glitchy Wi-Fi connection

off-white rectangular entryway alarms with square buttons

GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm

Best for sending alerts when a door or window is tampered with

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If anyone tampers with your windows or doors—locked or not—these GE alarms trigger a startling siren. These entry sensors come with an on, off, or chime mode too, so you can select the security function you need throughout the day.


  • 120 dB alarm
  • Great value, 4-pack for under $20
  • Batteries included


  • Not tamper-proof
  • Tricky to install

white plug with blue/green logo on the side

Gosund Mini Smart Plug Outlet

Best for fooling thieves when you’re not home

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Use this affordable smart plug to turn lights, the TV, and other electronics on and off—even if you’re across town. This gives the impression that someone’s home, which can scare off an intruder. You can also turn lights on as you turn into the driveway to make your trip from the car to the house bright and safe.


  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa
  • Free mobile app
  • Timers so you can set schedules


  • Larger size that blocks dual outlets
  • Glitchy connection

red octagonal security sign and five red stickers

GE SmartHome Security Sign and Stickers

Best for warning criminals to skip your house

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Give the illusion that your house is protected by a top-of-the-line security system—even when it isn’t—with the GE SmartHome package. Hopefully, the idea of 24/7 surveillance will send a burglar running in the other direction.


  • Easy install
  • Durable, weather-resistant construction
  • Sturdy yard stake


  • No real security system backup
  • No security company name on the sign

black alarm with lanyard

Vigilant Personal Alarm

Best for sounding the alarm no matter where you are

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This personal security alarm gives you portable safety wherever you go. We love the Vigilant model because it’s affordable, long-lasting, and loud. If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation—whether in the driveway, jogging, or out on the town—trigger this alarm to scare off your assailant and call for help.


  • Alarm sounds for up to 60 min.
  • Built-in light provides safer passage
  • Wrist strap keeps alarm close-at-hand


  • Too bulky to fit a keychain
  • Fitted with tricky battery cover

brass door strike plate

Defender Security Combo Deadlatch and Deadbolt Strike Plate

Best for reinforcing the back door

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Deadbolts are built to last, but they can’t do their job if the rest of your door is vulnerable to kicking, prying, and ramming. The solution? Replace your deadbolt strike-and-latch with Defender Security’s hardware to prevent thieves from entering with force. The long screws included with this product add extra strength and durability to a potentially weak portion of your door.


  • Steel construction
  • Brass finish
  • Easy installation


  • Potential to block emergency responders from breaking the door in

silver door stop

GE Personal Security Door Stop

Best for stopping forced entry into your home

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This cheap home security idea is another way to reinforce doorways—and it works with both interior and exterior doors. The GE Personal Security Door Stop restricts access to entryways and triggers an alarm in the case of forced entry. The rubber base provides traction on wood, tile, vinyl, and carpet, and the whole doorstop turns on and off, so it’s armed only when you need it to be.


  • Perfect for renters or roommates
  • Equipped with 120 dB siren
  • Portable for security on the go


  • Made of plastic
  • Slippery

black pepper spray with gold lettering and red button

SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray

Best for personal protection on the go

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Security doesn’t stop at your front door. This compact pepper spray device goes with you everywhere and is easy to use in a crunch. It’s the same brand used by police officers around the globe, and it features red pepper, military-grade tear gas, and UV marking dye.


  • Fits on a keychain, in a purse or pocket
  • Comes with a free training video
  • Features 10 ft. range


  • Has leaky safety tab

white motion sensor and base unit

1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm

Best for keeping an eye on who’s coming and going

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Know whenever someone enters your driveway—in a car or on foot. This PIR (passive infrared) motion-activated alarm alerts you to “visitors” with a siren, a chime, or a silent LED flash. Best of all, it can pair with multiple receivers and sensors so you can cover a large area.


  • 32 ft. communication range
  • 36 different ringtones
  • Ability to connect up to 5 PIR sensors


  • PIR is affected by sun, wind
  • Range is inconsistent

entryway magnet sensors next to blue and white box

AI-cluster Door and Window Sensor Magnets

Best for adding cheap security that’s compatible with IFTTT and Amazon Alexa

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You don’t have to drop a load of cash to get smart home security. These window and door sensors work with IFTTT (If This Then That), which means you could use the free app to connect and control other smart devices, like smart lightbulbs. You also get voice control with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Plus, there’s no hub required—so you won’t need to spend any extra dough.


  • Mobile app for Android or iOS
  • Push notifications within 3–10 sec.
  • Indoor/outdoor design


  • Unavailable Android app in some countries
  • Tricky installation on some doors

keychain alarm with lanyard, door sensor magnet, steel door stop

GE Personal Security Kit

Best for protecting dorms and apartments

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This little kit is a dream come true if you live in a dorm or apartment, or if you have roommates. There are three alarms included—a doorstop alarm (doubles as a door jam), a window/door sensor, and a personal protection keychain alarm (with a built-in light). And you can have all of these apartment security devices for less than $20.


  • 120 dB alarm
  • Wireless installation
  • Portability for travel, moving


  • No mounting kit included
  • Doorstop too large for some doors

10 entryway sensors

SeaNpem Wireless Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit

Best for securing multiple doors and windows on the cheap

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You get ten window and door sensors in this surprisingly affordable kit. Magnetic sensors make it easy for you protect doors and windows on every level of your home without forking over a small fortune.


  • Easy adhesive mounts
  • Dust and insect resistance
  • Indoor and outside functionality


  • Siren is only 90 dB
  • Batteries are not included

BONUS: Security Must-Haves Barely over $20

While we were looking for the best cheap home security ideas, we came across these great products that are still affordable but not under our $20 limit. If you have a few more bucks to spend, check out these home security devices that offer extra protection—and keep the price tag under $40.

 ProductWhy You’ll Love ItPrice*Buy Now
white wyze camWyze Cam Pan
  • Smart security cam features
  • Free rolling cloud storage
  • Motion and sound detection
$37.98Check Price on Amazon
black square deadboltKwikset 258 Downtown Low Profile Square Deadbolt
  • Smart key technology
  • Stylish design
  • High security ratings
$31.87Check Price on Amazon
black echo dot with blue lightAmazon Echo Dot
  • Add automation to lights, locks, etc.
  • Use voice control for compatible security devices
  • Have Alexa watch out for signs of burglary with upcoming Alexa Guard feature
$39.99Check Price on Amazon

*All prices current as of November 2018

Don’t Stop with These Quick Fixes

There’s so much more you can do to ramp up your home security in addition to buying some of the cheap home security products we featured above. SafeWise experts have researched all aspects of home security, from the best smart locks to the top smoke detectors. Take a look at the resources below to make your home safer and protect yourself and loved ones from all types of danger.

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Compare top smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, so you know your home is protected.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention

Protect against dangers outside your home and ones that come from within with a guide to the best carbon monoxide alarms.


Lock up firearms and other valuables with our reviews of the top in-home safes.


It’s possible to piece together your own home security components without breaking the bank, but if you’d like to do more to protect your home, let us help you find a comprehensive home security system. Start by comparing top home security companies that provide top-of-the-line products, customizable services, and competitive pricing to find the best and most affordable safety option for you.

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