Personal safety devices for travel, at home, and more.

It’s not just teenagers who are making a push for more independence. More American adults than ever are choosing to be single, and more single men and women continue to purchase homes every year—and we want to help keep them safe. Maintaining independence and personal safety do not need to be mutually exclusive.
There are many personal safety apps and devices on the market that enable individuals to keep their independence while maintaining their safety. Here are some of our favorites to assist with your safety and independence.

Personal Safety Devices for Your Home

Home security systems help create peace of mind by protecting the things that matter most. But if you are not quite ready to install a home security system, there are many alternative items you can place in your home to help protect your residence.

These items may be especially appealing to renters who can’t install their own security systems or need devices that are easily transportable from residence to residence.

Door Stop Alarm

Affordable and convenient door stop alarms like this GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm are placed under a closed door and sound an alarm if the door is opened. This product also features a rubber bottom to resist forcible entry.

Video Doorbell


The Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell will send your smartphone or tablet an alert if someone rings your doorbell, or if it detects motion outside your front door. You can then choose to see or speak to guests from your device anywhere in the world.

Indoor Camera


Portable Wi-Fi indoor security cameras allow you to monitor activity that happens within your residence. This highly rated model from Amcrest will track motion, allow you to monitor a video feed sent to your smartphone, enable two-way conversations, and send email alerts of activity. 

911 Emergency Alert System


Contact 911 immediately by pushing the button on the LogicMark Guardian Alert System. This no-muss-or-fuss device works in and around your residence and will dial a 911 operator when you simply push the only button on the device. 

Portable Safety Devices

Spray mace and stun guns are go-to items when we think about portable safety devices, though they are not the only handy options. Below we provide other inconspicuous devices that are great for self-defense and nonviolent protection while out and about, including devices that are geared towards physical fitness activities.

Siren Sound Alarm


Call attention to yourself and deter unwanted attention with mini alarm devices, like Pankratz Products’ Squeeze Button Personal Safety Device.

Personal Safety Devices for Your Car

These products will come in handy no matter where you are and what comes your way. You need to be just as prepared in your vehicle as you are in your home.

Emergency Car Kit


AAA offers a variety of emergency roadside-assistance kits that are incredibly useful when you find yourself with a broken-down vehicle on the side of the road. This AAA 76-Piece Excursion Road Kit won’t be your young driver’s favorite gift until they need it—then they’ll thank you.

Seatbelt Cutter and Window Breaker


Hopefully you never need to use the LifeHammer Escape Hammer, but just knowing it is in the glove compartment can provide some peace of mind. Should you ever need to cut yourself or others out of seat belts or break your car’s windows, you will be happy that you went with the reliable LifeHammer.

Personal Safety Devices for the Outdoors

You may love adventure, but nothing stops a good time like encountering an emergency. Luckily, we’ve recommended a couple essential devices to make sure you’re prepared at all times.

Ultimate Paracord Bracelet


The Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet by Last Man Survival Gear conveniently fits sixteen items around your wrist in preparation for use, even at an unplanned time. This kit includes equipment to navigate, fish, and start fires.

Emergency Satellite Messenger


The DeLorme inReach satellite tracker is easily worn on your person and sends signals via satellite that allow you to communicate in remote areas with your friends, family, and emergency personnel. It is a little pricey, but it provides global coverage through the Iriduim satellite network.

Personal Safety Devices for Travelers

Whether you’re staying in hotels or hostels and backpacking or traveling in style, you’ll want to keep these products handy wherever you travel.

 Hidden-Pocket Undershirt


If you want to conveniently hide your passport, credit cards, and other important small items from potential thieves or pickpockets, there are alternatives to the traditional travel wallet. We are fans of Clever Travel Companion’s undershirts that hide those essential items inside a discreet pocket. 

Additional Door Lock



The Addalock is a portable apparatus used to provide extra security to doors that open inwards. This beneficial device can be installed and removed in just moments.

Whether it’s for you or a loved one, being prepared can provide the greatest feeling of security. Check out the SafeWise resource library for best tips and practices to keep yourself and community safe.

Written by Parinaz Samimi

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