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We've put ADT under the microscope many times. This time, we review its three medical alert systems.
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ADT Medical Alert
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Info as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Cathy Habas
Staff Writer, Safety & Security
November 30, 2022

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You’re probably familiar with ADT’s home security systems, but did you know there's an ADT medical alert too? And if you already have an ADT security system, you can get discounts on a medical alert device for loved ones.

ADT provides two types of in-home medical alerts (landline and cellular) plus a mobile device. Each package comes equipped with an emergency button to reach any of ADT’s nine US-based monitoring centers. It's the quality of those monitoring centers that sets ADT apart from other medical alert companies, but ADT's medical alert equipment and features are a little lackluster.

pro Discounts for ADT customers
pro Price lock guarantee
pro Reliable professional monitoring
pro Landline and cellular options available
pro Button batteries replaced for free
pro Lifetime warranty
pro Month-to-month contracts
con Low range for in-home systems
con Limited availability for fall detection
con No companion app for caregivers
con No trial period

ADT Medical Alert cost

ADT's medical alert equipment is leased to you for free. You'll pay a monthly fee, activation fee (about $29), and shipping fee (about $10). 

Monthly fees start at around $30 for the landline in-home system (Medical Alert Basic), $36 for the cellular in-home system (Medical Alert Plus), and $40 for the mobile system (On-the-Go). 

Adding accessories to your ADT medical alert system increases the cost:

  • Wall buttons cost $2.50/mo. each
  • Lockboxes cost about $30
  • Fall detection pendants cost $10/mo. each

You're protected from future price hikes thanks to ADT's price lock guarantee—what the company calls ForeveRate™.

Discounts for current ADT customers

If you’re an existing ADT customer, good news: There are a few perks to pairing your home security system with a new medical alert device. ADT customers get a small discount (about $2) per month and 50% off fall detection for Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go plans.

No contract required

ADT's medical alert systems are available with month-to-month contracts, making it easy to cancel any time. Just make sure to read the fine print if you sign up during a special promotion—some of ADT's best medical alert deals are only available if you sign an annual contract.

Compare ADT Medical Alert monthly costs

Monthly cost
ADT customer discount
Fall detection
Learn more

$2.00 off per month

Free shipping

Not available

$2.00 off per month

50% off fall detection

Free shipping

Extra $10/mo.

$2.00 off per month

50% off fall detection

Free shipping

Extra $10/mo.

Info as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

How ADT Medical Alert compares to other brands

ADT Medical Alert's sole outstanding feature is its award-winning monitoring centers. Many other medical alert companies also use TMA Five Diamond-certified monitoring centers, but ADT's unique in that it doesn't outsource its monitoring—all of its centers are owned and managed by ADT.

Other than that, ADT Medical Alert isn't noteworthy. It's not the only medical alert company with a price lock guarantee, lifetime warranty, or free equipment lease. Its prices are also average for the industry.

You don't get a free trial period with ADT Medical Alert, nor do you get free or discounted spouse coverage. Bay Alarm Medical, Medical Guardian, and LifeFone all have more to offer than ADT Medical in that regard.

That said, ADT Medical Alert is a good alternative to Life Alert if you're looking for a company with basic equipment and a long history of excellent customer service.

ADT Medical Alert vs. the competition

Best for
Lowest monthly price
In-home range
Backup battery
Landline option available
Learn more
Read review
Best overall1000 ft.32 hrs.
Icon Yes  LightYes
Best GPS tracking options1300 ft.32 hrs.
Icon Yes  LightYes
Best value1300 ft.32 hrs.
Icon No  LightNo
Best for fall detection400 ft.Not available
Icon Yes  LightYes
Best at-home system1,300 ft.32 hrs.
Icon Yes  LightYes

Info as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

A closer look at ADT Medical Alert products

ADT Medical Alert Basic: Home-based landline system

Landline system

ADT Medical Alert Basic is the most budget-friendly option of ADT’s products. At just under $30 per month, you get a landline-connected base station and your choice of waterproof panic pendant or wristband. The wristband help button option comes in black or white. 

Your loved one will need an existing landline to use the system. But installation is as easy as plugging in a cable. Landlines may be slowly phasing out, but they’re a good choice for rural areas or places with poor reception.

As in all home-based medical alert systems, the wearable emergency button needs to stay close to the base station. ADT’s Basic system gives Mom or Dad a 300-foot radius before the connection fades.

Compared to other medical alert systems, 300 feet is pretty limited. But it’s enough if your loved ones live in a small home or apartment.

Unfortunately, automatic fall detection isn’t available with this system. But you can upgrade to the Plus package to get that feature with an at-home system.

ADT Medical Alert Plus: Home-based cellular system

Cellular system

ADT Medical Alert Plus is an at-home medical alert system like the Basic package. But instead of a landline, it uses a cellular signal to connect with the nearest ADT monitoring center.

And like the Basic package, the wearable needs to stay within range of the base station. Thankfully, the Plus package doubles the range to 600 feet.

The base station looks like MobileHelp and OneCall systems and comes with similar features like automatic fall detection.

But ADT adds a temperature display, something we don’t see often in medical alert systems. This feature shows the ambient temperature of the home, allowing your loved one to stay comfortably in the Goldilocks zone (not too hot, not too cold).

ADT On-The-Go: Mobile system

Mobile system

ADT On-The-Go is a GPS medical alert system your loved ones can take with them. From the golf course to the garden, they can call for help and connect with an ADT monitoring operator whenever they need assistance.

The system is made of a two-way speaker button and medical alert pendant (or wristband, their choice). The two devices sync up and work together to form a mobile medical alert system. The GPS and lanyard must stay together at all times. But both pieces are small enough to fit in pockets and purses.

We like that the On-the-Go mobile medical alert base station also pairs with wall buttons. This means you don't have to pay for a separate in-home base station to enjoy complete coverage.

Unlike our favorite medical alert systems with GPS, there's no way for loved ones to see your location with the ADT On-the-Go. That information is only shared with ADT's monitoring centers after you press the help button.

ADT Medical Alert customer service 

If you have questions or comments, calling is by far the fastest way to reach ADT. You may encounter some upselling tactics, though. So brace yourself and take a look through the site so you know what you’re looking for before you call.

We tested ADT’s customer service via the live chat service on the company’s website. A bot greets you when you start the chat, requiring you to jump through some hoops before reaching a real customer service rep.

And the process can be tricky since the bot’s navigational questions are mainly focused on ADT’s home security.

Battery life monitoring and free replacement

ADT Medical Alert continuously monitors the battery life of its help buttons. They'll send you a free replacement button well before your existing one runs out of juice.

This is a service we love to see when ranking and reviewing medical alert companies, but it's not unique to ADT Medical Alert. Medical Guardian, Medical Alert, Life Alert, and others offer the same service for free.

Thumbs Up
ADT's redundant monitoring centers

ADT has nine US-based monitoring centers throughout the country. So no matter what time or day your loved one needs assistance, there’s always someone standing by.

These redundant monitoring centers work as backup for each other in case of power outages, storms, or other natural disasters. So if the center nearest to your loved one loses power, there’s sure to be another online.

Final word 

Of ADT’s medical alert systems, our favorite is the On-the-Go GPS package. It’s competitively priced compared to similar units and gives your loved one more freedom to move about their house, neighborhood, and community.

To sum it all up, ADT offers basic but easy-to-use medical alert systems at average prices. 

ADT medical alert FAQ 

Yes, USAA members get a discount on ADT medical alert systems: $3 off the monthly monitoring fee, free activation, and overnight shipping. 

Yes. Some of our other favorite home security providers like Link InteractiveVivint, and Frontpoint offer panic pendants and medical alert systems. 

Similar to ADT, you can bundle these products with your main home system if you have an older family member living with you or want to give them a medical alert system linked to your home security devices. 

Probably not, but we recommend consulting a Medicare specialist to be sure.

Read more in our guide: Are Medical Alert Systems Covered by Medicare?

How we reviewed the ADT medical alert system 

This isn’t the first time SafeWise has put ADT under the microscope. So we used what we already know about the company. We also sifted through fine print to get details on the payment process, activation fees, and more.

To top it off, we compared the ADT system to other popular medical alert devices, looking at prices, equipment, and monitoring perks. Learn more about how we conduct our reviews from our methodology page.

Cathy Habas
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Cathy Habas
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