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Home Security Camera on Shelf with Toys
How to Keep Your Smart Home Safe from Hacking
Find out how to keep all of your smart home devices safe from hackers by...
smart speaker in living room
What Is Home Automation and How Does It Work?
Home automation gives you access to control devices in your home from a mobile device...
smart home panel
Room-by-Room Guide to Home Automation
We live in a fast-paced world of convenience. Check out devices you can use in...

Anatomy of a smart home system

Home automation is more than the sum of its parts. Wondering which devices you need? These handy guides will help you build your smart home from the ground up.

Prevent hacking

While smart home devices make your life easier, they can expose you to digital threats. The good news is that you can protect your family and property with a few simple online safety practices. 


Check out the best deals on smart home devices and home security systems. 


Learn how your doorbell can catch package thieves or how to turn on lights with your voice. Explore our home automation resources for inspiration and ideas.

Smart Home FAQ

Smart home devices help make your life easier, safer, and more energy efficient. We answer your smart home questions.

Google Smart Speaker by Bed

Explore Smart Home Content

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If you want to start or grow your Google smart home, you’ll need amazing tech...
In a concerning incident, some Wyze security camera owners recently discovered they had unauthorized access...
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