Cove Home Security Review

Cove impressed us with its customer-focused practices and innovative emergency response protocols.
Overall Rating
3.8 out of 5 stars
  • Great customer reviews
  • No-hassle cancellation
  • Pro monitoring starts at $14.99/mo.
Rebecca Edwards
Security Expert, Safety & Tech Reporter
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Published on February 25, 2021

Cove brings together two things we know our readers want: good prices and great customer service. Its DIY home security system features have evolved quickly, and so has Cove’s reputation for doing right by its customers.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet 60-day money-back guarantee
Pro Bullet Lifetime warranty available
Pro Bullet RapidSOS and text messaging alerts
Pro Bullet Two-way audio with monitoring center
Pro Bullet Great customer reviews
Pro Bullet Super-easy installation
Con Heading
Con Bullet New to market
Con Bullet Limited smart home compatibility

Compare Cove monitoring plans

Monitoring planCove BasicCove Plus
Monthly monitoring fee
Mobile access
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
Warranty1 yr.Lifetime

Info current as of 02/25/2021. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

All Cove home security packages come with these features:

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • DIY installation
  • No-contract options

Is Cove right for you?

Cove is an economical, customizable home security system that delivers the basics and makes protecting your home super easy. Even though Cove has been the new kid on the block, the company has moved quickly to build out its home security offerings and expand both equipment and mobile app functions.

Here’s what you can expect from a Cove home security system:

  • Home security equipment packages made just for you
  • Multiple emergency alert and response options
  • Affordable 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Flexible customer policies
  • No contracts
  • DIY installation

One thing we don’t like is that you have to call Cove and talk to a representative to build your security package and get a price quote. We prefer no-hassle online stores from companies like SimpliSafe and Frontpoint—where you can call if you want to, but it’s not a requirement.

How Cove stacks up

Luxury smart home pickWhole-property pickReader favoritePro monitoring pickNo-contract DIY pick
blue by adt logoBlue by ADT
Lowest monthly monitoring price
Starter equipment price
Contract required
Icon Yes  LightNo†
Icon Yes  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightNo
Icon No  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightNo
Smart home compatibilityAmazon Alexa Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
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Info current as of 02/25/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
*$0 due up-front with consumer financing.
‡Landline monitoring only. Some restrictions apply. (Full disclaimer
**With $99 installation charge and new monitoring agreement. Early termination fee applies. See full disclaimer for full offer details, terms, and conditions.

Cove pricing and contracts

Cove is one of the most affordable home security choices you’ll find. One of the company’s core values is to be economical, and on that point Cove delivers. There aren’t any contract requirements, and monthly monitoring is pretty cheap, even if you opt for the higher-priced Cove Plus Plan.

At $24.99 per month, that’s about the same as a weekly splurge at Starbucks—and for a lifetime warranty plus mobile access to your security system, we think it’s worth it.

You can control your equipment costs with Cove too. Most equipment is available à la carte, and you can get a basic setup for around $275, which includes the control panel, yard and window signs, a few window and door sensors, a motion sensor, and a (free) indoor camera.

If you aren’t sure what you need to protect your abode sufficiently, Cove’s website has a simple quiz that will help you figure out where to start.

Cove lets you pay for equipment up front or over time. If you opt for $0 up front, you’ll pay an extra $10 per month if you keep Cove monitoring for 36 months. If you cancel early, you’ll have to pay for the equipment cost—but you’re not on the hook for the remaining months of monitoring fees like you are with other home security companies.

Contracts and warranties

We like that Cove offers a lifetime warranty for its equipment, but you can only get it with the higher-priced monitoring plan.

Cove isn’t the only home security company to wrap up a better warranty in a more costly plan. ADT does the same thing with its Quality Service Plan that is only available with higher-end offerings.

BrandCove ADT
Monitoring fee
WarrantyLifetimeQuality Service Plan
Service call fees
Icon Yes  LightNo
Icon No  LightYes
Contract requirementsNone36 months

Info current as of 02/25/2021. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

The warranty from Cove is the better deal—and when we asked Cove representatives how much hassle you have to go through to get a new door sensor if yours putters out, they said, “None.” Cove simply sends you a replacement, no questions asked.

Cove Equipment in Box

Our Cove box was nicely packaged.

Cove tech and equipment

Cove isn’t the most technologically advanced home security system, but it provides reliable basics that get the job done. Because the company is so new, its equipment offerings are limited. But Cove has three innovative technical features: RapidSOS, InstaText, and LiveAssist.


RapidSOS allows Cove dispatchers to communicate more effectively with emergency responders, which the company says results in improved response times (up to three minutes faster). It's effective because it stores vital information (location data, household information, health needs) in a format that's easier to send to 911 responders than sharing the same info over the phone.

Cove is the first security company to use RapidSOS, which gives it a big leg up on the competition.

Cove InstaText

This feature uses text messaging to send you immediate alerts if an alarm is triggered. You can respond instantly to false alarms and dispatch emergency services if you need help—all with a text. This feature is useful for people who may not always be able to answer the phone but rarely ignore a text. It’s adapting age-old security protocols to the way we live and communicate today. Pretty smart.

Cove LiveAssist

With Cove LiveAssist, you have a dedicated line of communication with Cove right through your panel. You can use this two-way audio feature to communicate in real-time if you need help or need to address a false alarm.

This feature provides an extra layer of security and gives you more control over your home’s security. And you can count on it even if your panel gets unplugged or if your power goes out—its backup battery lasts for 24 hours.

Cove home security equipment

hand unboxing Cove security system

We got a chance to play with Cove's equipment.

Equipment and price

  • Cove Touch Panel, $184 ea.
  • YI Indoor Camera, $59 ea.
  • Door Sensor/Window Sensor, $15 ea.
  • Motion Detector, $30 ea.
  • Security Key Fob, $25 ea.
  • Glass Break Detector, $35 ea.
  • Smoke Heat Freeze Detector, $30 ea.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector, $50 ea.
  • Flood/Freeze Sensor, $20 ea.
  • Panic/Medical Button, $20 ea.

Cove tech and equipment standouts

Standout feature: Preconfigured equipment

Many home security systems tout preprogrammed security equipment that’s easy to install, but Cove’s is the easiest one I’ve seen. And it talks to you—when you name a sensor (e.g., back door), you’ll hear “back door” every time it’s activated. We like that the only option isn’t a deafening and difficult-to-stop siren. We’ve tangled with those in the past (Ring), and it can be stressful.

Biggest drawback: Limited security cameras

Currently, the Cove system is limited to three indoor security cameras because of the burden that streaming video puts on the network and your home Wi-Fi bandwidth. Also, outdoor security cameras are available only upon request.

I think having eyes on the outside of your home is vital to keeping your property, people, and pets safe. We hope to see outdoor cameras added as a regular part of the Cove home security system soon.

Cove DIY installation

Cove security box with Start Here instructions

We’re impressed with the simplicity of Cove’s installation and setup process. All the components of your security system come preconfigured. You can even name them when you order so your son’s bedroom window sensor will come ready to be installed in his room. And if you make a naming mistake or decide to move a sensor to a different place, it’s easy to give it a new name using the control panel.

The control panel is the heart of the Cove home security system—it walks you through setup and tests each sensor to make sure they’re working correctly. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you set up a window or door sensor the right way, so we like that Cove’s audio confirmation leaves no doubt.

Cove smart home features

Cove’s smart home offerings are fairly scant. The system is focused first on providing security, and home automation is a lower priority. The system currently works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but other smart home options, like smart locks and climate control, are limited. Right now you can integrate a Nest thermostat or August smart door lock with your Cove security system.

Cove told us that expanded smart home compatibility is coming this year, and we’re eager to see how that impacts the company’s home automation offerings.

Cove smart home compatibility

Smart home featureThird-party compatibility
Voice controlAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Climate controlNone
Lighting controlNone
Smart home hub

Amazon Echo, Google Home

Smart door locksAugust

Cove customer service

Although Cove is new to the scene, the company has already garnered a hefty collection of positive customer reviews. In my experience with the company, it’s been friendly, responsive, and eager to please. You can tell that the people who created Cove and work for the company enjoy what they do and believe in their product.

Here’s a look at current Cove ratings for customer service and satisfaction.*

  • Google reviews: 3.5 stars
  • Trustpilot rating: 4.8 stars out of 5, Excellent
  • Cove Security app on Google Play: 2.6 stars out of 5
  • Cove Security app on Apple App Store: 2.5 stars out of 5

*Ratings as of February 25, 2021.

Cove's 60-day money-back guarantee

You can try out the Cove security system risk-free for up to two months. If during that time you don’t think it’s a good fit for your home security needs, you can return your equipment and cancel your monitoring service without a penalty. Cove will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

No-hassle cancellation

Cove told us that they don't believe in holding customers up with the fine print. If you don't love your Cove security system, or your needs change, Cove is committed to letting you off the hook without a big runaround or a huge final bill.

Final word

We’re pretty excited to see Cove entering the DIY home security arena. It’s a young company, but they’re doing a lot of things right—especially when it comes to the way Cove treats customers.

If you want a customizable home security system that’s easy for you to install on your own and doesn’t lock you into a contract, we think Cove is a solid choice.

How we evaluated Cove security

When we learned about Cove home security, we got in touch with them to find out more. Cove came out and met with us to explain who they are, why they do what they do, and what makes their DIY security system stand out from the rest. (We’ve met with the company multiple times since our initial testing).

We got to meet the founder of the company, hear from sales and marketing, and grill the tech team about Cove equipment, its features, and how they’re improving the mobile app.

Plus, we got to try out Cove’s equipment. We ran a system through the setup process and then tested all of the sensors to see how they worked. We also pored over online customer reviews, read other expert reviews, and compared Cove to other DIY security systems.

Cove FAQ

Right now, you can use the Cove mobile app to remotely arm and disarm your system using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You can also check your system’s status, bypass sensors, and add or delete user accounts. To save you from constantly checking your alarm system’s status, the app sends text and email alerts when the system is either triggered or disarmed.

Cove is currently in the process of further development on the app and we’re excited to see more smart home control and options.

Yes. Like many other home security companies, Cove provides you with a certificate that you can present to your insurance company for a discount on your premium.

To get your certificate, your system has to be installed and activated. Details on discounts vary by insurance company, so be sure to talk to your agent for specifics.

Because Cove puts together each security system to your specifications, it may take four to six days for your system to be delivered.

The company strives to get all orders out within one day of ordering, but sometimes it may take a day or two to assemble your security system and get it in the mail.

Yes. Cove is a good match for both homeowners and renters. And if you move, all you need to do is pack up your Cove security equipment (along with everything else) and let them know your new address.

Changing your address with Cove is essential to make sure the monitoring center knows where to send help if you need it.

Rebecca Edwards
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Rebecca Edwards
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