The Best Pet Insurance

Reviews on the best pet insurance plans for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets. Compare coverage from pet insurance companies like Figo, Nationwide, and Healthy Paws.
Best for Comprehensive Coverage
Figo Pet Insurance
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    No copay for life-saving care
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    No exclusions for cured congenital conditions
Best for Dogs
trupanion pet insurance
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    90% coverage
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    Direct pay available
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    Covers hip dysplasia
Best for Cats
healthy paws pet insurance
Healthy Paws
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    No lifetime ceiling
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    Fast claims processing
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    Highly-rated cat insurance

Figo Earns Our Paw of Approval for the Best Pet Insurance

Since many of us consider our animal companions family, it's no surprise that more than two million pets in the United States are covered by pet health insurance.1 We reviewed and rated pet insurance companies on what matters to pet parents, such as coverage for preexisting conditions, waiting periods, and annual deductibles.

Figo came out as top dog with three levels of insurance coverage that offer comprehensive pet insurance. Figo not only covers vet exam fees for injuries and accidents but also waives your copays for lifesaving treatments. Figo pet insurance plans also don’t exclude hip dysplasia, a common congenital condition for large breed dogs.

We also loved Figo’s cloud-based approach to storing your pet’s medical records and the way it uses the latest technology to coordinate reimbursing claims. All of these perks let pet owners stop worrying about the cost of vet bills and start focusing on helping pets enjoy a better quality of life.

The Best Pet Insurance Plans

Most Comprehensive Best for Dogs Best for Cats Best for Prevention Best for Exotic Pets



Healthy Paws




$100–$750 annually

$50–$1,000 per incident, per lifetime

$100–$500 annually



Number of Plans






Lifetime/Annual limits

None with highest tier coverage



$5,000 to $30,000

None with highest tier coverage

Data effective 1/10/2020. Offers and availability subject to change.

Reviews: The Best Pet Insurance

1. Figo: Best for Comprehensive Coverage

Best Comprehensive Coverage

Figo Pet Insurance has a broad range of pet insurance plans and is one of the only pet insurance companies that offers up to 100% reimbursement based on the vet bill you receive. Figo has three plans, each with a different annual deductible.

No matter which plan you choose, Figo waives the copay in the event your pet needs life-saving treatment. Figo also offers cloud-based, paperless medical records, with automatic reminders for immunizations and streamlined reimbursements. Figo’s pet cloud even has geolocation in case your microchipped furry friend goes missing.

Figo has a relatively short waiting period until coverage kicks in and a wide range of discounts available for service pets, military and veteran animals, and adopted shelter pets. And as long as your dog’s congenital or preexisting condition has been cured for 12 months, they won’t be excluded from coverage.

You’ll also be impressed with Figo’s exceptional customer service and the stellar industry reputation of their underwriter, Markel Specialty.² Figo does have higher priced premiums for basic coverage, a 30-day reimbursement turn around, and no wellness care coverage. But given all the perks your tail-wagger will receive, Figo’s premiums pack exceptional value.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Choose up to 100% reimbursement
Pro Bullet Exam fees covered (higher-tier plans)
Pro Bullet No copay for life-saving care
Pro Bullet Cloud-based pet healthcare management
Con Heading
Con Bullet Higher premiums for standard plan
Con Bullet Up to 30 days for reimbursement
Con Bullet No wellness care coverage

2. Trupanion: Best for Dogs

Best for Dogs

Trupanion boasts a couple advantages that are particularly useful for dog parents. It gets a big paws up for being the only pet insurance company on our list that can directly pay your veterinarian when you submit veterinary bills through their online portal.

This pet insurance company also has a unique deductible that lets you pay a lifetime amount per condition. Once your deductible is met, Trupanion coverage will kick in for the rest of your dog’s life. This can be particularly useful for dog breeds prone to chronic conditions like allergies or hip dysplasia. 

Trupanion offers only one plan, but it pays 90% of eligible expenses with no lifetime or annual limits. However, exam fees and preventative care aren’t eligible for reimbursement. And while Trupanion has slightly higher premiums, you’ll save in the long run if you have a young pup or a purebred dog prone to certain conditions that require regular treatment.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Lifetime deductible per condition
Pro Bullet Direct payments to your vet
Pro Bullet 90% reimbursement
Pro Bullet No lifetime or annual limits
Con Heading
Con Bullet No wellness or preventive care
Con Bullet No coverage for exam fees
Con Bullet Higher premiums

3. Healthy Paws: Best for Cats

Best for Cats

Healthy Paws keeps it simple for furry friends of both the canine and feline persuasion with one unlimited plan. And Healthy Paws insurance plans do exactly what they state with unlimited lifetime benefits once you meet your annual deductible. Healthy Paws boasts awards as the best-rated cat insurance for the past several years. However, the significant limitations on hip dysplasia make Healthy Paws an unattractive choice for dog owners, especially those with large breeds.

Despite the limitations on common dog conditions, this pet insurance company has a stellar industry reputation and solid customer service ratings.³ Healthy Paws also provides fast claims processing with about a two-day turnaround for most reimbursements. While there is a longer initial waiting period after enrollment compared to other pet insurance providers, we think you’ll find the comprehensive coverage from Healthy Paws worth the wait. 

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Unlimited lifetime benefits
Pro Bullet Top-rated cat insurance
Pro Bullet Great customer service
Pro Bullet Fast claims processing
Con Heading
Con Bullet Poor hip dysplasia coverage
Con Bullet Longer waiting period

More Pet Insurance Plans That Are Worth a Look

If you’ve got a special situation, we’ve got you covered with more options for pets of all different sizes and species.

4. Embrace Pet Insurance: Preventative Power

Preventative Power

When it comes to healthcare, prevention is half the battle and our furry companions are no different. Embrace is a great option for preventative health insurance. And if you want pet healthcare coverage that includes a wellness plan, Embrace should top your list. Embrace even offers wellness rewards accounts that are like flex spending for your pet with perks you can put toward nail trims and dental cleanings.

5. Nationwide Pet Insurance: Breed Variety Coverage

Breed Variety Coverage

If it slithers, flies, or creeps, Nationwide probably has a pet insurance plan to cover it. Nationwide offers plans specifically designed for exotic pets like birds, lizards, snakes, and even potbellied pigs. Nationwide Pet Insurance covers examinations, lab fees, prescriptions, X-rays, and hospitalizations for 23 different kinds of animals, including dogs and cats.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Pet Health Insurance

Age and Breed

The cost of your pet insurance policy is going to depend on a few variables, but the most significant will be the age and breed of your pet. Just like people, older animals are prone to more serious health problems and cost more to insure. Certain dog breeds can also have high incidents of chronic conditions that mean a lifetime of prescription medications and recurring surgeries. Shop around to find the best rate, but be aware that some pets are more expensive to insure than others.

Preexisting and Congenital Conditions

If your dog or cat has a preexisting condition, they can probably still get coverage, but any costs associated with that condition will not be covered by pet insurance. Look for policies that have exceptions for congenital conditions that have been cured for a certain time period and dig into what you’ll have to provide to prove your pet is in good health.

Deductibles and Premiums

As with most pet insurance options, the higher the deductible, the lower your monthly premium and vice versa. Look to strike a balance between a monthly payment you can afford and an annual deductible that won’t break the bank when an accident or illness occurs. Monthly premiums and deductibles can also vary considerably depending on the rate of reimbursement you select.

Wellness and Preventive Care

While it’s not standard in most pet insurance policies, wellness and preventative care is a key factor in controlling costs and keeping your pet healthy. If you’re caring for a young dog or cat you expect to be a lifetime companion, paying a bit more for wellness coverage from an insurance provider may reap dividends through a longer and better quality of life for your pet.


When it comes to whether you’ll pay more with or without pet insurance in the long run, the short answer is that it depends. For certain pets, you’ll pay more in monthly premiums than you’ll incur in medical costs and vet bills. Younger, healthier pets tend to be relatively inexpensive to insure and if they end up with chronic conditions later in life, insurance will have been a fabulous investment.

Your monthly premium for pet insurance will depend on the kind of coverage you have and other factors like age, breed, and location. On average, you can expect to pay about $40 a month for a standard pet insurance plan for a dog or cat.

No pet insurance plans cover costs associated with preexisting conditions. However, many insurance plans will agree to cover your pet for other health costs and concerns if the congenital condition has been cured for a year or more. If your pet does have a preexisting condition like allergies or hip dysplasia, it pays to shop around.

Hip dysplasia is a condition in which the hip bone doesn’t sit fully within the hip socket, leading it to become dislocated more easily. This is a condition that is common in dogs and is usually a birth defect, specifically in larger dog breeds like mastiffs, retrievers, and St. Bernards. 

Pet Assure is not a pet insurance plan but a discount plan for pet owners who sign up and go to network providers to receive discounted veterinary care. It includes a wide variety of services such as dental cleanings, spay and neutering, and even vaccinations.

How We Picked the Best Pet Insurance Plans

As pet parents, we appreciate that pets are family, so we approached finding the best pet insurance plans with that in mind. We screened for the best pet insurance companies that were widely available across the United States with solid reputations via Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot. Using expert advice about coverage and deductibles, we worked to find not just the best value but the best care for your animal companion.

Want to bite off more than you can chew? You can find our full methodology here. 

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