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ADT vs. Frontpoint Security

We’re pitting home security giants Frontpoint and ADT against one another. Find out which one stands out as our favorite.
Written by | Updated April 8, 2020
Best Monitoring
ADT Home Security
  • Fast response time
  • 140+ years of experience
  • Fast response time
  • 140+ years of experience
Best Customer Service
Frontpoint Home Security
  • Risk-free trial
  • No contract required
  • Risk-free trial
  • No contract required

We know it’s a crowded field out there in the world of home security. That’s why we’re lining up the best providers side by side to see how they stack up when it comes to price, contract, features, customer service, monitoring experience, and more.

When it comes to reputation, both companies garner a lot of praise, but there’s no way Frontpoint can beat ADT’s 140+ years of experience. On the other hand, Frontpoint dominates when it comes to keeping customers happy.

One significant place where these two diverge is installation. Frontpoint is a DIY home security system, while ADT requires professional installation. And both security companies are on the higher end when it comes to pricing.

See which company prevails as we dig into all of these issues and more in our comparison below.

Pricing and Plans Comparison

Lowest Monthly Monitoring Price
Trial Period
Contract Required
Connection Type

30-day money-back guarantee 6-month money-back guarantee*

DIY Professional
Cellular Cellular
View Plans View Plans

Data as of 4/8/20. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

*Certain restrictions apply

What Do Frontpoint and ADT Have in Common?

Both home security companies offer a robust selection of home security equipment and professional monitoring packages. And across the board, those packages come with monitoring fees that are on the higher end.

Our preferred ADT-authorized provider, SafeStreets, security and Frontpoint provide a reliable cellular connection to established monitoring centers, plus home automation integration and mobile apps. Here’s a breakdown of the similarities we think matter most:

  • Wireless home security options
  • Home automation compatibility
  • Secure cellular connection
  • Video monitoring upgrades
  • Mobile app available
  • High monthly monitoring fees

How Are Frontpoint and ADT Different?

As much as these companies have in common, they also have quite a lot that makes them different. Most apparent is installation methods—ADT offers 100% professional installation, but Frontpoint doesn’t give customers a professional install option.

ADT through SafeStreets requires a contract and Frontpoint does not. But ADT does have the most monitoring centers of any home security company. And thanks to multiple connection options, ADT is more accessible to people who live in rural areas. Check out our rundown of crucial differences below.

  • Installation options
  • Contract options
  • Connection types
  • Number of monitoring centers
  • Years of experience
  • Equipment pricing

Frontpoint Basics

Frontpoint has repeatedly topped our best home alarm systems list, and customers echo our praise. Frontpoint’s simple, DIY installation and outstanding reputation for customer service make it an easy home security company to like.

But Frontpoint’s monthly monitoring fees are pricey, and you only have one connection option—cellular.

The company offers customizable equipment packages, and you can move with your Frontpoint equipment without any fees or interruption to your service (as long as you let them know your new address in a timely manner!).

Best of all, Frontpoint recently dropped its required 36-month contract. That makes those steep monitoring fees (starting at $44.99) more palatable. 

“Frontpoint is on the higher end of price, but it’s capabilities and the customer service justify the price. I’ve contacted them a few times and tested the system, and I have never had a problem getting in touch….Very happy with my decision..”

Michael B. from Dallas, TX | September 2017


  • Excellent customer service
  • 30-day, risk-free trial
  • Portable, wireless equipment
  • DIY installation
  • No contracts
  • Mobile app available with all plans


  • Pricey monitoring fees
  • No professional installation option
  • Cellular connection only

ADT Basics

ADT home security equipment and logo

ADT is practically synonymous with reliable home security. This alarm company has more than 140 years of experience and operates the largest number of monitoring centers in the country.

ADT-monitored security delivers reliable, trusted protection that millions of people have relied on over the years. But that reputation and experience come at a price, and that is ADT’s main Achilles’ heel. 

The company has spendy monthly fees, and it requires a lot of add-ons for things like fire protection and video monitoring. Its landline monitoring starts at $36.99 per month, but if you upgrade to cellular monitoring, the cheapest option is $44.99.

ADT has done a great job of evolving, though. The company now has smart home compatibility, wireless equipment options, and even offers security solutions for renters.

“I feel very safe in my home when I’m there and very confident that my home is monitored when I’m away. Tremendously thankful for a wonderful alarm system and helpful staff.”

Jenoveva H. from Odessa, TX | January 2018


  • Strong reputation
  • Fast response times
  • Multiple monitoring centers
  • Customer-first guarantees
  • Professional installation
  • Deals on equipment and installation


  • Long-term contracts
  • Upgrade required for smoke and CO monitoring
  • Expensive monthly monitoring

The Bottom Line: ADT vs. Frontpoint

Frontpoint is our Best Overall Home Security System, and ADT is always our top choice when it comes to professional monitoring and reputation.

Each have strengths including reliable connectionsgood track recordscutting-edge equipment, and customer-friendly policies and practices.

We like that Frontpoint includes life and environmental safety monitoring (smoke and CO detectors) in all of its  plans, but it doesn’t offer medical alert monitoring like ADT. Both companies raise the rates if you want video monitoring, but that’s business as usual in the home security industry.

And it’s hard to ignore ADT’s years of experience—Frontpoint hit the scene in 2007, whereas ADT has been around for more than 140 years. Here’s a look at whether or not those years make a difference when we compare specifics like price, service, and features.

Price and Contract

Until recently, both alarm companies required a three-year contract that you can’t get out of without a buyout. But in November 2019, Frontpoint dropped its contract requirement in favor of month-to-month monitoring plans.

Frontpoint discontinued its long contracts that were tricky to get out of—but ADT still requires a three-year contract that comes with pricey termination fees (75% of your remaining contract).

They are fairly comparable when it comes to price—especially when you compare the cost of cellular monitoring. ADT’s lowest monitoring package starts at $36.99, while Frontpoint’s lowest-tier plan starts at $44.99. But ADT’s lower price doesn’t include a cellular connection—it’s landline only. The cheapest cellular ADT-monitored security plan is $44.99, matching Frontpoint’s lowest-tier option.

Although Frontpoint offers a 30-day money-back trial period, ADT has lower starting monthly fees (for landline monitoring) plus a six-month money-back service guarantee. (Certain restrictions apply.)

Where Frontpoint really pulls out the win is with its no-contract monthly monitoring. That means you can stop and start your monitoring at-will—without any extra fees or penalties.  

Customer Service

Frontpoint is the winner here. Although ADT has made giant leaps forward in this area, there are some negative experiences out there that mar the company’s reputation. ADT uses third-party retailers, which puts a lot of customer service out of the company’s control.

And we can’t deny how impressed we are with Frontpoint’s quick response to customer input. In 2019 the company fundamentally changed the way it does business, and customers were the driving force. From an online store that saves you from having to talk to a salesperson to the abolition of long-term contracts, Frontpoint is making big moves to do right by customers.

Equipment and Features

This is a tough one to call. Both companies offer state-of-the-art equipment that comes with home automation capabilities and works with third-party smart home devices.

But Frontpoint includes smoke and carbon monoxide protection in all packages and makes it easy for customers to move with their equipment. Frontpoint also includes its mobile app in all packages. That’s a perk you have to pay more for with ADT.

But we like that ADT gives every customer a free in-home security assessment. Through SafeStreets, ADT also provides expert installation that ensures that all of your security equipment and features work properly from the get-go.

Plus, you can get ADT protection no matter where you live thanks to its landline monitoring option. Greater accessibility and expert guidance tip ADT over the top in this category.

Overall Winner: Frontpoint

Although it’s neck and neck between these two home security giants, at the end of the day we had to give it to Frontpoint.

Customer-first practices like no contracts, online shopping flow, mobile app included in every plan, and Crash & Smash protection help Frontpoint stand out as a home security leader. The company also offers equipment for no money down and doesn’t hit your credit with a check when you use its consumer financing program. 

Frontpoint turned nearly all of its negatives into positives over the course of 2019, which makes it easy for us to give this home security company our full endorsement.

Written by Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca is the lead safety reporter and in-house expert for SafeWise.com. She has been a journalist and blogger for over 25 years, with a focus on home and community safety for the past six. Rebecca spends dozens of hours every month testing and evaluating security products and strategies. Her safety expertise is sought after by publications, broadcast journalists, non-profit organizations, podcasts, and more. You can find her work and contributions in places like TechCrunch, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, HGTV, MSN, and an ever-growing library of radio and TV clips. Learn more

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