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Personal Safety

What's the state of safety in America?

Personal Safety FAQ

From self defense and first aid to bicycle safety and online dating, we answer your personal safety questions.

Personal protection

Personal protection devices like pepper sprays and stun guns can open a window of escape if you’re ever attacked. Take a look at our guides outlining the best ways to stay safe at home, on campus, and everywhere in between.
pepper spray
The 5 Best Pepper Sprays for Self Defense
Find the right pepper spray to defend yourself. We review pricing, ease of use, and...
digital lock
Top 5 best gun safes of 2024
Find the right gun safe for your home. We review pricing, security, and capacity of...
women looking at map on phone at night
The Best Apps for Safely Walking Home Alone
UrSafe is the best app for safety when walking alone thanks to its automatic livestream...


Personal safety involves more than watching for attackers hiding in the bushes (that doesn’t usually happen). We’ve also provided resources for protecting your identity online and staying safe at home.
padlock on computer keyboard
Best Identity Theft Protection in 2024
We researched the offerings of five leading identity theft protection services, tallying everything from antivirus...
Armed woman with semi-automatic in home by front door
Does a Gun Make Your Home Safer?
Research shows that having a gun at home does not make us safer. Learn more...
woman sitting on couch
9 Ways to Stay Safe When You Live Alone
When you don’t have a housemate to help you lock up or call for help...

Explore all personal safety

No matter if you're the outdoors type, road tripper, parent or pet lover, we've researched...
(NOT VISIBLE TO USER) PAGE ANCHOR: #Intro Fireworks were invented over a thousand years ago...
The Spyderco Chaparral Prestige is our top pick for the best knife for self-defense because...
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