Safety Devices for Seniors

Helping seniors stay safe not only prolongs their independence, it also gives them a valuable sense of security and empowerment — whether they’re aging at home or in an assisted environment. Fortunately, there are a number of innovative safety products available. After researching dozens of these products, we carefully compiled this list of the top safety devices for seniors.

Communication Solutions

Claris Companion


The Claris Companion allows seniors to experience the joy and security of exchanging emails, text messages, photos, and videos with their loved ones. Designed specifically with seniors in mind — the average user is 86 years old — the tablet-like device offers a straightforward user experience. The simple interface includes large buttons and text, amplified sound, and uncomplicated charging.

List price: Starting at $29/month

Available from Claris Companion

The Jitterbug

Great Call’s Jitterbug is an incredibly easy-to-use cellphone created for seniors. It has a vivid display, big buttons, a bright red emergency button, and a dial tone that sounds similar to a traditional landline phone. Jitterbug also offers a preprogrammed button that connects to the person of the senior’s choice, like a loved one or caregiver. A long-lasting battery adds to Jitterbug’s convenience and value, and there is also a touch-screen model.

List price: $99

Available from Amazon

Home Safety Products

Anti-Scald Attachments

Excessively hot tap water accounts for approximately 3,800 injuries and nearly three dozen deaths per year. At only 140 degrees Fahrenheit, water can burn someone in as little as 30 seconds. To help prevent hot water injuries, install anti-scald devices on showerheads and sink faucets that shut off water when it reaches 117 degrees.

List price: From $40 – $55

Available from Amazon

MD2 Plus Pill Dispenser

Keeping track of which pills to take, and when, can be confusing and dangerous — especially if seniors have numerous prescriptions. The MD2 Plus locked automatic pill dispenser keeps up to 28 doses of pills organized, and dispenses up to six times per day with the touch of a button. An alarm sounds and light flashes to remind when it is time to take medication. If a dose is missed, caregivers are notified by phone, text message, or email.

List price: $895

Available from Amazon

Security Pole

This floor-to-ceiling security pole helps seniors stand up from laying or sitting positions with ease. Because it is tension mounted, the pole can simply be moved from room to room without requiring much strength. Thanks to its slim design, it can even be used in tight spaces like bathrooms. The security pole features a comfortable, ergonomic cushion grip and is available in black or white.

List price: $229

Available from Amazon

Location Tracking Devices

Project Lifesaver


Project Lifesaver is working alongside emergency personnel around the world to help reduce emergencies among individuals prone to wandering. Seniors enrolled in the program wear a small personal transmitter around their ankle or wrist that emits a signal. If the wearer is reported as missing, a Project Lifesaver trained emergency team responds to their vicinity. On average, clients enrolled in Project Lifesaver are found within 30 minutes — 95 percent faster than when only traditional search and recovery methods are used.

Find out more about enrolling from Project Lifesaver

PocketFinder Outdoor GPS Senior Tracker

The PocketFinder Outdoor GPS gives you peace of mind by telling you where your loved one is and where they’re going. With this device, you can follow a senior’s location as often as every two minutes. Caregivers can also be alerted when the tracker is worn outside a predetermined area.

List price: $129 + monthly service plan

Available from Amazon

Health and Activity Monitors


There are several well-designed health and activity monitors on the market, and one of the best is Jawbone’s UP MOVE. It provides seniors with information about their sleep, exercise, food, and hydration. The tracker is available in a variety of colors and comes in clip and wrist models. What’s more, the UP MOVE has a longer lasting battery than most of its competitors.

List price: $49

Available from Amazon

Fitbit’s Charge HR

Fitbit is a trusted name in the activity industry. The Fitbit Charge HR can help seniors track their heart rate, sleep, nutrition, and activity level — giving them a daily gauge of their well-being. Plus, it connects with several third-party fitness apps and includes a digital time display. Compared to other health and activity trackers, the Fitbit Charge HR also has an impressive battery life of up to five days.

List price: $149

Available from Amazon

Medical Alert Systems

Classic Guardian

Classic Guardian

Medical Guardian makes a variety of medical alert devices, including the Classic Guardian in-home system. Its wrist pendant option is small and sleek and can be worn around the neck or wrist. To access emergency help, the wearer simply pushes the large pendant button. Classic Guardian has a range of 1,300 feet in every direction and a battery life of 32 hours. The alert system does not require an activation fee or a long-term contract.

List price: Starting at $29.95/month

Available from Classic Guardian

Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm

The Bay Alarm Medical in-home alert product is rated as America’s number one personal emergency response system. Its pendant is 100 percent waterproof and can be worn as a necklace or wristband or clipped to a belt. This product has an effective range of 1,000 feet in every direction and a battery life of 32 hours. Customers pay a monthly fee and can cancel the service at any time.

List price: Starting at $25/month

Available from Bay Alarm Medical

Helping your loved one stay safe is a precious gift. These safety products will give the seniors in your life the comfort and independence they deserve.

Written by Alexia Chianis

Wanderlust junky and mom of two, Alexia is a former police officer and U.S. Army Captain who draws on her experiences to write about a myriad of safety topics. Learn more

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