ZOSI Home Security Cameras Review

We researched dozens of ZOSI cameras to bring you our top picks from this company.
ZOSI cameras
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3.6 out of 5 stars
  • Huge camera selection
  • NVR, DVR, and local storage available
  • Unique features like smart night vision
Katie McEntire
Oct 27, 2021
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Whether you want a single wire-free camera to watch the nursery or a suite of high-tech PoE cameras to survey your whole property, ZOSI has a zoo of home security cameras.

While browsing the selection, we counted over 50 unique cameras and security kits with features like smart night vision, AI human detection, and automatic pan, tilt, and zoom (more on those later).

Cameras and kits range from around $40 to over $200, matching the price range of big names like the Ring Stick Up Cam, Nest Cam (Battery), and suite of Arlo cameras. While your ZOSI camera is a standalone device, it comes with traditional security system features like sirens and motion detection.

pro Smart night vision
pro AI person detection
pro Battery and solar power options
pro Local storage
con Narrow field of vision
con Confusing customer service hours

Compare ZOSI cameras

Best for
Smart night vision
Pan, tilt, zoom
Battery powered
Weatherproof rating
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Best pet or nanny cam
Zosi indoor cameraZOSI C1
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
Best porch cam
ZOSI C306 camera product imageZOSI C306
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
Best for big properties
ZOSI C301 product imageZOSI C301
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
Best field of vision
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon No  LightNo
Best outdoor cam
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon No  LightNo
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ZOSI has quite the collection of cameras, so it was hard to narrow down just a handful to compare. So we lined up the wire-free and Wi-Fi cameras to keep things simple.

Overall, we recommend the C289 Wi-Fi camera or the C306 wire-free. Both cost under $50 and work inside or outside. But the C289 is a PTZ camera, giving you a wider range of motion because it can swivel and move to follow action. The C306 is a battery-powered camera, allowing you to place it anywhere in or out of the house.

Each of these ZOSI cameras have a weatherproof rating ranging between IP65 and IP67 (with IP65 being the standard for most cameras). These numbers refer to how well the camera is built to resist dust and water. Generally, the higher the number, the tougher the camera. Conveniently enough, the cheapest camera on the list is also the toughest against the elements.

We’ve also featured the C301 security camera kit. The price may seem astronomical compared to these other star cameras, but that’s because the kit comes with four cameras and an NVR to record footage. The C301 isn’t the only camera kit from ZOSI, either. You can find dozens of other kits with four or more cameras to cover all your property.

ZOSI cameras and kits

ZOSI has a range of cameras to choose from. We found several selections within each of the categories of wire-free cameras, Wi-Fi cameras, PoE cameras, and DVR cameras. Each type of camera has its own set of pros and cons. But we like seeing such a buffet of options available.

Wi-Fi cameras

Wi-Fi cameras work much like their battery-powered brothers but need a cable to stay charged. This generally keeps the price lower than other cameras and allows you to record continuously.

ZOSI has six Wi-Fi cameras available, three of which are compatible with an NVR set for continuous recording on multiple cameras to get each corner of your house.

PoE cameras

ZOSI’s Power over ethernet (PoE) cameras require less wiring and come in kits with multiple cameras. These devices only need one cable that doubles as a power source and connection to the internet to get up and running.

DVR cameras

While DVRs are pretty old school, ZOSI has a handful of security camera kits with new school features like 4K resolution. 

ZOSI DVR systems require a little more know-how to operate and use, making them better for businesses and commercial surveillance. But if you need four or more cameras running continuously, ZOSI provides an affordable option.

ZOSI Wire-free cameras

Wire-free means you can place this camera anywhere—inside or out. If you have limited outlets outside your house or worried about drilling holes in your rental, this could be a good option. ZOSI sells single cameras for under $60 or sets of multiple cameras for around $340.

ZOSI C1 Wire-free: Best pet or nanny cam

Best pet or nanny cam
Zosi indoor camera
3.6 out of 5 stars

*Amazon.com price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The ZOSI C1 Wire-Free security camera comes with 1080p HD streaming, motion detection, and two-way audio. The 2MP lens produces a clear picture, but its 90° field of vision is narrower than many IP cameras we’ve encountered. But that’s just a small drawback.

Like the other wire-free devices, this ZOSI camera is battery powered and weatherproof, so you can place it anywhere inside or outdoors. The battery is said to last up to three months. But, the battery itself isn’t removable, so you’d need to take down the IP camera when the time comes to charge it.

It comes with two mounting methods: a sticky magnetic base (great for renters) or a three-screw security bracket (requires drilling). Both methods work indoors and outdoors, but we love an option that doesn’t require any drilling.

C1 also comes with human-specific motion detection, thanks to the passive infrared sensor (PIR) built in. The camera’s software has built-in AI to distinguish between humans and other objects to cut down on false alarms.

ZOSI C306 Wire-free: Best porch cam

Best porch cam
ZOSI C306 camera product image
3.7 out of 5 stars

*Amazon.com price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The ZOSI C306 wire-free camera’s antenna and screw-in mount make it a better choice for outdoor surveillance far away from your router. It has a removable battery for recharging. The company claims charges last up to six months. It’s also compatible with a solar panel to keep it at 100%.

It has a lot in common with the C1, like its 1080p video quality, two-way talk, built-in light and siren, motion detection, and weatherproofing. The C306 ZOSI camera also has the same AI human detection as the C1.

The C306 has a small SD card slot inside the body of the camera. Local storage like this allows you quick access to any footage the camera captures. You can use SD cards up to 128 GB. Once the memory reaches its limit, you can either upload your videos to your computer or have the camera overwrite old clips.

ZOSI C301 Wire-free security kit: Best for big properties

Best for big properties
ZOSI C301 product image
3.3 out of 5 stars

*Amazon.com price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

If you have a lot of space and not a lot of outlets, the C301 wire-free security kit can keep eyes on all the corners of your property. This security kit comes with four ZOSI C301 cameras and a four-channel NVR to record footage.

With a lower streaming quality, limited night vision, and narrow field of vision, this ZOSI camera system offers more quantity than quality. But there are a few redeeming qualities to the C301.

Like the C306, they have a battery life that lasts up to six months and can connect to solar panels, making them a good fit for outdoor structures like sheds, posts, and barns.

All four cameras have antennas to catch your internet signal as well. ZOSI claims they can catch a signal between 250 to 1,000 feet away. They also have a built-in light and siren to scare off intruders or trespassers.

ZOSI Wi-Fi cameras

ZOSI has two Wi-Fi cameras that connect to the internet like the wire-free cameras. Both the C289 and C190 have features in common with their cordless companions. All of these ZOSI cameras feature 1080p (except the C301) video streaming, two-way talk, AI human detection, motion detection zones, and weatherproofing.

The big difference between the following cameras and those above is a power cable. Setup through the CloudEdge app is the same for all of ZOSI’s cameras, but the Wi-Fi series requires a power cable to keep running. This limits where you can place your camera, but it will stay charged at all times (as long as it’s plugged in).

ZOSI C289 Wi-Fi camera: Best field of vision

Best field of vision
3.6 out of 5 stars

*Amazon.com price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The C289 Wi-Fi camera is the only pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera in ZOSI’s Wi-Fi camera collection. The camera has a 275° horizontal and 90° vertical field of view that can adjust to catch any blindspots at your front door or backyard.

In addition to its wide field of view, the C289 has a couple talents that caught our attention. We’ve seen PTZ cameras before, but not many with an auto-cruise feature like this one.

Through the app, you can plan a path for your camera to “patrol.” Send its gaze to the front door then back to the sidewalk, from one side of the yard to the other, or wherever you want to keep a constant lookout.

The C289 ZOSI camera also has different night-vision modes. In a single camera, you can access basic black and white and infrared night vision. Most cameras default to one type of night vision, leaving low light video to simple black and white or the occasional color night vision.

The feature that stood out was its smart night vision that switches to color when the IP camera detects people in low light. If a person walks by the camera, you can identify their face and the color of their clothes easily.

ZOSI C190 Wi-Fi camera: Best outdoor camera

Best outdoor camera
3.7 out of 5 stars

*Amazon.com price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The C190 Wi-Fi camera is featured among our best outdoor cameras. For just under $30, this IP camera delivers a lot of great features for half the price of its counterparts.

It has the same night vision modes as the C289 but is stationary, so you’ll miss out on the auto-cruise feature. The night vision sees up to 80 feet in the dark and 130 feet in ambient light.

The C190 also has a higher weatherproofing rating than the other ZOSI cameras we came across. With an IP67 rating, it can withstand more dust and water than most cameras. If you have an unsheltered area you want to watch, this is a great choice.

Wi-Fi security camera kits

While the cameras above don’t come in multiples, you can purchase Wi-Fi camera kits from ZOSI. We found the C302, W4, and ZSWNVK-J in kits with four to eight cameras and a compatible NVR.

All four cameras have similar features like antennas that extend the Wi-Fi signal up to 250 feet indoors and up to 3,000 feet in open spaces. They also come equipped with AI human detection, lights and sirens, and H.265+ compression to improve streaming.

ZOSI Smart App

Like most IP cameras, ZOSI’s Wi-Fi and wire-free cameras use an app for basic controls, setting adjustments, and live feed viewing. The ZOSI Smart App also works with Android and iOS devices.

The app is free and allows up to five users on one account, so your family, house sitters, or trusted neighbors can check in whenever you need them to.

ZOSI PoE and DVR cameras

Both the Power over Ethernet (PoE) and digital video recorder (DVR) cameras come in kits with multiple cameras. These cameras work inside and outside, so whether you want to watch the nursery or the backyard, you can stream multiple points of view at once.

PoE cameras

​ZOSI has four PoE camera kits available, each with four cameras and an NVR to store video footage. Cameras like these tend to be more expensive, but they use high-speed compression to cut down on buffering and lag times when you watch footage.

Between the four camera systems, there are two with stationary bullet cameras and two with PTZ cameras.

What is PoE?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras use a single cable as their power source and connection to the internet.

This means you have fewer cables to connect, but it also tends to raise the price.

DVR cameras

ZOSI has 12 unique DVR kits to choose from. DVRs are a more old-school method for CCTV surveillance, but the cameras included are pretty new school. Two of the ZOSI DVR kits come with 4K video and 200-foot infrared vision.

ZOSI DVR camera systems are a good fit for small businesses or commercial properties but not as practical for homeowners (unless it’s a large home). A DVR system uses a physical hard drive inside to store footage from multiple cameras. Each camera creates a channel, allowing you to switch between views and see different parts of your property at once.

DVR and NVR systems allow for easy playback on any of the cameras you set up. For example, if you see something suspicious, you can watch the recording from the backyard and compare it to the front yard to see the whole story with a timestamp.


Both devices are ways to save recordings from multiple cameras, but DVRs use analog cameras and coaxial cables while NVRs use wireless signals or Ethernet cables.

ZOSI customer service and support

ZOSI has a few on-site options for customers with questions. On the website, you can find downloadable manuals and docs, video tutorials for installation and troubleshooting, and an FAQ page and blog.

As far as contacting customer service directly, the company’s phone lines are open from 8:00 am to 18:00 UTC+8. This can be confusing for US customers, but this just means you can call the company between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. CST.

Luckily, setup for the wire-free and Wi-Fi cameras are straightforward. The app walks you through everything you need to know. But, if you’re opting for a security kit with an NVR, DVR, or PoE cameras, it’s good to know there’s help available for your questions.

Final word

If you’re on the hunt for multiple home security cameras, ZOSI has a variety to choose from with prices ranging from $50 to over $200. If you have structures on your property like sheds or barns, ZOSI’s kits are a great deal. Those with smaller homes or apartments may be better off with some of ZOSI’s single-camera deals.

We like that you can opt for an NVR or DVR kit if you want to store your video footage or switch between cameras. But features like these are best for larger homes, small businesses, or the tech-savvy folks out there.

How we reviewed ZOSI

ZOSI may have 30+ cameras to offer, but that didn’t scare us from comparing them all. We read through specs, details, and reviews of each camera and kit to report on the cream of the crop.

We also learned more about DVRs and NVRs to bring you details about some of the features that set ZOSI apart from more popular brands.

Learn more about our methodology and how we conduct reviews like this one if you want more details about our process.

ZOSI camera FAQ

Yes. All of ZOSI’s cameras have two-way audio. This means you can hear and speak to anyone on the other side of the lens. Most of the cameras come with sirens as well, which can tip you off to intruders and scare them away at the same time.

Yes. The ZOSI cameras we came across had at least an IP rating of IP65. So, while we don’t recommend dunking them in the swimming pool, they can handle wet weather like rain, snow, and fog.

According to ZOSI, there are a few ways to watch your camera footage from your computer. You can connect the camera directly to the computer, through your router, an Ethernet cable, or a CCTV system.

While it’s not a requirement, adding sensors or alarms included with a security system can give you more information over what’s happening at your home. If your security camera is your home’s eyes, think of the security system as your home’s ears.

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