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Best Multi-Camera Security Systems

We scanned the field of camera security systems to identify the best ones to stand guard over your property. We looked for multi-camera systems that come with plenty of storage capacity and offer a wide field of view and night vision.
Written by | Updated August 19, 2019
Best Overall
Night Owl Security
  • Motion and heat sensors
  • 100-degree viewing angle
  • Motion and heat sensors
  • 100-degree viewing angle
Best Value
REVO America
  • Affordable price
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities
  • Affordable price
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities
Best Video Resolution
  • Ultra HD 4K resolution
  • Two-way talk
  • Ultra HD 4K resolution
  • Two-way talk

Bottom Line: Night Owl Camera Security Systems Are a Wise Choice

Multi-camera security systems aren’t just for industrial spaces or large businesses anymore. Today’s security systems can be a blend of indoor and outdoor cameras, offering four-camera, eight-camera, and 16-camera security systems that come with a DVR. These multi-camera systems, both wired and wireless, are stacked with key features like night vision, motion detection, user-friendly mobile apps, and both local and cloud storage options.

Night Owl soared to the top of our list for its unique blend of all the right features at an affordable price. In addition to HQ video resolution, wide-angle viewing, and night vision capabilities, Night Owl’s four cameras come equipped with both motion and heat sensors to minimize false alarms. The user-friendly mobile app allows iOS and Android users to see live footage through remote viewing, and expandable storage options accommodate up to eight cameras on the Night Owl DVR. In short, the Night Owl camera security systems give you the best complete surveillance system that stays up all night so you don’t have to.

Compare the Best Multi-Camera Security Systems

Wired or Wireless
Pan, Tilt, Zoom Capabilities
Video Resolution
Field of View
Audio Capabilities
Storage Capacity
Best Overall
Best Value
Best Resolution
Night Owl REVO America Swann LaView Arlo
Wired Wired Wired Wired Wireless
4 4 4 6 1–6
8 4 8 8 N/A
X X X Pan, zoom
1080p 1080p 4K 1080p 720p
100 degrees 88 degrees 93 degrees 79 degrees 130 degrees
1 TB (DVR) 1 TB (DVR) 2 TB (DVR) 2 TB (DVR) 7 days free cloud storage, USB backup
Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Data effective 07/15/2019. Offers and availability subject to change.

Reviews: Best Multi-Camera Security Systems

Night Owl Security 8-Channel, 4-Camera System: Best Overall

If you want a well-rounded multi-camera system that checks all the boxes, Night Owl has you covered. Because Night Owl’s high definition cameras are wired, they do require professional installation. But the benefit of hardwired cameras is they minimize the noise that causes grainy video and provide a clearer picture in and around your home or business.

These bullet cameras broadcast in color during the day, then switch to black and white with night vision that allows you to see 100 feet in the dark. Night Owl cameras also sport a 100-degree viewing angle and are weather resistant. Night Owl cameras do not have PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) capabilities or two-way audio, however, which may limit their versatility for some properties.

While this 1080p system is based on four cameras and 1 TB of storage, Night Owl’s DVR allows expansion to as many as eight cameras. One of the standout features of Night Owl Security cameras is the dual motion and heat sensors which differentiate between actual threats and the moths that love to fly at your lens. You can even customize settings to eliminate automatic recording of motion detection and conserve storage space, making Night Owl both a cost and a space saver.


  • 100-degree wide-angle view
  • Motion and heat detector sensors
  • User-friendly mobile app with live view
  • DVR accommodates up to 8 cameras
  • Night vision up to 100 feet


  • No PTZ capabilities
  • No cloud storage
  • No two-way talk

REVO America AeroHD 4-Channel, 4-Camera System: Best Value

If you’ve got a larger property, REVO America offers affordable, customizable multi-camera systems that’ll let you mix and match dome cameras and bullet cameras. In addition to being able to place these hardwired cameras indoors or outdoors, you’ll also get the flexibility of PTZ control (pan, tilt, zoom) and 100-foot night vision. REVO America’s cameras do have a narrower field of view than our top pick though.

The DVR comes preinstalled with 1 TB of storage while the EZLINK app provides access to a live view and recorded video footage from your iOS or Android device. You can also customize settings for smart motion alerts and opt to receive a snapshot of the video when the motion detectors are triggered. REVO America’s multi-camera system isn’t equipped with cloud storage, but at this affordable price, you probably won’t mind.


  • Mix-n-match camera options
  • PTZ control
  • Two-year warranty
  • Smart motion alerts
  • Affordable price


  • No cloud storage
  • No two-way audio

Swann Full HD 8-Channel, 4-Camera System: Best Video Resolution

You’re probably tired of hearing this, but you do get what you pay for. In this case, the extra price associated with Swann’s Full HD surveillance cameras buys you a 3-megapixel, crystal-clear video quality that’s head and shoulders above the standard 1080p. The cameras come equipped with two-way audio and are also incredibly durable with a high weatherproof rating that makes them ideal for outdoor use.

Another standout feature of Swann’s multi-camera system is the NVR, which is similar to a DVR but allows for live viewing and playback in real-time—plus, it comes with 2 TB of storage. The SwannView Link app provides access to camera footage anytime and anywhere from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. You can also customize the sensitivity of the motion detectors on the cameras so you won’t be bombarded by false alarm notifications.


  • Ultra HD 1080p resolution
  • Two-way audio
  • Live stream, real-time playback


  • No cloud storage
  • No PTZ capabilities
  • Expensive price

More Multi-Camera Systems That Are Worth a Look

We’ve got a few more recommendations that include a wireless solution if you prefer the sleek and subtle approach to security.

LaView 8-Channel, 6-Camera System

LaView’s camera system has 1080p resolution and a 3D dynamic noise reduction feature that makes night vision especially effective. And while the cameras didn’t top our list because of their narrow viewing angle and lack of audio and PTZ capabilities, they do offer expansive storage. The NVR comes standard with 2 TB.

Arlo Pro Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

We couldn’t round out this list without a recommendation for at least one wireless multi-camera system. The Arlo Pro system offers a modern, attractive setup with up to six cameras that have a superior 130-degree viewing angle, night vision, and a smart siren. The user-friendly app is a crowd favorite and provides seven-day free cloud storage with a USB backup. Be careful not to rack up expensive monthly fees if you opt into a subscription for more storage.

Things to Consider before You Buy a Multi-Camera Security System

There are a lot of features to consider when you’re looking for the best multi-camera system for your property:

  • Wired or Wireless: Wired cameras are trickier to install and usually require professional installation, but they provide better picture quality. If you decide to stay sleek and go wireless, pay attention to the cameras’ resolution. Broadcasting in HD is going to eat into the battery life of the camera quickly—even the best wireless cameras and systems typically have lower resolutions.
  • Camera Type: The type of camera you use will depend on a few factors, including whether you’re mounting it indoors or outdoors and the style of your home. Generally, bullet cameras are designed for outdoor use and typically have more weather resistant features than other kinds of security cameras. Check the label for the weatherproof rating, sometimes referred to as the IP rating. The best outdoor security cameras and systems will have models with an IP rating of 66 or higher.
  • Field of View: This sounds like a fancy term, but field of view just means how much you can see through the camera lens. The wider the field of view, the better the visibility and hopefully, the fewer cameras you’ll need to cover a large space.
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ): This camera capability is just what it sounds like—it refers to controlling the camera’s movement remotely with pan, tilt, or zoom. This feature is often important if you own a business or you’re concerned about screening visitors at an entrance or gate and need to get up close and personal.
  • Video Resolution: The video resolution refers to the clarity of the picture, and typically, you’ll want something with at least 720p or higher to see relevant details. Keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the larger the file size will be for video storage.
  • Night Vision: Infrared technology is essential in a security camera because it’s what enables you to record in the dark. Look for models that provide a standard 100-foot night vision capability.
  • Two-Way Audio: Obviously, a camera’s primary purpose is visual surveillance, but having audio capabilities can be valuable to determine false alarms. It’s also helpful if you’re using the camera system to remotely monitor gates and doors for deliveries and visitors.
  • Video storage: Most multi-camera systems come equipped with a DVR, which is handy because you’re going to need somewhere to store all that video footage. Make sure if you intend to expand your camera system someday, you opt for a DVR that has the storage capacity to keep up.
  • Mobile App: You should double-check to be sure the camera system you’re investing in is compatible with your iOS or Android device. The mobile app should also offer a way to customize alerts and view footage on your smartphone.

Multi-Camera Security System FAQs

Why buy a multi-camera system?

Burglars specifically cite security cameras as a deterrent, which is one of the most important reasons why you need video surveillance.1 A multi-camera system can be particularly effective at monitoring a larger property through different types of security cameras inside and outside the home. If you know you’re going to want multiple cameras eventually, investing in a system now saves you the headache of trying to connect mismatched hardware later.

Who are multi-camera security systems best for?

Multi-camera systems are customizable and adaptable to security challenges inside and outside your home. They work well for houses with multiple entry points on several different levels, or if you have a business attached to your home and your property may need more robust surveillance. Large properties with gated entrances, extensive acreage, and remote vacation properties are all good candidates for the extra eyes a multi-camera system provides.

How many security cameras do I need?

The number of security cameras you need depends on your space, your situation, and the viewing angles of your cameras. You’ll need fewer cameras to cover the same area if the cameras have a wider angle. You should consider monitoring any main entrances to your home, the driveway or parking lot, and any part of the perimeter you want to restrict access to like a gate or fence line.

What’s the difference between a 4-channel system and a 4-camera system?

This packaging language can be confusing, but it’s an important distinction. A 4-camera system is just what it sounds like and should include four cameras. However, if your multi-camera system says 4-channels, that refers to how many channels the system will accommodate. If you want to purchase a smaller camera system with the option to expand, look for one that offers more channels than cameras with a DVR that has expandable storage capacity.

How We Picked the Best Multi-Camera Security System

We weeded through customer reviews of the best home security camera systems to find our top contenders. We considered reviews alongside recommendations and ratings from experts and trusted sources like Consumer Reports, the Better Business Bureau, and Trustpilot. Our methodology involved not only finding the right blend of features and affordability but also looking for companies with an established reputation for excellence. Check out our methodology to learn more about how we review products.

1. 7KTVB.com, “We Asked 86 Burglars How They Broke into Homes

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