Creative Places to Hide Your Home Security Cameras

Written by | Updated January 6, 2017

A home security camera can help protect your home from potential burglars. In the event your home is broken into, the video from a camera may help the police catch the thief.

If you opt to incorporate cameras into your home security system, you’ll be faced with choosing where to put them. Sometimes you want cameras displayed so people know they’re being watched, while other times you don’t want to tip a potential burglar off to a camera. You’ll likely want cameras near the entrances of your home, but beyond that, we have five different locations that you may not have thought of hiding a camera.

1. In a Potted Plant

You likely have a plant or a flower arrangement somewhere in your home and this is a great place to hide a camera.  The plant won’t look out of place and won’t raise any suspicions. Plus, if the plant has a lot of leaves, the camera will easily be concealed.

2. In a Box of Food

You can hide a security camera in a fake box of food that you store in your pantry. If your pantry has a door that closes, put the box on the kitchen counter or on a shelf in the kitchen, as it won’t do any good if the door is shut. An empty cereal box, a faux soda can, or even on a can of soup could all be creative places to hide a camera.

3. On Grandma’s Diamond Ring

A favorite of thieves to steal is jewelry, so why not try to catch a burglar in the act? Hide a camera on a jewel in a necklace, on a ring band, or even a tie tack. Sure these will have to be tiny cameras, but they’re out there. Plus, if the burglar does get away with your precious gem, you’ll be able to see where they’re at.

4. The Eye of the Tiger

Do you have a nanny or a long-term babysitter? If you want to see how your children are being treated while you are away, try hiding a camera in or on one of their toys. The eye of a stuffed animal or on the wheel of a toy car make excellent hiding places for cameras.

5. On the Tip of a Pen

It might seem obvious to put a camera on your desk or on your computer monitor, but a less obvious place to hide a camera, and still have it in your office, is on the top of a pen. Keep the pen on your desk so you can keep an eye on who comes and goes from your office space.

Hiding your security cameras in unique and creative places may give you the extra protection needed to help protect your home and family from theft. Just make sure the camera has an unobstructed view, no matter where you put it, so the footage can be helpful if you end up needing it.

Written by Hillary Johnston

A proud mother of four, Hillary is passionate about safety education. She holds a degree in Public Health and Disaster Management. Learn more

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